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by Chloe Rose Violet 4 months ago in tv · updated 4 months ago
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A terrible TV Show review

You Season 1 Trailer

**This is my honest and personal review. This could contain some spoilers for the entire show. I tried to write it in an ambiguous way because I have not read the book that the series is inspired by. If you have any intention of watching You on Netflix, please stop reading and go sit down and watch the damn show as this is just my interpretation of it.**

This might be one of the worst yet best television shows that I have ever watched. I don't normally sit down and watch a new TV series, normally I go through binge-watching spurts of my usual go-to favourite TV shows that I have previously watched like Good Girls and How I Met Your Mother. I don't know why I do that other than as a comfort for my anxiety and depression.

You is based on a book by the author Caroline Kepnes. I have not read it yet, but it is now on my "to-read" list after finishing this oddly addicting television series. Your protagonist, named Joe, is a loveable psychopath that struggles to handle having healthy romantic relationships after an abusive and traumatic childhood that helped form the man he became. In the city of New York, our loveable psychopath Joe falls in love with author Guinevere Beck. After stalking her for a while, Joe saves her from a subway train.

That incident, along with the sudden disappearance of her on again off again boyfriend, she falls in love with the clever bookstore clerk. After a series of events, Miss Guinevere Beck begins a relationship with her therapist that cannot be undone, he kills her in a fit of rage when she discovers the dark secrets behind their relationship. Joe's estranged ex comes back into the picture, forcing the psychopathic protagonist to disappear to a new State where he then happens to cleverly meet the love of his life. They worked together and Joe's obsession with his new love interest got him into trouble as well. Her name ironically was Love. She was a wealthy twin who worked with both her brother and Joe. Forty, Love's brother, turns out to be an addict who ends up losing his life when he discovers the truth behind Joe's original life. Love also happens to turn out to be a sociopathic killer towards the end of season two which was the biggest plot twist that they could have come up with.

I knew when I finished the third season of the television show You, and compared it mentally to Riverdale, that I had to write about it. Seriously, the show got that bad. Season three became the worst cliche to exist with Joe and Love's attempt at a suburban, "normal" family life. I knew it was that terribly cheesy and very cliche towards the end of the third season. The over-dramatized sex scenes take away from the good parts of the plot and story. But in itself that is what makes it so good, yet terrible to watch.

I finally let myself watch this show for a good reason, my ex had made fun of it when he watched the trailer for it back in 2018. Knowing him, it was too romantic and cliche for his own liking. He did enjoy the psychopathy in Breaking Bad and I can make comparisons to the way both murderers are portrayed to the audience... us. I wish we would have watched it together. Seriously, we never watched romance together movies-ever. We never could agree on anything unless it was horror.

You begin to piece things together about our main protagonist Joe as the show proceeds forward about his childhood and how he obsesses over women because of the way he lost his mother. You begin to root for him to fall in love with someone that is "good" for him in his own twisted way. That's where his sociopathic wife Love comes into play. After the birth of their child, and the death of her brother, something changed inside of Love that couldn't be reversed. There is a lot of things that that the two of them could have done differently in their suburban adventure. Especially in the third season where post-partum depression could have had a perfect explanation. They could have dived down in deeper inside of Love's headspace. She goes through so much in season 3, but the couple just reverts to killing and disposing of bodies instead. Like really? Come on. They could have dug deeper into their psychotic relationship with their child and themselves with their therapist instead of killing half the neighborhood because people got in the way of their "dream" family. It just all became too predictable in the third season of the show. Maybe I would feel a little different if I had read the novels but I kind of feel like it would be a waste of my time in all honesty.

Like I said before, this Television show is based on a book series. I can't wait to read it because the show left me stunned. They can't put out a fourth season, even if it is scheduled to renew. There is no way the writers and director will accomplish anything good with a fourth season of the show You. They ended it the only way they know how to. That's all you can say with Joe leaving. The end. Finished. Complete. At least Joe didn't harm his child like his father harmed him.

Chloe Rose Violet

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