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10 Mentalities That Will Make You Poor

The ten mindsets listed below can ensure that you remain impoverished forever

By Odedele BadiruPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Not everyone will eventually become wealthy, and not everyone can suddenly become a billionaire. But everyone can have access to three square meals every day, a respectable place to live, and fashionable clothing.

Sometimes, it might be the state of the globe, the economy, the government, etc. The way we choose to think and the actions we make as individuals have a big impact on how poor we are.

Even if you were born into the richest family in the world, the ten mindsets listed below can ensure that you remain impoverished forever.

1. Addictions(Gambling, Drugs, Alcohol)

Developing a gambling, drug, or alcohol addiction is one of the best ways to guarantee that you will always be poor. They have a way of impeding rational cognitive thought, keeping you from thinking clearly so you always make poor decisions. They not only interfere with your finances, but they also make sure to screw with your entire life. You make a little money, but you are influenced and compelled to spend it on them.

2. Womanizing

Your destiny is being chased away as you pursue more women. Never settling for one lady is the quickest way to ruin a promising future. If maintaining a spouse is really difficult for you, maintaining wealth will be similarly extremely difficult.

Poverty's next-door neighbor is womanizing. Give a man all the money you can possibly think of. He will soon be reduced to utter nothingness if all he knows how to do is spend money on women!

When wealthy businessmen start spending money on women, they end up having several unmarried children and several additional impromptu unions. At some point, though, these women and kids start to obstruct their operations, and everything collapses.

Poverty and womanizing come together as a package. The former comes after choosing the latter. Think of all the lies you must utter. Imagine the stress you would experience in order for your other partners to remain in the dark. Just think of all the additional funds you would need to put aside to keep playing. Womanizing is labor, labor, labor!!

No one puts forth more effort than a man who has a lot of women to please. It turns into an addiction. To continue sating this addiction, he works additional jobs and steals whenever there is an opportunity.

The dependency quickly turns into a duty. He pays his school fees now and his accommodation expenses somewhere else tomorrow. He devotes his entire life to luring ladies into his bed. Amazing career!

Imagine maintaining a dozen women if maintaining one is difficult.

3. Pessimism And Negative Thoughts

You always feel horrible about everything; perhaps it stems from a bad experience in the past or from having been impoverished for just long enough for you to keep telling yourself you can't do it. You frequently say things like "I can't," "it won't work," "I'm weary," etc. Everything is self-defeating for you; you make bad assumptions and keep daydreaming about the past. Continue on; utter poverty is waiting for you!

4. Inability To Save And Wrong Financial Choices

You spend all of the money you earn. You claim that your income is too low for you to save and that you are holding off until you receive a raise and a significant increase in income.

When you do eventually succeed in saving money, you spend it all on wants rather than necessities. Instead of investing your money to grow your wealth, you indulge in frivolity and buy items to make you look good. Continue, there is poverty up ahead!

5. Bad Friends And Bad Motivations

Keep the wrong company, and you won't simply pick up their negative attitudes; you'll also waste your time and either get the incorrect motivation or none at all. You're at the wrong place, getting the wrong counsel, and thus making the wrong decisions rather than being in the correct place and time and doing something constructive.

6. Giving Up Too Quickly

Success demands perseverance, stubbornness, persistence, a willingness to go above and beyond to realize your goals, and the resolve to stick with a decision that will fundamentally alter your life. Most people who live in poverty lack these, thus all you have to do if you want to be poor is to lack them as well.

7. Procrastination And Laziness

Pushing it off till later ensures that you will either forget about it or decide not to do it at all because you are either too weak, too worn out, or too depressed to do anything now. You don't want to work hard or on dirty or minor jobs.

You want to take the simple route whenever possible, so when something seems difficult, you put it off and dig in your heels. In fact, if enjoying sleep were a talent, you would be the world's best at it. Continue working; you're almost there!

8. No Concern For Health/ Lack of Birth Control

You don't take care of your health, always purchasing medications from street vendors, delaying care even when signs are obvious, consuming filthy food, etc. Finally, if you are sick, you won't have any alternative except to spend every last penny on yourself to survive.

You keep having kids like a biscuit factory because you believe children are a gift from God, despite the fact that your salary can hardly support 4. You believe that having more kids will enhance the likelihood that one of them will become wealthy. If you keep going, you'll eventually become destitute and miserable with a large family to support.

9. Lacking in Spirit

Do not let those who have failed you down or convince you that something is impossible. You can accomplish anything as long as you have the motivation to put your all into it. People may no longer believe in certain things, but you can always change your circumstances and thrive.

10. Having little wisdom

Being aware at all times is essential to having depth as a person and supporting others in their explorations. Being intelligent is essential for success, but having a deep character will enable you to seize untapped chances.


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Odedele Badru is a freelance content marketer who promotes growth of businesses. His articles have appeared on a number of websites, including BusinessDaily, Entrepreneur. He holds both a marketing and public relations diploma and an MBA.

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