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A Lovecraftian Christmas

By FRANK? Piccolella

By FRANK? PiccolellaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Holiday Cheer Tentacles.

Like a crash of thunder followed by a sonic boom. Something has just entered our atmosphere. The first arrival sets the stage for things to come. Ammutseba has fallen to Earth to be benevolent for one special day. On other days he'd be known as The Devourer of Stars. Something came over him today, he felt sorry for humanity. Usually, he just feels contempt for humankind. Men are just puppets for The Great Old Ones. Ammut calls Its brethren to take one last look at humanity. Tentacles cover the ground and you can no longer see the floor. Horrors now inhabit this strange planet. Ammut searches for a new way to see things.

Something very curious happens to Ammut as he lovingly glares at the Holiday decorum. He's touching only Christmas decorations for some reason. You can see the wheels turning behind his strange visage. When this creature just thinks, people die. But not today. Things seem different. There's a certain air brewing out in the world and it isn't the stench of men. They don't feel anger or a need to punish the anthill like they normally would feel. Christmas changes people, and ancient cosmic Gods apparently. The magic of Cthulu is smiling upon us, on this blessed day.

The tentacles reach every house, slithering against everything it touches. Slime is left behind on the surfaces of vehicles and light poles, the consistency is close to that of KY Jelly. The Snail trail comes to mind. Time to retract the tentacles for the group. The others start showing up for this celebration. Ammut summons Apocolototh to bring a very special treat for the human meat suits. Today is a perfect day to be an Ancient Cosmic God.

Apocolothoth, The Moon Good descends from the heavens with the most beautiful cosmic Christmas tree. It already has bioluminescent lights on the tree, periodically blinking off and on. This gesture is a sign of uncompromising belief in humans. Granted, The Great Old Ones live to make others suffer and go insane. Today is the day for a big change. Ammut knows what they must do, even for just one day. They must unite the cosmos in a bid for one day of positive change. One day only.

All of the Old Gods gather around the tree. Some Gods slither, others fly, and others project themselves into your mind and attack from the inside out. They begin to link arms together, forming an unholy chain. From across the world, through other dimensions, to wormholes to other planets, the chain is widening. These Gods aren't joking about the holidays, they start celebrating. The most horrendous sound is heard coming from the group, as what they call singing rings out to now deaf ears. Nearby pedestrians' ears begin to bleed, scrambling their brains along the way.

Bokrug, The Doom of Sarnath powers up his magic, and prepares to conjure an item he's never done before. First time for everything. He is the first to summon a cosmic ornament. These ornaments are special, they have pieces of The Big Bang imbued into their paint. Nothing else like them in the universe. Never has Bokrug, or any of The Great Old Ones done anything this nice for anyone, let alone mankind. This was a bold move for the Gods. The groups' powers are unbound on this particular day. They all start to conjure ornaments. All beautiful and drab color palettes to work with, and many dark choices. They present their tree accessory and look for approval from other Gods.

A gorgeous cloud overhead sails above the Christmas tree, and we wait to see what comes out of the cloud. Descending like an Angel, Aylith The Widow in the Woods, a servant of Shub-Niggurath, lands on top of the tree. The Gods celebrate on this plane exclusively. She is now a lighthouse search light for the others. Now the tree is truly illuminated. Tomorrow we go back to the grind. The Old Gods Cheat Day. Aylith is the only beautiful Old God, she sits perched on Christmas itself.

A jingling is heard getting louder with every passing second. The sleigh comes out from behind the moon, floats down, and lands in front of the Christmas tree. The reindeer clomp their hooves as he exits the sleight. Santa Claus steps out with a rifle and an axe. The Great Old Ones turn and stare him down. " I will show you the power of belief!", exclaimed Santa Claus.

The End

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FRANK? Piccolella

I enact many a dad tax on my six yearold twin girls. I am a writer and visual artist. Trying to work harder on the business side now to. Horror is my life. When it isn't I read, write, and Arithmetic. Comics and music shall suffice as well.

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  • Anthony Marquette29 days ago

    I love this idea of lovecraftian gods on christmas. When I first read the comic strip at the top I was thinking there was some rationalization of the sor that since the new god had broken the barrier by being born as his own son on this day it created some sort of weakness in in the gap between worlds so the old gods could slip through too, though to be nice to humans was not my first impression lol. Thanks for this story.

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