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Hugh Everett III rigorously proposed the concept of the Multiverse in 1957,

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Jophar Vorin

Among the people who have claimed to come from lands not known to exist, the Man from Taured is undoubtedly the most iconic case, but it is not the only documented one. We often continue to hear about such people from many centuries who suddenly appeared from somewhere and claimed to belong to places that do not exist. Even the truth of their families remained in doubt as no one was sure if they existed. Another thing that made these people more mysterious was that they had no ID from any country and spoke an unknown language. All these qualities indicated that they came from a parallel universe.

The peculiar affair of Jophar Vorin has been mentioned in numerous European and American publications of the mid-19th century. In this article, I will try to explain the incredible time travel story of the world’s most mysterious man from the 19th century, who claimed to be a man from another world or parallel universe. According to the facts from 1850, on the street of a small town in the district of Lebas, near Frankfurt, the local authorities found an unknown man who was wandering along the beach with a confused and distressed look and, judging his behavior as suspicious, they decided to take him to the barracks.

During the interrogation, he said that he was Jophar Vorin and came from Laxaria, a country in the northern part of the world called Sakria. Laxaria, hundreds of miles from Europe, was separated from the continent by vast oceans. Jophar was traveling searching for his missing brother when his ship was wrecked. His alleged brother was an explorer and had been sent to what was to them the “New World, “he claimed, pointing to Europe on the map.

While failing to explain or indicate the path taken to get there on the maps, he revealed that his race possessed considerable geographical knowledge and that he called the five continents Sakria, Aflar, Astar, Auslar, and Euplar. Thinkers believe this person had accidentally come into our dimension, and Scholars from Frankfurt concluded that the man was not crazy. His story was considered plausible, so they sent him to Berlin to be subjected to further studies and research, but during the trip, in the grip of a sort of hysterical fit, he threw himself out of the carriage and disappeared into the surrounding woods.

Despite long and careful searches of the man, no trace was found: he seemed to have disappeared as mysteriously as he had arrived. Due to interdimensional travel, his body might have returned to his world in the forest. Just as Antarctica, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America are continents in our world. Similarly, continents like Sakria, Aflar, Astar, Auslar, and Euplar would be in the parallel world. How can a person slip away from their time hundreds or even thousands of years ago? Even Science does not have the answer to these alleged incidents.

The Man from Taured

In July 1954, a man arrived at Haneda International Airport (Tokyo) in Japan. His appearance was typical, but his beard and Western-style clothes hinted that he was Caucasian.

According to the best-known version of the following story, some officials, suspicious of the man’s circumspect behavior, decided to keep an eye on him. During Check-In, he reported that he would have been from an unknown country called Taured.

During the interrogation, faced with the request to show the geographical position of his country of origin on a map, the man, a native French speaker but also able to speak Japanese and other languages, indicated the area occupied by the Principality of Andorra, expressing disappointment not to find the name “Taured” written on it. According to his words, his homeland had been established for over 1,000 years, so it should certainly have been on the map.

The Japanese officers, aware that no one was aware of such a place while verifying the authenticity of the Passport, Passport believed the foreigner’s version and, suspecting that it could be a criminal, detained him in a hotel room watched over by two guards, to have time to investigate the mystery hidden behind his identity.

The company for which the man claimed to work claimed not to know him, but he had exhaustive documentation that denied the company declarations. The bank that issued his checkbook could not be found anywhere either, and he also had cash in different European currencies. His passport Passport stamped by several airports around the world, including Tokyo. How did he get a Taured passport stamped in many countries?

The following morning, unable to answer the numerous unknowns, the officials returned to the “prisoner” to ask him more questions. However, once the door was opened, they realized that Taured’s man had disappeared into thin air: he could not have come out of the door controlled by the guards nor jumped out of the window several tens of meters high.

The man of Taured, known since then also as “the man without a homeland” or “the mystery of Taured,” vanished without a trace, leaving behind questions that will never be answered because even all his documents, which could have proved the truth of this matter, had disappeared.

Green Children

Woolpit is a village in the English county of Suffolk, halfway between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. It is known for the story of the Green Children. To date, it is not clear whether it is a legend or an actual historical mystery even if it is reported by two different sources of the twelfth century: the Chronicon Anglicanum by Abbot Ralph of Coggeshall and the Historia rerum Anglicarum by the historian William Parvus. According to evidence in the XII century, perhaps during the reign of King Stephen of England or King Henry II, a harvester found two strange children, a brother and sister, in a canal in the village of Woolpit.

They had some bizarre peculiarities: their clothes were different from those seen in the village, they spoke an unknown language, and, above all, they had unnatural green skin. Nobody knew them, or where they came from, so they were taken to the village, where they were welcomed in the home of the local landowner, Mr. Richard de Caine of Wilkes. Although hungry, they ate nothing offered until the inhabitants brought some beans, which the children devoured raw and were their only sustenance for months.

The male was ill and died after being baptized, while the girl, who took the name of Agnes Barre, after starting to eat different foods, lost the green color of her skin and adapted to her new life by learning to speak English and getting married to a man at King’s Lynn.

She could also tell her story: she and her brother came from a land where the sun never shone, and the light was like sunset. In William Parvus’ accounts, the girl called that land St Martin’s Land, and she couldn’t explain how she had arrived at Woolpit: she and her brother were tending their father’s cattle when, following a loud noise, they found themselves in the place where the reaper found them. Abbot Ralph reports instead that the two boys had followed an animal into a cave and, after getting lost, were guided to the light and our world by the sound of bells.

The explanations given to the singular story of green children follow two strands: according to the first, which finds its roots in English folklore, it would be nothing more than the imaginary description of an encounter with the inhabitants of a “fairy world, “otherworldly, and children would be the embodiment of spirits or magical creatures. However, this explanation does not consider the fact that there are different sources testifying to history.

Many theorists believe our reality is only one of the infinite frequencies coexisting within a multiverse. Hence, terms such as parallel dimension and alternate universes are now in the public domain. Some claim that beings from other dimensions systematically visit our reality, and some are convinced that any decision taken by any human being would create, from scratch, new universes in which each of the possible options that could be chosen would take shape, like in a tree diagram in which there are all possible choices and their consequences.

The Theory of the Multiverse

Hugh Everett III rigorously proposed the concept of the Multiverse in 1957, based on the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Still, American writer and psychologist William James first coined the term.

In modern physics, the Multiverse is a hypothesis that postulates the existence of coexisting and alternative universes outside our spacetime (parallel dimensions); it is the possible consequence of some scientific theories, including string theory and bubble theory (also known as ‘eternal inflation‘).

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