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Director’s Cut of the Found Footage Horror “Unlisted Owner” Coming to Amazon Oct. 12

by Angela Rose 2 months ago in movie review

Once landing on the Amazon Top 10 list for hot, new horror releases in 2017, “Unlisted Owner” returns for Jed Brian’s Director’s Cut of thrilling, never-before-seen footage.

Found Footage Critic on YouTube

Returning to purchase or rent on Amazon’s streaming service is an independently made found-footage film from Lawford County Productions titled “Unlisted Owner Director’s Cut”, which will feature nine minutes of unseen footage added to the original reel that fans of the horror genre can soon have the chance to watch again. This never-before-seen bonus cut from director Jed Brian comes several weeks after the release of his most recent work as writer of the web series episode “Smiling Woman 5”, starring Felissa Rose.

“After the amazing run we had with the ‘Unlisted Owner’ DVD landing in the Amazon top ten, I cannot wait for everyone to experience the movie again with this never before seen footage.” said Brian, who served as the film’s co-writer as well. “This release will answer some questions fans have been asking for years, but adds a new layer of mystery and fear not seen in the other release.”

The plot for “Unlisted Owner” involves six friends who make a series of bad choices after hearing about a family of five who were murdered in a house not far from where they will be camping for the night. Returning to investigate proves to be the worst mistake of their lives, turning their fun-filled night into one of horror and terror. Cast members include Gavin Groves, Haidee Corona, Andrea Potts, Levi Atkins, Jed Brian and Tyler Landers, who also is listed as co-writer. Cassondra Brian, special effects makeup artist and wife to Jed Brian, comes on board in her first film debut in SFX makeup.

Poster by Neil Fraser of Neil Fraser Graphics

Brian’s production company Lawford County Productions also announced the forthcoming release of physical media and for the film to arrive on other streaming platforms at a date to be determined soon. The digital release of “Unlisted Owner Director’s Cut” is being distributed by POV Horror and will be available to rent or purchase from Amazon Prime Video beginning Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Filmed entirely in the southeastern Illinois town of Sumner, the cast in “Unlisted Owner Director’s Cut” consists of talent from that region, even starring Corona, a native of Shelbyville, Ill. In an interview with Brian last year, he credited the old barns and miles of cornfields sprinkled around his hometown in Illinois to have been an inspiration for “Unlisted Owner” and writing horror altogether, calling it “the perfect area for a horror film”. In a press release from Lawford County Productions last week, the movie was said to have “a strong Midwestern feel”.

Brian has stayed buzzing within the horror circuits over the past year, making headlines for having his writing work in the eerie “Smiling Woman” web series that continues to be a popular success, as well as the physical copy release of “13 Slays Till X-Mas”, a Christmas, horror anthology. The film, which features some 13 segments from Brian and several other directors from productions like “10/31” and “Volumes of Blood”, released on Blu-ray earlier this year on Scream Team Releasing. Signed Blu-ray copies are also available. Both Jed and Cassondra, as well as their son Jace, have small cameos in the film and Jed’s featured short is a holiday slasher titled “Kringles the Christmas Clown”.

Knowing so many fans of the subgenre of found-footage, and being someone who has been diving into it more recently myself, there is no doubt in my mind that curious eyes will want to see what “Unlisted Owner Director’s Cut” is all about, especially just in time for Halloween and for those that love a good scare no matter what time of the year it is.


Happy October! Thanks for reading, leave a tip if you can to support articles like this, and be sure to watch “Unlisted Owner” on Amazon Prime Video after it drops on Tuesday, Oct. 12.

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