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10 Perks of Dating a Programmer [Part 1]

by Unbounded Soul 3 months ago in advice / dating
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Would like to marry a programmer? You should make a checklist of the following checkpoints!

10 Perks of Dating a Programmer [Part 1]
Photo by GRAHAM MANSFIELD on Unsplash

Date a programmer, male or female. one who programs. It’s amazing to watch how they analyze problems, and the way to fix those problems.

The way they see and observe the problem and write the code to solve it or try to build applications to make life better and easier is fascinating. It has lots to do with real life too.

Here are a few advantages of dating or being married to a programmer.

#1. They have patience

You must find this characteristic in programmers for sure. Programmers spend lots of time creating software or developing programs, and if something doesn't work right, they are expected to fix it.

The process, called "debugging", which is extremely time-consuming and helps people understand how they are so patient as it could be anywhere between 1 and 100 hours before they fix it.

In general terms, Patience is key in a good relationship. And they are masters of patience.

#2. They are lovable in nature

Most programmers likely don't spend time with other people very much.

No matter if they are introverts or extroverts, their circle is minimal. I am a programmer and 95%, an extrovert, but this is extremely unlikely for a programmer.

Programming is usually something that people do alone. This also means that they have extra love to give their partner because they will go long days without seeing anyone. This is very nice because their partner gets complete treatment whenever you go over to their house.

#3. They are humorous and their Nerdy Jokes are mind blowing

They have a great sense of humor. Most of them like memes and relate those with their life tragedy and make fun of themselves to make other people happy. Sometimes it gives inner pleasure too!

If people are around them, they would joke around with technical things, and to understand their jokes, you would have to be smart and have a good sense of humor as well. Otherwise, chances are zero that you would be able to understand what they really meant and why that was funny.

That's why 'Nerdy jokes' is a thing! If you get them, you will laugh and learn.

#4. Committed to the person they are dating

One good thing about programmers, they are committed to the person they are dating. People say this everywhere when it comes to dating programmers, and it is absolutely true; they can't cheat on you because they don't have the time. It means that they will be brought up a good time only for you, not for other GF/BF!

Well, not exactly. You and their computer. That's right, but it's more likely that they struggle between putting their partner before or after their computer. For them, programming does not just work, it is fun to do.

#5. The Latest gadgets are all over the house

Want the latest gadget in your home? Marry a programmer.

Whenever any gadget comes, they are most likely the first person to know in detail about that. And they can really suggest which one is good for you.

Their home is packed with the latest and greatest gadgets. What could be more fun if you are into tech too?

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