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I Know It's Not Halloween

My favourite horror movies of the year so far...

By Chloe Rose Violet 🌹Published 3 years ago • 4 min read
I Know It's Not Halloween
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Horror has got to be my uttermost favourite movie genre. I have always been a big fan of the genre. I have collected several favourite movies thoughout the years. After Halloween and before Christmas, as it starts to get darker and colder outside, it sets the mood to be just right for horror films. Even if it is a tad late for a post like this, I have been on a horror movie binge lately. I have watched so many of them over the past many years, that I am pretty picky when it comes to my horror films and I have my opinions on them. I do enjoy the cheesy ones, that is part of my issue. I have a few films collected on this list that I have discovered this past year that I utterly adored. Netflix has really a great selection of horror films that they do a pretty good job of keeping updated year to year.

This being said, enjoy my little horror movie recommendation. :)

Don't Listen (2020)

This supernatural horror film reminded me so very vaguely of The Conjuring. The little boy that stars in this film utterly stole my heart. I loved the paranormal investigation that was done. I actually cried while watching this movie, just because of how real some parts of the movie could just completely feel. There is small voiceover work done that you can hardly notice, it really is a good movie. I don't like spoiling many details, but things get very witchy, especially towards the end of this film. Quite the plot twist at the end when the boy's sketchbook gets brought up, like any creepy horror film with children drawing, the pictures are painfully important in the movie Don't Listen.

The Banana Splits (2019)

This comedy-like horror film featuring a bunch of mechanical robots with a canceled show, was very entertaining to say the least. I do love cheesy horror films from time to time and this one takes the cake with both being scary and entertaining. The best piece of information I can give you about this horror film, is that there is an actual old American TV show titled The Banana Splits and by no surprise, it stars the same "loveable" children's characters. The children's TV show aired for two years before it was canceled. The movie plot is exceptional, after watching a few clips of the original TV show, I am astonished by how well they matched the voices of the Banana Splits mechanical monsters to the original show. The movie is very well thought-out, following the family and cast around on the day that it all goes wrong when the show becomes canceled. When you have the background knowledge that this show was very real, that makes the horror aspect that much better. There were a lot of little minor details that kept me interested throughout the show with the main characters. The main female lead in this movie is a phenomenal actress. Dani Kind was a great choice for the role of Beth. Considering the robots don't kill any of the children, it was a very good horror film. Some parts were definitely gorier and vaguely similar to Saw, but it still hit well on this imaginary horror movie scale I have going on in my head. In my opinion, this movie does make you think. And who would have imagined that the puppets got that mad that they decided to kill people over the cancellation of their show. Not me, that's for sure. A little sarcasm, but cliches and all, this was a grand slam of a movie.

The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

This movie was very creepy. Flat out, hands down, just creepy- which I loved. It reminded me a little bit of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. This is not one of those movies that you watch by yourself. Under any circumstances whatsoever. That is how creepy this movie gets. Whoever tried to perform an exorcism on this poor girl had no idea what was coming for them and everyone else. The creepy dark ambiance of the morgue, suits the tone of this horror movie. Not how you'd picture starting a new job, but there is that going for the beautiful star of this film. The actress did such a phenomenal job in this film, they both did really. The actress that plays Hannah Grace, Kirby Johnson was absolutely talented. The special effects used were incredible. Even if some of the plot build-up was a tad boring in my opinion, the other actress Shay Mitchell to be exceptional. The way she told Megan's story was something to acknowledge. I had to include this one. I mean it though. Do not watch this movie by yourself. It is that scary. Like I am going to leave every light on in my house for a week terrifying.

This sums up my small little list of new horror movies that I have recently watched this past year. All three of them are currently available on Canadian Netflix if you are interested in watching them. I loved all three of these movies, almost as much as I love The Conjuring and Annabelle franchises. I would rewatch any of these movies in a heartbeat. Enjoy my horror movie recommendation!

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