10 Signs You're Not Emotionally Able to Deal With Casual Dating

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Do you get attached too easily to someone? These are the signs that you definitely wouldn't be able to deal with casual dating.

10 Signs You're Not Emotionally Able to Deal With Casual Dating

Many people out there truly enjoy dating casually without having the full emotions behind it. It's basically fucking around without entirely having feelings for them. Almost like the concept of friends with benefits, but with a bit more emotion to the relationship. There are even some casual couples who see other people—that's how causal it is. But there are many other reasons why people do find pleasure in getting into causal relationships.

However, casually dating isn't for everyone. There's a certain limit to it that the two in the relationship agree on... that it's simply casual and want nothing more from it. Couples do set rules in a casual relationship and it usually falls under never having strong feelings for the other or wanting to gain more out of it. If you're interested in casual dating, but have a feeling that it won't work out for you, these are the sign that you're not emotionally able to deal with casual dating. And it's super crucial to acknowledge these, especially if you're not looking to get hurt along the way.

You don't have trust in men at all.

If you have zero trust in men... casual dating is definitely not for you. Whether you had a bad relationship in the past or you've heard way too many stories to scare you about dating, then having a casual relationship is something you surely don't want to be part of. Since causally dating gives you the opportunity to see other people, you'll be hurt by the fact that your partner is seeing others.

Your distrust of men will grow even more if you have semi-feelings for your partner. So, if you want your partner to be with you and only you, then casual dating isn't the path you should choose to walk down.

You're emotionally complex.

You won't be able to deal with casual dating if you're emotionally complex. As someone who's emotionally complex, you tend to think deeper and are more sensitive than the average person. You have the tendency to overanalyze certain situations to a certain extent where you even annoy yourself.

If you're constantly doing this, than casual dating will come with so many problems for you. Since it's simply seen as a relationship that's super casual, you'll overthink the entire idea, and your partner wouldn't want to deal with that when casually dating. It's best if you steer clear from the temporary dating.

You're looking for something to distract you from your low self-esteem.

Without a doubt you should not casually date if you possess low self-esteem and are in need of a distraction. From the signs that you're not emotionally able to deal with casual dating, for a person who needs someone to take them away from their low self-esteem, a casual relationship isn't the answer. In fact, it'll make you feel even worse.

For starters, you don't need someone to distract you from your low self-esteem. There are so many positive and solo ways to help you love yourself again! You don't need a relationship to distract you from it—conquer it! However, if you are looking for a deep relationship with someone that you believe will help your low self-esteem, don't casually date people.

You really don't want to be hurt again.

If you've gone through a really rough past experience dating someone, and you're not willing to go down that road again, then you should have thoughts about getting into casual dating. You wouldn't be able to deal with casual dating if you're searching for a genuine relationship to heal the wounds from past experiences.

Causal dating does offer both partners the privilege to see other people. Whether you were cheated on or dealt with something related... don't casually see people. I'm saying this for your own good, because if you're causally dating someone, they will see other people, and it'll hurt you even more. Especially if you were developing feeling for this person.

You're terrified of rejections.

Similar to the previous point about being hurt, if you were rejected in the past, don't casually date. In the past when you were talking to someone for a while and then was suddenly rejected, you probably felt like a worthless being (but you're not!). You also assumed that there is no one out there for you (but there is!).

This doesn't mean you should casually date. If you can't handle a rejection, then you certainly wouldn't be able to handle a casual relationship. It's possible that casually dating can last for a very short amount of time. If you're casually dating someone and they drop you two or four months later, it'll only hurt you even more.

You get attached way too easily.

Oh, this should be a big no-no to casual dating. You certainly wouldn't be able to deal with casual dating if you get emotionally attached way too easily. Trust me on this, you DO NOT want to casually date. If you're searching for a genuine relationship filled with love and emotions, that's not what casually dating is all about.

If you're starting to get into a casual relationship, and swear to your partner that you won't catch feelings, but then you do... it's going to be harder on yourself knowing that your partner won't fully love you. There is definitely someone out there worth having a loving relationship with, and it's not the person who you want to casually date.

You're still wounded by your previous dating experience.

If you just recently broke up with someone, and you're drowning in sorrow, you shouldn't turn to a casual relationship to fix you right up. Casually dating can get rid of your thoughts about your ex, but you won't technically receive love to fully help you get over your ex. In fact, this type of relationship will hurt you even more on top of your fresh wounds.

From the signs that you're not emotionally able to deal with casual dating, temporarily dating won't help you recover from you recently getting out of a long-term relationship. There's a high chance that you'll get even more hurt if you know that your partner is seeing other people while dating you.

You just want to be loved.

The majority of us just want to be loved! We want to be in a full-fledged relationship that consists of genuine dates, real love-making, and overall a serious relationship. But all of this is no where near what casual dating is.

If you're searching for love from someone who will truly give it to you wholeheartedly... you're not going to find it through a causal relationship. Since there's no actual love behind this type of dating, you shouldn't consider getting into it. But there's definitely someone out there who's willing to give you everything that you want! However, this comes on its own in your life—you can't force love to occur.

You need constant reassurance.

From the get-go of getting into a casual relationship, the two of you agree on that there's nothing genuine when it comes to feelings. Nothing is going to change and the relationship isn't heading into something serious. So, if you're someone who needs constant reassurance, then you wouldn't be able to deal with casual dating.

For someone who's always texting and calling just to see if the two of you are together or asking what the two of you are, that's not what casual dating is. It's all about the pleasure without the full love behind it—fairly similar to friends with benefits.

You've done casual dating before and it bothered you.

Finally, among the signs that you're not emotionally able to deal with casual dating is that you've actually done casual dating before and it bothered you... Why would you give this another shot? If getting into a causal relationship really bothered you in the past, those feelings will certainly not change if you get into another one.

So, if you have done causal dating in the past and aren't fond of it, then there's no point in doing it again. Just avoid it as a whole. Instead, be open to someone who's willing to give you wholehearted love!

Lilliana Backman
Lilliana Backman
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