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by K.S Rhaw 2 years ago in fan fiction
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Issues 4-6

as I said before I own most of the characters but this is based off of the valiant universe

We cut to Rochelle getting out of class. She felt uneasy and couldn't quite put her finger as to why. She just felt there was something cold and dead in the air. She felt this way every year on her birthday.

She wondered the hall while the next set of classes started for all the passing by students but not for her. She was taking two classes and she was now done for the day. She walked in silence as she made her way through the giant school. Even though she was alone, she didn't feel alone. She felt a presence. That's when she saw it. A little girl dressed in a flowery dress. The little girl had a stare down with Rochelle.

Rochelle was creeped out. This girl was also pale. Just as the little girl finished her stare down she said "you're the one!"

Rochelle was so confused "what are you talking about? Where are your parents? This is a college kid"

Instead of giving answers, the girl walked out of eye view then vanished into thin air. Rochelle followed where she saw the girl go but when she turned the corner, she saw nothing and no one. Just then as she goes to turn to go towards the exit she ran into a guy she had been crushing on for a while "hey!" He called out in a friendly tone.

She answered back "hey. Sorry didn't mean to run into you!"

He smiles with boyish charm "it's ok. Im glad you did. I am throwing a party at the abandoned cabin out in the Forrest. I was wandering if you wanted to go?"

Rochelle drifted off from the guy. She was still really weirded out about what happened a few minutes ago. The guy whose name was Lewis waved his hand in front of her face to draw her attention "hello ! Earth to Rochelle. So pretty lady what do you say ? Coming to the party tonight or what ? I'll pick you."

She was so excited that he asked her to go that she completely forgot about what just happened "Count me in. I'll text you my address"

He gives her a devilish smile and walks away with a "later !"....

Bloodhound, Shatter and hologram got to the college and began to look around. Shatter stated the obvious "it may be the girl but we don't know what she looks like. What do we do now?"

Bloodhound instantly felt a dark energy fill the air "I think I can sense it. Wow that is powerful!"

He could feel where it was pulling him towards. Like a part of him could sense something that the rest of him couldn't. He knew it was the dark part of him. He didn't know what that dark half was but he knew he wasn't psiot or human. No one has ever explained what he really was. He knew that the Colonel gets nervous talking about it.

Bloodhound started to follow this pull. The other two confusedly followed him. Hologram questioned while trying to slow him down "where are you going Dakota?"

He didn't say anything, he was focused on that feeling. He just kept making his ways down hallways and looking through classrooms. Then he turned the corner and that's when he saw her. Rochelle sat talking to a boy. The other two caught up to bloodhound and didn't know what he was staring at. Tate waved his hands in front of Dakota's face "hello, Dakota? What is it?"

Dakota finally broke trance and pointed towards Rochelle "that's her. I'm almost certain"...….

Alison looked questionably at Rochelle then back to Dakota "are you sure? How do you know?"

Dakota just plainly said "Trust me, It's her"

Tate went to take lead again "I'll go talk to her"

Alison stopped him "no we let you handle it last time. I got it"

She watched for a minute and waited for Rochelle to walk away from the guy she was talking to. She finally did and once Rochelle was alone Alison went up to Rochelle and held out her badge "we need to talk. Why are you using your psiot powers so much?"

Rochelle looked very confused "I don't know what you're talking about. I'm not a psiot"

Alison squinted and pulled out her power dampening cuffs "you're coming with us till we can get this figured out"

Rochelle got upset "no I am not! I'm not a psiot! You're a crazy bitch"

Alison went to put the cuffs on her and that's when Tate and Dakota come out. Tate stands in between the two girls "hologram, you can't just arrest someone like that especially if she isn't a psiot."

He then looked at Rochelle "what's your name miss? I'm sorry my partner sometimes get a little ahead of herself"

Rochelle answers back now a little calmer "I'm Rochelle Thompson, I am not a psiot. Do I need to call my lawyer caus he's the best anyone could have"

Tate shook his head "no ma'am, that will not be nessacary."

Bloodhound felt the energy pulse from Rochelle. He could tell it wasn't psiot energy. He thought maybe loa. Which is trickier because sometimes people don't even realize it. He pulled Tate to the side "I feel this energy coming from her. I think she has a loa. What ever she's exerting, it's not psiot energy"

Tate looked at Rochelle suspiciously and then whispered to Dakota "I think we have to let her go free for now and just tail her until we figure it out"

Dakota nodded while Tate yanked Alison away from Rochelle "I'm sorry miss I think we had a misunderstanding. Forgive us we mistook you for someone else"

Rochelle was freaked out "God you're just weird. Whatever"

She rolled her eyes then walked out the front door. Alison screamed at Tate "what the hell Tate!? We almost had her!"

