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Is Your Lover Cheating On You?

by Anna Grace 3 years ago in advice

Keep an eye out for these signs.

Cheating happens to both male and female partners. With today's advanced technology it is easier now than ever to look for signs and clues leading to your partner cheating. Text messages, emails, and online credit card statements might hold some sort of clues that your partner left behind. The typical signs: new wardrobe out of the ordinary, secrets, small white lies. If you feel like something is off but nothing really says cheating, it may well be just something simple...or it may be they are just a good liar. Here are some signs you may have overlooked.

Driving Alone: Normally you would jump into the car together and go for a ride, but now they find reasons, even if stupid reasons, to be by themselves for awhile. Maybe they start doing more chores that involve leaving the house, like grocery shopping.

Fights: Yes, fights are normal and healthy in relationships, but when it is multiples a day everyday and over little shit, there is something someone is hiding. Especially keep an ear out for accusatory statements during those fights. Sometimes one partner will bring up another partner cheating because of their guilty conscience.

Up to Something: A cute little smile to the waiter or waitress at the restaurant—a very friendly gesture, which is a great characteristic about them, but they may get mad about it because now they realize since they are having an affair, it may be that easy for you to do as well.

Movies: Now guys aren't much of chick-flick watchers, but for girls we usually are. If for some reason she might not want to watch one with a cheating plot, she is probably cheating too and is trying her hardest not to think about it.

Emotions: A lot of people suffer from bouts of depression or anger throughout life, but if they can't be shaken or seem distanced, something is off. Symptoms may include insomnia, disinterest in eating or an unshakeable blue mood, unusual anger, assuming they don't have mental illnesses. For those people, they usually become a "changed" person to try and overcompensate for their affair.

Date Nights: Your casual date nights turn into excuses for not going or even being replaced with guy's night that you are not invited to.

Laundry: All of a sudden they do not want you doing their laundry anymore; hmmm that could be because they have the scent or the smell of sex on those clothes and don't want you smelling that because it ain't the same cologne/perfume you would wear.

Loans: All of a sudden they have a new credit card or loan they did not tell you about.

Blackout: Not the unconscious blackout either. The point when he or she goes MIA for a period of time and you can't reach them, you don't know where they are, and they give you the runaround when asked.

Drugs: The person having an affair might start drinking more alcohol or even start doing other drugs. They try to numb or mask the pain of how bad they fucked up.

Remember these signs aren't always things that end up showing up if an affair is happening, there could be other reasons. It is important to sit down and talk about how you are feeling before just accusing someone. That will only make them angry and maybe even make them think you are the one having an affair. If someone is having an affair, and you want to make it work, you will start at the beginning and there would be no trust. Would you want to try working out the relationship if you were the one being cheated on?

Anna Grace
Anna Grace
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