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by K.S Rhaw 2 years ago in science fiction
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Issue 1-3

(This is based off of the valiant franchise but most of the characters I use are my own)

There are many things you need to know before I tell you about this unbelievable story first of which are. Psiots are people who have powers that come straight from their brains. It's not a mutation. Who do you think they are, the X-Men. That's funny.

Second thing is that their are other world's beyond ours and you do go somewhere when you die. It's called the dead side. It's dark and Baron with nothing but remains from the past along with some very unfortunate spirits. Some are good some are bad. It is also where the loa live. A loa is a demon who can only enter Earth through the possession of a host or through a very powerful sorcerer.

Third is that FPID (aka Federal Psiot Investigation department) is for keeping the peace between man and psiot. This is based in an alternative universe where a lot stuff like harbinger wars didn't happen. A parallel dimension. It has some things like unity and the bloodshot program and also instead of the PRS being a military branch it is a militia. A terrorist group dedicated to killing psiots. PRS is project rising spirit.

There I have you caught up to date now our story begins at the FPID base. Colonel Cameron Galushi, tall man in his 30's with black buzzed hair, and wears a military outfit sits at the desk monitoring radars for any kind of psychic energy spike. Something was definitely weird about an energy pulse that hit but it was a small one so he thought it would just be best to watch that spot on the radars. He sent for one out of the only three super powered individuals in this group. His name is Dakota Jennings (aka bloodhound).

Dakota had been trained from the time he was 5 up until now which he is 18 now. Dakota walked in with his semi long black hair in his face. He swept it out the way "yes sir, you call for me ?"

Colonel Galushi rubbed his tired eyes. "Yeah we may have a psiot threat in San Antonio Texas. Let the other two know just encase we need you three to investigate. There is an energy pulse that started about an hour ago and hasn't stopped"

Agent bloodhound saluted and walked out. He was never the one to ask questions. He had his orders and that was good enough for him. He made his way down the long hallway and got to the elevator. He saw a scientist that he knew well. Her name was doctor Clarisse. She was tall and had long wavy blonde hair. She was being bombarded by a scumbag agent who kept asking her out. His name was agent grey. agent grey always had the stench of cigarettes on him and wore way too much gel. Once he saw bloodhound come up he quieted down but does not mean he stopped bugging her.

Bloodhound saw the irritation of Dr Clarisse "Dr is he bothering you ?"

Agent grey intercepted the question "no we're just having a small talk isn't that right Dr ?'

She scoffed and told blood hound "yes he has been for an hour now"

Bloodhound subtly pulled his bowie knife out and cut into his hand. His eyes glowed green. His hand Outstretched a tentacle made from blood. The tentacle grabbed a very freaked out agent grey and threw him up against the elevator wall "I believe the good Dr told you no. Leave her alone or else"

He was quivering. He was so scared. Dr Clarisse smiled thankfully. Agent grey pleaded "ok I promise just let me go. I'll leave her alone"

The elevator doors came open as the elevator reached the very top floor. It was the training floor. Bloodhound pulled the tentacle back into his blood stream and his eyes stopped glowing green. He dropped agent grey on the ground and left the elevator with one remark "that's what I thought"

He made his way to the training room passing the swimming pool and got to the gym. He walked in on the other two heroes which was Tate shattwerwood (aka Shatter) and Alison Rivera (aka hologram) Tate was slightly older than both. He had short brown hair. Alison was Dakota's age. Her hair was long and brown.

The two were sparing. Alison was making holographic illusions for Tate to throw glass shards at with his telekinesis. It's more like glass kinesis though because it's the only thing he has control over with his mind. But still he's got a lot of potential. Right as bloodhound entered the room shatter screamed "duck !"

As he yelled that a stray glass shard was headed straight for his head. Dakota's eyes glowed green again and With his quick thinking bloodhound opens his cut that he had on His hand and a tentacle comes out and shields him from the shard. It bounced off of the tentacle like it was a fly hitting a wall.

The tentacle retracts and bloodhound brushes it off like it's nothing while shatter apologized sheepishly "man I'm sorry about that Dakota ! I'm glad you're ok !"

He says in a monotone voice "it's ok. Anyways be prepared cause we might have a mission in the morning. Why are you two training at twelve at night anyways ?"

Hologram said "trying to improve our use for our powers"

Bloodhound asked in his monotone again "any luck ?"

Shatter said lightly "well you saw what almost happens. You nearly got filleted"

Bloodhound understanding shatters inability to control his powers still even after all these years, he walks away while calling out "get some sleep. Be ready encase we have a mission. The Colonel seemed stressed"

He lets the door shut and goes to his room for the night...

We pull our perspectives over to the dead side really quickly as a giant wolf like blood demon sits in a broken down desolate castle in the middle of a black and grey wasteland. His name is Sangius Daemonium.

He is a loa who wants to bring the entirety of the dead side onto Earth. By doing that he would be letting every demon and spirit into Earth's dimension.

As he sits on his crumbled thrown he feels the energy in the dead sides atmosphere shift a little. A pulse that shot through from Earth. He smiled maliciously "yes, the time is almost upon us. All these years I have waited have finally come. I must bide my time a little longer and then I'll be free !"

He began laughing evilly. A minion that he found to be faithful through his years in the dead side asked "that energy boss what does it mean ?"

"It means a necromancer is finally getting their powers" the giant loa boomed in a deep voice.

Him and his minion began laughing manically again....

We cut to the next morning in San Antonio Texas. To our fourth and final hero. Her name is Rochelle Thompson. She awoke to her mom and dad (Kimberly and Leon Thompson) singing Happy birthday to her. She smiles at the big chocolate cake that her mom made her.

