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Why You Should Watch Squid Game!

by Chloe Gilholy about a month ago in review

Why I think it’s one of the best shows Netflix ever did

If there is one show that the world is talking about right now, it is Squid Game. It‘s currently one of the most watched shows on Netflix and it’s made a huge impact on the internet. As soon as I saw somebody reccomend it on Facebook, I watched the trailer and thought, this is a show that I need to watch. I just knew from the moment I saw the trailer that I would love the show and it’s characters. It seems I am not alone either and that millions are loving this show as well.

The concepts of childhood games and fight for survival are crossedover brilliantly. South Korean entertainment is taking over the world right now with it’s infectious K-Pop and romantic Korean dramas. Very much how Japanese anime and manga and American comics dominated the previous decades. Squid Game stands out from a lot of Korean dramas and shows why many in the west enjoy Eastern entertainment. Squid Game thinks outside the box and takes pride in it‘s influences.

What I love about this show the most is the twists. It gives a nice twist to the dystopian games that have earned a following. The children in Battle Royale and The Hunger Games did not choose to play those games, and if they were, they had a reason. In many of these dystopian stories, it is the children and teenagers playing adult games of bloodsport. Squidgame, it is the other way around. The adults have chosen to come here. They are playing children’s games, but for thier lives. It is something they do not realise until the game has already been played.

If Squid Game was real, it could happen to any one of us. There are so many people in debt right now. Rich people who are bored could easily create a show like this and get away with it, because we all know from other billionaire’s track records that the law does not apply to them. Well, maybe not the slaughtering and cremating of others, but you get the idea. The world has had it’s fair share of crazy shows in the past.

There’s a few shows that came to mind when I was watching there. Takeshi’s Castle was one of the first ones that came to my mind. Then there was 101 Ways To Leave a Gameshow. Then there’s Total Wipeout which is like the UK’s version of Takeshi’s Castle where everybody gets wet. We’ve had Supermarket Sweep and Gladiator. And we look at how popular Masked Singer is Strictly Come Dancing. I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here forced some of it’s contestants to eat kangaroo tentacles and bugs.

In many ways, Squid Game is a lot like these games only they are playing for their life and money. I also really love the conclusion of the first series. I think it would be great if there was a second series because there’s just enough mystery and loose ends uncovered, but we’re also satisfied as well. It’s tragic but beautiful. Even though the characters are different in their backstories, they are all connected through their deep troubles and desperation to escape them.

The foreshadowing is excellent, and it’s something tht I didn’t notice until I watched other people’s YouTube videos about Squid Game. Now watching it again, I see how a lot of the character’s fates were sealed and how karma catches up with them. Each character has earned a nickname which helps when people get confused with the Korean names.

Without spoiling anything, these are the reasons I think you should watch Squid Game.


Chloe Gilholy

Healthcare worker from Oxfordshire. Author of ten books including Drinking Poetry and Game of Mass Destruction. Travelled to over 20 countries.

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Chloe Gilholy
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