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By Alexandrea CallaghanPublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Alright boys and girls we are headed to another convention! Wondercon comes to Anaheim this month and I am so excited. Among other things the talented and incredible Gail Simone will be in attendance and I am consumed with figuring out how to not fangirl all over her. She is literally one of my idols in the industry and I love her. The schedule of the weekend's events has been revealed and I, of course, thought I would share my plan.

Of course my Saturday is busy, it is the longest day and there is a lot going on. But I have never been so excited for a con. There is so much going on to foster creativity and connection. And so much opportunity for creatives to network. I am booked pretty much from 10AM-9PM.

We are starting the day off at 10 with a spotlight on comic book writer Marv Wolfman. He has done so much work that I love and I can not wait to hear him speak about his work.

Following right after there is a panel about AI in Entertainment. This is a very important subject and considering that this con is very creatively oriented I think it is a must attend panel.

The next panel kind of goes hand in hand with the AI one. Comics Under Attack. We are talking about censorship and navigating a society that seems to be going backwards. As someone who loves to talk about the Comic Code Authority I can’t wait for this panel.

At 2:00 PM we are going to a Women Rocking Hollywood panel. 2023 was dominated by women filmmakers and it is looking similar in 2024. I can not wait to celebrate these amazing women and talk about how the industry is changing.

Then we get to talk about a new horror movie. Strangers: Chapter 1, yet another project that will inevitably prove that the Riverdale actors can act, Riverdale was just bad.

And then 4:30 is the highlight of my day, Gail Simone. She is rightfully getting her own spotlight and I will hopefully be sneaking an interview with her into the day as well. I will do my best not to fangirl all over her.

And I will be ending my Saturday with a Comic Creators Connection. 2 hours of essentially speed dating with other creators who can hopefully help me bring my projects to life. This is an excellent opportunity that I hope will lead to lots of new creations.

This leads us to Sunday which is a much shorter day and will not have me running around nearly as much.

Once again starting at 10AM with a Remakes and the Public Domain panel. I have often expressed how actually harmful the public domain can be to art in general and this panel will be discussing the ups and the downs of the studio's decision to lean away from original stories.

At 11:30 There will be a Comic Art Conference panel discussing representation, oppression and how the landscape of comics is changing, and what we can do to help it along.

12:30 we are celebrating the monsters of Universal and how they really helped birth the Horror genre.

And then of course I am ending my day and my WonderCon weekend with a X-amining the X-Men panel. The X-Men have always been one of my favorite teams and they just give us so much to dissect so I can not wait to hear different perspectives on this team and hopefully see things in a new way by the end of it.

WonderCon is a creatives oriented convention and for that I am both grateful and excited. There is a lot of prepwork that I have to do in order to be ready but just being there is an incredible opportunity and I hope that it is also a fruitful one. I will passing out my business cards like candy so here’s to hoping.


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