Tate answered back "well if you hadn't been so guns ablazing you would have heard Dakota and I discussing it. Dakota thinks that she's possessed by a loa. Which means we might have to get another agent that is more adept to pull it out of her"

Alison answered dumbly "oh. Sorry"

She stayed quiet after that. They decided to follow Rochelle. They got out of the front door of the college. They saw a whole crowd outside gathering over something that happened in the street. They made their way towards what was going on and got close enough to see it was a massive wreck. A car was pinned by a power line. And their was a car sinking into the lake on the other side of the road. And one car had been turned over and on fire

The three heroes saw what was happening and sprang to action. Shatters eyes glowed white. Shatter used his glass-kinesis and forced every glass shard at the power lines so the cords were chopped and stopped releasing electricity. Hologram pulled a guy and his dog from that car. Bloodhounds eyes glowed green and jumped straight into the water to get the car sinking. He saw there were an unconscious middle aged male and female in the front two seats and a little girl in the back screaming for help.

He grabbed the car and used his super strength to pull the almost fully submerged car from the water. He got it on land and summoned blood tendrils to rip the doors off its hinges. He carefully pulled the two adults out while Hologram grabbed the girl.

Shatter saw the car flipped over and on fire had a 16 year old in there. He pulled the glass from the window out and got in and grabbed the kid. He yanked him away from the on fire car. So far anyone who was unconscious was at least alive, and someone had 911 on their way...

We jump to a couple of hours later. Rochelle had left the school while the wreck was going on. So she didn't see that the three that had basically harassed her, save those people. They have now been at the police station filling out incident reports.

Rochelle was at home getting ready for the party she was invited to. She was also playing with the puppets she got. They were so cool to her. As she was doing this her mom walked into her room with a solumn smile "hey sweetie, pass your Math test ?"

Rochelle answered with confidence "best score in the class. How did things go around here today"

Her mom lied "they went well. It was quiet. No one came by or anything"

That reminded Rochelle about the three agents "mom, I almost forgot to tell you. I had 3 of FPID agents accuse me of being a psiot. It was really weird"

Her mom had to look away because she knows she still needs to tell her daughter who she really is but she kept hearing her husband's words so she played dumb "oh I heard there was a rogue psiot going around breaking into places so they were probably just investigating all the college kids. I'm sure it's nothing"

Rochelle believes her mom. And began to tell her about the party she was going to. Her mom said "look if you drink then don't drive ok. It's dangerous"

She agreed and told her mom "I'm a grown woman. You don't have to worry about me like that anymore. I know what to do"

Her mom smiled "I always worry about you"

Just as Rochelle began to talk again the horn of Lewis's car rang through her front yard. She got up all giddy "that's him! Don't worry mom I'll be fine. Love you!"

She said while hugging her mom and head down the hallway and out the front door....

We cut to the big party. Everyone is drinking and the music is blaring.

The three heroes dressed in normal clothes and began to blend in while keeping an eye on Rochelle.

Alison wore a red hoody with a white plain T-shirt underneath and had on some black Nikes and blue jeans.

Tate wore a white and black flannel shirt with jeans and brown boots. Dakota wore a green T-shirt with a black leather jacket over it and had on black jeans and black Nikes.

They were all pretty well disguised. Rochelle never even noticed. She was too busy drinking and dancing with Lewis. They danced for an hour. Finally she was tired and so was he "Rochelle do you want to get out of here and go find a quieter spot!" He yelled in her ear

She yelled back "sure!"

He led her out and into the back yard. They walked a good ways away from the abandoned house. They sat down by an old tree. Smelled like something had died near it but they were too drunk to care. They as and laughed at how clumsy they both were.

Lewis finally looks at Rochelle and says "I really like you Rochelle"

Before she could say anything back he was already sticking his tongue down her throat. She was reciprocating it all back. Then he began to get handsy.

Let's make our way to the party. Three had lost Rochelle and couldn't find her. Tate went up to Dakota "what do we do? Do you think she left?"

Dakota answered with a swift "no. She didn't leave. I feel her here. We have to find her. She feels close by"

Tate asked "can you follow that energy of whatever she is sending out to track her"

Dakota answered back "maybe. Give me a minute"

Tate began to carry on as he looked around "man don't you wish we had gotten to do this. I have never been to a party my entire life. Don't you wish you had this" he says while Dakota is trying to focus. He looked across the old abandoned living room and watched two guys dancing on each other. They were laughing and smiling at each other. Tate wish he had that. He glanced at Dakota and Dakota had his eyes closed trying to catch on to where the energy. He said to Tate "no I don't. Quit distracting me. I can't find her if I'm talking to someone"

Just as he said that he caught the energy pulse and began to follow it. Tate followed like a scolded puppy. He didn't like it when Dakota was mean. Tate flagged Alison down and they made their way into the woods.

We are back with Rochelle again and she was clearly trying to keep Lewis's hands at Bay but he kept groping her. She began to try and fight him off. He got more and more aggressive with her. She couldn't pry his mouth away from here long enough to tell him no. She started to panic and realized what he's actually doing. Her eyes then began to glow blue...

fan fiction

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