Just as they finish their song to her she wiped her sleep filled eyes and blew out her candles. Leon told her "happy birthday sweet heart ! Can you believe you're 19 ?"

She smiles and sighs "no it's crazy to believe. Thanks for the cake but it's 12:00 and I have to get to the college before I'm late"

Her mom stopped her before she could escape the room "now sweetie I know you hate your birthday but 19 is a big deal. You're older now so the least you could do is let yourself relax a minute and eat some cake"

Rochelle rolled her eyes and grabbed a school girl outfit to put on then walked out of her bedroom to try and ignore her parents. She got ready and almost made it out of the front door of their double wide but her mom stopped her "honey wait at least let us give you the gift we got you"

Rochelle had half a mind to just walk out. She hated her birthday because every year she has felt more and more dread towards it. But she saw her mom's face and knew she didn't want her parents to think she was being hateful towards them. She nodded and sighed "ok. What is it ?"

Her mom yelled for Leon to get the gift. He brought a box of what seemed to be rather big and sounded as if it had a lot of stuff to rattle inside. She opened it to reveal a bunch of puppets. There were at least 10. They were all wooden puppets with strings attached to different ligaments. They looked like manikins because they had no designs or anything.

She loved puppets. She looked at her mom and dad and hugged them "thank you guys. I love you both. I have to get to school now though"

She stuck them in her bag and went to school...

While Rochelle makes her way to the college and begins her day we shift our focus towards Shatter, bloodhound and Hologram.

Their private jet landed at the San Antonio International airport. They were each dressed in black suits and had their badge on full display at their hip. Everyone marveled at the three heroes. In this society, psiots aren't hated. The FPID keeps them in check they are just as important as the FBI or MI6.

They were met at the entrance with a blue SUV rental. They get in the rental and began discussing where the energy signal was coming from exactly. Hologram had it pulled up in the passenger seat on a small laptop. She pointed to the map and it was a little double trailer park by an old water tower. also the college was now giving off the same signal but stronger than the one at the trailer park "hmm. Two signals now. That's weird. Let's investigate the first one. It's faint which means it could be a psiot in need. Maybe the one whose at the college was in some sort of fight with the one at the trailer park and mortality wounded the guy at the trailer park"

Shatter shrugged his shoulders and said "maybe. Or maybe what we're reading is a little bit of left over dispelled energy from the person who was there"

Hologram and shatter both sat talking but bloodhound stayed quiet. Shatter thought alot about what it might be while driving the SUV but he couldn't give any actual answers. He's seen a lot over his years but he isn't sure what lies ahead.

They road on while Alison had her iPod hooked to the radio console. They listened to a veriety of artist. Tate's favorite by far was Rainbow Kitten Surprise. But he mostly enjoyed stealing glances at Dakota. Truth was that Tate had fallen in love with Dakota since he was 15 and Dakota was 13.

No one knew. In his mind no one needed to know. He was always so open about everything but this he would keep to himself.

They finally pulled up to the trailer park and track the faint signal all the way back to a yellow double wide. The three get out and Tate takes the lead. He was good with people. They walked up to the door and Tate knocked.they didn't hear anyone coming. All they could hear were muffled voices. One male, one female. The female voice was yelling "I told you Leon we should have told her. She deserves to know !"

The male yelled back "she doesn't because it doesn't matter ! She's our kid ! We raised her ! Callum and sandria made us promise that we didn't tell her as well. They are our friends. Do you plan on breaking the promise we made to our friends ?"

The female groans "but she deserves to know she is adopted"

The three stood on the porch listening in on them. Finally Tate knocked louder. The couple quit yelling at each other and a very frustrated Kimberly Thompson answered the door "yes what can I do for you all today ?"

Alison looked suspiciously at her and looked around her while Dakota made note of all the exits around the house. Tate began his questioning with a charming smile and put a bit of some southern twang in his voice "good day ma'am. We're here investigating a bit of a disturbance. We are part of the FPID. We had a huge power surge of psychic energy on our radars and wanted to make sure that everything was alright"

Kimberly put on a smile but on the inside felt dread. She knew what that surge was from but knew if she told anyone then her daughter would no longer live a normal life "no agent, I didn't get your name but that energy surge was just my husband cutting would in the backyard. I keep telling him to stop pushing himself so hard with his telekinesis but he doesn't listen"

Just as she said that Leon walks out next to his wife "is everything ok out here ?"

Tate not falling for this pushes his questioning further "yes sir. Everything is fine. we're FPID. We were just checking out a disturbance that our satellites had caught. So your wife tells me that you were pushing your psiot powers to hard and that's what our satellites caught. What was it she said you were doing ? I believe it was bench pressing with your telekinesis"

Kimberly quickly intercepted before Leon could get a word out. He realized he almost messed up that lie "no he was cutting wood"

Tate noticed a little glance towards away when Kimberly said that "well if it was nothing then you wouldn't mind us taking a look around inside if everything is fine ?"

Leon cut in while stroking his goatee "not without a warrant and unless you have one I suggest were done here"

Before Tate could ask anything else the door was slammed shut and the three heroes were left outside. They made their way back to the SUV and discussed the next plan. Tate said in defeat "that was a bust. They were clearly lying about something"

Alison agreed "yeah whatever it is it's got something to do with their daughter. That guy definitely doesn't have powers. I think their daughter does. Did either of you get their names ?"

Just as she asked a blood tentacle slithered up between the two, it was holding Leon and Kimberly's IDs. Tate grabbed them and exclaimed "nice going Dakota ! Brilliant as always"

Dakota sat monotoned like always "thanks. Let's go check out the other energy pulse. We know they had a daughter because of the fight they were having and maybe she's in class or something like that"

And with that they road off towards the the college campus...

science fiction

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K.S Rhaw

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