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Paranormal Harassment: Video Footage

by Valerie Martinez about a year ago
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Ghosts Maybe?

This is actual footage that I recorded from my phone. We uploaded it to YouTube because all of our other proof kept being deleted from our phones. To this day, I can't watch it alone unless its muted. The knocking noise still scares the crap out of me.

The lights in the video were purchased from dollar store and were battery operated without any special functions. They would stay on until I powered them off or until the battery ran out. They didn't blink, they just stayed lit.They were taped with duct tape around a window next to the front door. Every night after work, I'd pull into the driveway and would see the lights through the window. It didn't matter what kind of day I had at work, seeing the christmas lights always made me smile. I guess it gave me that feeling I had as a child during Christmas. The excitement of waiting to open gifts under the colorfully lit tree on christmas morning. I didn't have to work that night because of Costco's holiday hours, which also meant I didn't have to go to work the next day which was Christmas day. My husband and I were sitting in the living room listening to music. It was around 1 a.m. and baby was sleeping in our room. Our bedroom was in front of the living room. I'd leave the closet light on because my bed was in front of the closet so I was able to glance over as many times as I wanted to see baby sleeping. It comforted me so much to be able to watch him breathing, I've created life and it felt amazing.

I felt hungry and was craving a burger. I asked my husband if he'd go to Jack in the Box and get us something to eat and he felt hungry too so he went. As I sat on the couch I heard a knocking noise, but not at the front door. I turned off the radio so I could hear where it was coming from.

"What the fuck is that?", I whispered to myself. I looked over at baby, who was still sleeping in our bedroom. I heard the knocking again and it was coming from the front living room by the window where the battery operated lights were hanging. But it was really weird because the knocking noise sounded really far away. I grabbed my phone to call my husband and tell him to hurry up because I was getting scared. I stood in the doorway of my bedroom, too fearful to turn on any light in the house. The only light that was on was my closet light. It lit up maybe a foot past the bedroom doorway. He didn't answer the phone.

"Oh come on.", I said impatiently. A blinking light caught my attention. One of the lights from the battery operated decor was blinking. I thought that was strange so I kneeled down, where I was standing in the bedroom doorway. Another light started blinking then another, one by one until they were all blinking. They all blinked at the same time, flashing on and off until most stopped blinking leaving a few. I turned on the camera from my phone and started recording. By the time I put the phone up to record… there were lights in places where there is no way they could've been hanging. It was like some lights moved from the top and bottom of the window, to the door.

I thought to myself, "we didn't put lights on the door.". I looked around and behind me hoping it was a reflection of other lights that maybe my husband put up. There wasn't any other light on except my closet light which was impossible to see from the front room because there was a wall and my closet light was a regular soft white bulb, it wasn't colored at all. I could still hear the knocking noise.

Baby started kicking and waking up, so I stopped recording and went into my bedroom and closed the door. I laid down and rubbed baby's back, he instantly fell asleep again. I stayed laying there for about 10 min, until my husband came home. He walked in asking why all the lights were off in the house.

"I don't know but you have to see this shit!" I said excitedly.

My husband looked confused and said, "what is that?".

" The christmas lights on the window." I said. "But those don't blink." He said. Then he looked at the front door and back at the phone pointing at the extra lights in the video and said, "where are those lights?",

"I dont know." I said. "We don't even have blinking lights.". I grabbed the bag of food. I just wanted to eat.

About the author

Valerie Martinez

I feel like I have more thoughts then most people. I like writing because im good at it. Ive been writing poetry since I was 13 and short stories since I was 28. I like writing dark stories that have beautiful enlightened endings.

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