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Two Super Mario Bros Films

1993 and 2023...What do you think?

By stephanie borgesPublished 4 months ago 3 min read
Original film posters

I heard there would be a film about Super Mario Bros. I thought again. Yes, there was a film about Super Mario Bros. But it was live-action with John Leguzano and the late Bob Hopkins; the film didn’t do much in following the story of the game; in fact, too many, it was pretty sloppy, and here is why.

The goombas looked more like lizard people with big bodies but small heads.

Goombas from The Super Mario Bros film from 1993

King Koopa looked more like a greedy, well-dressed CEO than the fire-breathing dragon with a spike turtle shell.

Then there was the mushroom kingdom, and it looked more like the film Bladerunner with fungus growing everywhere. And it was called Dinohatten.

Screenshot from the film Blade runner 2049

Super Mario Bros 1993 Dinohatten

Princess Peach is nowhere in the film; instead, it is Princess Daisy who is the only princess.

The film had more violence, like people punching each other for no reason.

Mario dances with a woman named Big-Bertha, an African-American woman who is chunky and aggressive and takes on the role of Alpha. But he dances with her only to steal back a significant rock that happens to be a piece of a meteor that Koopa needs to take control of both Manhatten and dinohatten. But Big Bertha had Stolen from the Mario Bros earlier.

Yoshi gets stabbed in his side with a knife by Koopa’s jealous girlfriend while helping Daisy escape.

And I don’t know if anyone saw this, but they were a XXX movie theater in the background.

Did anyone see this in the 1993 film?

The film was a mix of Ghostbusters and the Wizard of Oz but with a few drinks. I did like the outfits, though, with the high-tech jump boots that gave the individual wearing them the ability to jump very high when needed.

Before the film, in 1993, there was a live-action show of super mario bros; it was on every Friday in the afternoons; here is the clip I found on youtube, man this show brings back so many memories.

You could see the mustache Mario and Lugui looked fake. And tried their best to make the accents look real. Even King Koopa had a live-action show.

But that was then 30 years later…

The Super Mario Bros movie but this time it wasn’t live action; it was animated with the help of lamination studios, and all the characters from the game were in the film; I am talking about the:

• The Goombas

The original Goomba from both the game and Film 2023

• Cheep Cheep

The original Cheep Cheep from both the game and Film 2023

• King Bob-omb

• Troopas

• The giant red eel.

Deep under the ocean, in the video game

Yikes..scary ell

• And not to mention…Yoshi, I was hoping to see Mario team up with Yoshi, but I guess that will have to be in the sequel of Super Mario Bros.

I was surprised to see Donkey Kong in the film. Did you know the characters from Donkey Kong were originally for Popeye the Sailor Man video game, but the game wasn’t produced, so Donkey Kong went on its own and was successful.

In the film, there were many sound effects from the original game from the 1980s. Even the Super Mario Bros, Rap song was used from the original show in 1989.

I got some help finding out research from Check out They talked about hidden items in the films that many gamers from the 1980s knew and are fun to talk about to the new generation of gamers. So I am including a link below. Check it out, and subscribe to the channel. (FYI, I don’t get anything for mentioning Mojo or telling people to subscribe, they do great work, and I am just letting people know.) So even thou the 1993 film was a flop, and in my opinion, it was ok, I still choose the 2023 film over the 1993 film…sorry.

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