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The Himalayan Snowman “Yeti”

Is it human or animal?

By Umair Amjad KayaniPublished 6 months ago 3 min read
The Himalayan Snowman “Yeti”
Photo by oldelpachot on Unsplash

The people of Nepal and Tibet say that what they call the Yeti live in the Himalayan Mountains. Europeans call him, in English, a hateful mortal. A similar creature in western Canada is called the Sasquatch, and on the Atlantic coast of the United States, it is called the Bigfoot, which lives in the mountains. Is this creature fictional, or does it really exist? If it is, then what is it?

In what ways are Yeti, the Sasquatch, and Bigfoot similar or related? It is very tall and somewhat human-like. People in a small village in the mountains of Nepal listened intently as a girl described something that had attacked her cows one afternoon as she was bringing them home from pasture. According to the girl's statement, his appearance was like that of a human, with reddish brown hair, a big mouth, and white teeth. His fingers were thick, and his nails were very long. His feet were like a man's feet, but larger and full of hair. The villagers heard the girl's words, nodded to each other, and said "Yeti".

Another similar incident is when Albert Osman was camping on a tour of Western Canada and left his sleeping bag out in the open. As he was very tired, he crawled into it and soon fell asleep.

Sometime thereafter, he awoke with the feeling that someone or something was carrying him through the forest. He tried hard to free himself from it, but it was in vain. A few hours later, the creature stopped and dropped him to the ground. The thing was about eight feet long and covered in hair. Although it was night, Albert could see her clearly in the moonlight. Immediately, others of the same kind appeared in the forest. They all took a lot of interest in Albert, such as kissing him and making strange noises at each other. He became convinced that those creatures lived in the western mountains.

This strange thing has different local names, but the description of its appearance is the same. For example, according to the observation reports so far, it does not resemble a human so much that it can be called a human, but it is also not completely an animal.

There are many stories of people claiming to have seen one of these or his giant footprints and dismissing the idea as imaginary or legendary, and then they couldn't bring him back to civilization. In 1973, a Canadian newspaper offered a reward of 100,000 dollars for anyone who could catch the Sasquatch alive, but no one has yet come forward to receive this serious reward.

Interesting stories are circulating about people who have seen this strange creature or seen footprints in Nepal, Tibet, Canada, and the United States. Perhaps they have seen a large animal, such as a bear, that walks upright like a human. The footprints they saw may have been the footprints of animals on the surface that had been weathered by the heat of the sun. Yetis are supernatural to the natives of Nepal, and hence they are included in the list of ghosts and witches. This mythical creature has been mentioned in the folk tales of the Himalayan villages for centuries. As for North America, the Red Indians told Western settlers many stories about big-haired men who lived in the mountains.

Does this creature really exist? If so, are they humans or animals? If there are animals, what kind? Or could there be species that we don't know about yet? Perhaps one day these creatures will be captured and scientists will examine them. Then we will know what they are. However, the legendary story of this snowman lives on thanks to people. It is a tribe that lives in the Himalayan Mountains. These people have always held the belief that this snowman is a true fact of life. For them, he is a religious figure who is feared and who protects them, but without concrete evidence, no one can deny the presence of this beast in the Himalayan mountains, and this mysteriousness may disturb people.


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