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Paranormal Harassment

by Valerie Martinez 2 years ago
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Chapter 1: The Orb

We moved to Thermal, CA in 2009. A corner house on Van Buran and 58th Ave. It was the house Id drawn over and over when I was a little girl. My dream house. It had three bedrooms, 1 bathroom, huge kitchen and 2 living rooms. My dream house became scary about 4 months after my first son was born. 2012 was the year the planets aligned and the year that I experienced some crazy shit! I cant really remember the before and after within these experiences so ill just tell you about events that occurred. Im gonna have to write these stories in different segments because there are so many.

The beginning

A little bit of how we even started looking for something.....

We were super excited about the planets aligning. We started watching the sky after my first son was born in September. We were obsessed with the Mayans prediction to the end of a cycle some thought would be the end of the world. As the story goes, apparently on December 21, 2012 at approximately 11:11:11,(crazy coincidence.... I returned to work after maternity leave on Nov. 11 2011 which was 11/11/11), the world was going to end. We bought telescopes, binoculars, night vision binoculars, etc. Anything that would let us see something in the sky. By something, I honestly don't know what we even wanted to see.

The event that started it all....

I was asleep with baby and heard gunshots followed by my husband screaming my name. I got out of bed as fast as i could and ran to the kitchen. My husband was standing by the door looking out the window with a shotgun in his hands. I asked, "what the fuck was that!". He turned to me and ran to the living room window and said, " do you see that? That red ball behind the trees.". I looked. There was a big bright red orb behind the tress about a half mile away. I asked him, " what is that?". He told he had been outside in the back yard and noticed a blue orb coming down from the sky. He said it stopped before toughing the ground and something came out of it. A very tall blue being. It was walking around the field a few hundred feet behind our house. He said it was touching the plants (i believe there was lettuce growing). He said he panicked and shot the gun in the air amd the blue being disappeared then reappeared a mile away and then turned red and into a ball and flew behind the trees. We watched as it started moving up. I was so excited I grabbed my phone and immediately started recording it. As the red ball went up towards the sky the it began changing color. Less bright red and more white. Once it reached the sky it stopped and I was confused. It looked like the moon. I said, " did it just turn into the fucken moon!". My phone turned off and restarted. It was in setup mode like if it had gone through a factory reset. Everything was gone, photos, video, my contacts, apps.... Everything was wiped off. I looked back at the moon and it looked so fake, like a giant spotlight in the sky. I cant remember what happened after, or how we fell asleep but we did.

About the author

Valerie Martinez

I feel like I have more thoughts then most people. I like writing because im good at it. Ive been writing poetry since I was 13 and short stories since I was 28. I like writing dark stories that have beautiful enlightened endings.

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