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Defeat of the Hoogstadite (Pt 2)

Santa gets his revenge, with Barbies? Merry Xmas Tiffany. (A Stephanie Hoogstad Winter Horror prompt).

By Novel AllenPublished 6 months ago Updated 6 months ago 3 min read
Tiffany and the Barbies

One year later, and it is again time for the Hoogstadite to awaken.

Tiffany had lived in Hoogstad all her life. No one knew, but she made Barbie dolls from the silk woven from the many spiders that inhabited the surrounding thickets. She has never stopped looking for a way to escape the town. In the meantime, she spent her days making Barbie female dolls and doll clothing. Soon, she would make the male ones so her girls could choose a mate.

No, Tiffy was not a bit touched in the head, her dolls came to life at nights. They were her constant companions. The Hoogstadite had eaten all of her family members, and now she dreamed of revenge and escape.

So, when her gift package which she had grabbed from Santa's sleigh started squawking, she almost jumped out of her skin. Tiffy had completely forgotten to open it. Ripping the paper off, she was shocked to see a set of long-range walkie-talkies. She peeled the wrapping off and jiggled, jangled, pulled and turned knobs until she found the right frequency.

"Hello, who is this"? She asked.

"Tiffany, is that you, this is Santa Claus"!

"Santa....the Santa Claus. How do you know it's me"? Tiffy asked, amazed and incredulous.

"No time to explain. I know about the dolls. Tonight, when the devilish Hoogstadite awakens, I want you to bring your Barbies to his house".

"My Barbies? Are you even really Santa Claus, then again, who else would know about my Barbies in Hoogstad. If you have a plan to save the children, then tell me what to do".

"Ok, listen, this is what I want you to do". Tiffany listened, smiled and laughed out loud. She said nothing, but she knew that Santa had done gone and lost his mind. Maybe the Hoogstadite had infected his blood with a dose of crazy.

Tiffany had not been very wrong, Santa had had to get his entire stomach replaced, the Hoogsta skin had started to infect him. Fearing for his life, the doctors gave him a brand new stomach. It still rattled and shook just a little bit when he ho, ho, ho-ed.

At a quarter to midnight, Tiffany placed all the Barbies into the back of her Hoogstamobile, and drove them to the devilish Hoogst house.

Tiffy's Hoogstamobile

Promptly at midnight, the Barbies came to life, in the moonlight, they looked like little evil colorful vampires. Tiffany gulped audibly, she had never seen them like this before.

The land of Hoogstad had again turned black and white. The devil now was awakening.

He roared. The people cowered. They came from their houses and saw Tiffany and the Barbies. Everyone oohed, aahed and wondered if a new pestilence was now descending upon them, what were these little monsters?

The Hoogst fires ignited, ready for the roasting of little children.

"Not tonight Hoogstadite"! Shouted Tiffany.

In anger, Hoogst burst forth from his house. Above the crowd, Santa, in stealth mode, hollered:

"Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas"! From the sky musical notes rang down to the barbies, they started singing eerily. The Christmas songs took on an enchanting, yet hypnotic tone.

Now the Hoogstadite hated music and he hated colors. The combination of beautifully colored barbies and enchanting songs drove him crazy. By bright magical moonlight, colors and songs came alive in a symphony of complete awesomeness.

The Barbies hopped from the Hmobile and ran, they reached him and began crawling upon his ugly black bizarre body. They were like tiny creepy Hoogsta eating savages.

They chewed and chewed, they bit and spit out the tough un-chewy parts. Hoogsta screamed, the music drove him mad. The people cheered and danced, and the Barbies chewed some more. They ripped out his horns as he bellowed in pain.

Finally, he got away and tried to run. Blood streamed from his horrible body.

Into his house he ran. His guardsman took a fright and ran away, never to be seen again. Hoogsta upset the oilcan and set his entire house on fire. Santa tried to drop some snow his way, but it was too late.

Hoogsta burnt himself to a crisp. The thickets magically fell away, and the people were free at last.

Santa flew down amidst cheers and hurrahs. Everyone got presents. Evangeline hopped down from the sleigh and ran to her parents. There was a joyful celebration as the people ran and danced around the Hoogsta house. Like the walls of Jericho the final walls of Hoogsta house fell down with a mighty crash.

Everyone yelled, "three cheers to Tiffany and the Barbies".

Tomorrow they would haul the ashes away. And would you believe, it started snowing again.

Tiffany and the Barbies had saved the town.

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Comments (6)

  • Stephanie Hoogstad6 months ago

    Haha this is great! Some karmic justice with the Barbies taking bites out of the Hoogstadite (that was so weird to write on my end). Now you just have to hope that Tiffany can keep control of those Barbies…

  • Hannah Moore6 months ago

    Love it - and the illustrations!

  • Wooohooooo!!!! Hoogstadite is gone! Thanks to Tiffy and her Barbies! 🥰🥰🥰

  • Tiffany Gordon 6 months ago

    Gurl It felt good 2 kick a little devil A**! LOL 😂 This was outstanding! What an imagination you have! You're absolutely brilliant! I loved the Jerico reference and ALL of the FABULOUS artwork! You have quite the eye my friend! This tickled my heart and made my year! I appreciate your effort! I'll have a little something more 4 u on Friday when I get paid! Bless your heart for this one! May you continue to be blessed by our Father immensely kind friend!

  • Mother Combs6 months ago

    Way to go Tiff!!

  • "The Barbie Movie Redux"!

Novel AllenWritten by Novel Allen

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