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11 Signs You Don't Love Your Partner Anymore

Are you in a slump, or are you over? These signs suggest you don't love your partner anymore.

By Skunk UzekiPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

When you first fall in love, it's really easy to feel like it'll last forever. Unfortunately, most relationships aren't built to last, and statistics show that. As much as we want relationships to work, sometimes, it's just impossible to do so.

In some cases, it's because you're not in the right place to be in a relationship. In others, it's a because your partner just doesn't understand how to treat you well. Once in a while though, it's simply because you don't love your partner anymore.

Figuring out whether you fell out of love with your partner isn't always easy. Depression, anxiety, and even just boredom can make you think you fell out of love with them when you really didn't.

Unfortunately, when you fall out of love with your partner, it's very difficult (if not impossible) to return back to your relationship. Not sure whether your relationship is done for? Not recognizing any of the ways you could judge if you should leave a relationship? These signs suggest it's time to call it quits and find someone you really can care about.

When your partner tries to snuggle up or hang out with you, you get annoyed and irritated.

Do you have a hard time being around your partner, even when they are sweet as pie? This suggests one of two things: Either you have been around your partner too much and need some "you time," or you don't love your partner anymore.

If you have plenty of space in your relationship and can't stand being in the same room as your partner, then it's safe to say you are pretty much over them.

They no longer smell appealing.

Here's a weird fact about love that most people might not know—your body is wired to find people you love to smell good. That's why people tend to like smelling their partners, and why we tend to find the smell of them so comforting. It's pheromones!

When a person stops smelling appealing to you and starts smelling gross, that's a biological sign that you're done with that person.

You're actually more concerned with keeping them from getting mad than you are about keeping them happy.

When you first fall in love, your main concern is keeping your partner happy. You want to see them smile, laugh, and give you that look that lights up your eyes. That feeling should remain throughout your relationship, albeit, in potentially lesser quantities.

If your relationship has become one that makes you feel more concerned about just not getting your partner angry, then you don't love your partner anymore. Rather, you fear them—and that's a red flag you're in an abusive relationship.

If you were honest, you don't really feel anything towards your partner.

You already may have an idea of what this feeling is when you read that sentence. You're not angry anymore. You're not feeling hurt, sad, or gleeful. You are just so tired of it all.

Things that would've made you jealous in the past no longer faze you. Comments that would have hurt no longer feel like anything at all. At this point, it's done.

Obviously, this could also ring true for depression, but when it's only really true about your relationship, you should be worried. Assuming that you still get joy from other parts of your life, this is a sign you don't love your partner anymore.

The idea of sleeping with them or touching them repulses you.

When you're in love with a person, you want to touch them. You want to hold them, kiss them, and do naughty things to them. That's part of how romantic love tends to affect you—unless you're asexual, of course.

One of the most telling indicators that your relationship is over is the way you behave at the thought of having sex with your partner. If you don't love your partner anymore, your interest in making love to them will be "meh" at best.

If you recoil the moment they try to touch you, you already probably realize that you're done with your partner. Whatever spark was there is gone, and most likely gone for good.

You have to brace yourself emotionally just to enter their home.

A person who has lost all interest in their partner will often find being around them emotionally taxing to the point that it could hit them like a ton of bricks. As a result, people in that position may actually have to emotionally brace themselves for something as simple as walking in through the door of their own home.

Many people who lost love for their partners tend to start seeing work as an escape from their home lives because of how much they hate seeing their partner. If you try to find excuses just to avoid your partner, it's clear that the relationship has been long dead for quite some time.

You aren't completely sure you'd care if they died.

Imagine the following scenario. You get home, then get a call from the police saying that your significant other has been found dead of a heart attack at the office. How would you feel if this happened? If you aren't sure how you'd feel, chances are you don't love your partner anymore.

Any time you do something, your partner is an afterthought.

Relationships are partnerships, and loving relationships reflect this. A person who is in love with their partner will keep their partners in mind when making decisions. If they do make unilateral decisions, it's often because they may not have a choice to do so.

Speaking from personal experience, one of the most common signs you don't love your partner anymore is when you stop caring about their needs. If your partner literally has to concede to everything in order to stay with you, then you stopped loving your partner a while ago.

Being around other couples is painful, simply because you feel lonely when you're with your partner.

Most people who are in dead relationships will relate to this pretty well. It's that nagging feeling that suggests that you are alone, even when you're with others. With people who have fallen out of love with their partners, it tends to be much stronger when they see other couples in love.

Does it hurt to see couples that are happy with each other? Do you feel like you are missing that feeling, to the point that seeing it in others hurts? If this is the case, chances are that you don't love your partner anymore—or your partner doesn't value you.

You hope they do something awful just so you have a plausible excuse to leave.

This is a common sign you don't care about your partner anymore that you might not admit to feeling. Maybe you've fantasized about catching them cheating so that you can explain away why you left them after 20 years. Maybe you've started to do some of the things you should never do or say to your boyfriend just to get him so infuriated, he'll break up with you.

Either way, this is a sign that indicates that you probably stopped caring about your partner a while ago.

At the end of the day, your partner is just another fish in the sea.

A person who is happy and in love is a person who will wonder how they were able to meet a person so perfect for them. That person isn't just another fling—they could be the one for life!

If you see your partner as another random person you date or screw, you don't care about your partner anymore. That is, if you ever did.


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