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All About Tikbalang

Cyrl's Corner Obscurum Files

By CyCyPublished 12 months ago Updated 12 months ago 5 min read
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All About Tikbalang

Cyrl's Corner Obscurum Files - Filipino Mythological Creature


A Werehorse.

It is a legendary creature found in Philippines/Filipino folklore.

It is described as a towering humanoid that possesses the head and hooves of a horse.

It has exceptionally long limbs that enable its knees to surpass its head when it crouches.

According to folklore, the Tikbalang possesses the ability to take on a human form, or it can make itself invisible to regular humans (Emphasis on regular humans. Some humans are clairvoyant and can see supernatural beings).

Screenshot Image from Pinterest || Tikbalang Art

What is Tikbalang?

If you are travelling through a remote area, you should be wary of Tikbalangs.

They are tricksters and are known to be territorial.

It is also believed that they enjoy misleading people.

Imagine being lost in the forest. You know you have passed by that same tree and rock.

But for some reason, no matter how far and long you have been walking, you always end up where you started.

Well, if that ever happens to you, I wish you good luck because you probably have attracted the attention of a Tikbalang.

But worry not!

They are not malevolent creatures. They just like to play tricks!

Hopefully, they’ll get bored with you that they end up letting you go before you exhaust yourself to death.

They are not known for eating or harming humans. Unless you have offended them, and now, they’re out for revenge. Make sure none of your family members have displeased them because they sure will hold a grudge for eternity.

How to protect yourself from their tricks:

If you ever find yourself in the scenario that I previously described, turn your shirt inside out. For some reason, this confuses them.

Do you also remember when I said that they are territorial?

Another way to avoid disturbing them is to ask for permission before you enter their territory. Also, try to move quietly since they are not a fan of loud noises.

They are benevolent guardians of the elemental kingdoms and are closely related to Earth. They are usually found lounging at the base of tall trees to keep watch for any threats.

It is also said that if you earned their favour or they have taken a liking to you, they will most likely bestow you gifts or they will protect you from harm.

Basically, you just got yourself a really cool and loyal best friend.

This is just my theory. I don't have a Tikbalang best friend (that I know of). That would be cool though.

Can you tame a Tikbalang?

Yes, you can.

Although, I am not a fan of this since it is terrible to do so.

Tikbalangs have a thick mane that consists of sharp spines. The three thickest golden spines are the important ones to identify for those who want to tame one.

According to Filipino tradition, you can tame and train a Tikbalang by obtaining any one of these three spines.

Those spines will give the Holder power over the Tikbalang and they will become the Holder’s loyal servant.

This is not an easy task, however. You must leap on its back and tie a specially prepared rope (usually prepared by a witch doctor) around its neck. The Tikbalang will respond by flying through the air which could cause you to fall off and get trampled to death.

At this point, it is a battle of endurance.

If you managed to survive, subdue the Tikbalang, and pluck out these golden spines, then the Tikbalang will serve you (and whoever inherits the spines) for the rest of their lives.

Just be careful not to lose those spines, because Tikbalangs would certainly hold this grudge against you forever.

Remember, I warned you.


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  • Natalie Demoss12 months ago

    They sound disturbingly cool. I’ll have to keep them in mind as I’m writing. Maybe I can work them into something.

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