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Theory Breakdown: Going Series 'Ego'

The first article in breaking down every scene in Going Seventeen's Horror Series

By Anisah SuhailahPublished 4 months ago 6 min read

Hello fellow readers~

Just to quickly summarize everything, this will be a part one to the going series article dedicated to Going Seventeen's Horror Series Films created by the Gose Staffs. Though I would like to highlight that this specifically will be a long article on the first series I would love to dive deep into which is Ego.

A lot will be spoken in detail so for today's article, I will be focusing on two characters at a time to give you guys a way to digest the information well and understand the world of Ego in a much better detail as we dive deeper into the universe slowly and surely.

The pointers I will be making out today are:

# (hashtag) is the topic

* (asteriks) is the theory

# Breakdown 1: The First Experiment

The first two characters of this experiment is Chan (Dino) and Soonyoung (Hoshi). Both of them explore their surroundings, scared and confused. The bodies of experimented humans lay in their own beds in a catatonic state.

As they start to walk around the unknown building, they encounter a room that has a body attaching itself with red strings, each body part strung up in a way that Chan says seems like an "artwork piece".

This does have a meaning as we get into the experiments and final breakdowns of everything. I don't really know how to explain how the body is positioned but I will provide the link to the video soon.

The confusion is evident because they don't understand who they are or what's happening to them at all.

TW: Gore & Blood Sight

The body's position

The mentioned body you see has a slight position in their legs, their feet planted down in a slanted way which the two have mentioned is an "en pointe".

The term en pointe is a French word for a dancer's graceful moves as they use the tip of their toes to dance. This is definitely related as both the two characters Chan and Soonyoung are dancers themselves (pertaining to their careers in performance matters) so the experiment does seem to bring the main focus on them.

The chosen room they went to was a dead end, they had to get out from the other side of the room which is locked so Chan makes the decision to search them through the catatonic bodies. This, is where it gets interesting.

They try to take the blankets off the bodies but their suspicion on the third bed finding out there is a real human makes them scared which to me brings this experiment interesting. The only human in many of the bodies only brings the suspicion of who they might actually be.

* A theory that did cross my mind is that the whole of South Korea were given the off chance to take a shot at being experimented for something and an unlucky victim ended up being a failed experiment so that was why they were there to lay to their death.

The man surprises the two but he held something in his hand. A key to escape the room. They successfully make it out but the next obstacle stumps them deeply.

An eerie maze of rooms that they have no idea of what to do and what the sole purpose is for. Both the mazes left and right are dark and eerie, adding in to the mysteriousness of the confusion the two are in for.

The room they go for after their first search is interesting as there is an unexpected gift waiting on the other side. A baby doll sitting by the both ends of the couch, creeping the two, but it all leads to a bigger theory.

* Remember how my first theory talks about the whole of South Korea were given the off chance to join an experiment? What if the babies were given away to be grown up into this environment for the bigger purpose of these experiments? Something is happening and it all comes down to the confusion the two are going through.

Theories aside, Soonyoung bravely opens the door but a doctor in mask surprises him but here's the catcher, instead of Soonyoung getting kidnapped, it was Chan. That doesn't make sense. Here's some thoughts for this scene.

* Chan was the quick thinker of the two despite being a scaredy cat, he had more chances surviving and his wit and quick thinking only got them to get that far into the maze by noticing the dying man holding the keys, the position of it's legs too. A few theories that crossed my mind is that Chan's reasoning of getting kidnapped is that Chan is the smart one out of the two. His awareness of his surroundings makes it easier for him to find out what is going on "faster" than Soonyoung and that doesn't fit the picture of whoever is conducting this experiment. Whatever were they trying to do, eliminating the ones that can bring the experiment to a success is going to make it harder onto the next batch of people somehow.

With Chan gone, it's up to Soonyoung now. He is walking into a room of an experimented body and going inside the abandoned lab where research and paperwork are scattered in an orderly fashion. His thought process is thinking of finding the key to get out, since he especially was walking past the exit doors somehow. As he starts to understand his purpose, he starts to look around to find the keys.

But the catch is, his fear got the best of him that his ability to find the key and exit messed with his head entirely. Not only that, his decision to go back and hide in the locker where the doctor jumped out in the beginning only caused his demise. The moment he got out, that's when the doctor striked.

So far, according to the first experiments breakdown, the success rate of the first experiment humans escape was 0.1% as their fear and ability to think trumped from their surroundings causing them to flee. This, was just the beginning of the nightmare that will ensue for the rest of the experiments.

Here's my theory breakdown from the moment the two woke up to the moment of their captures:

- Their memory seems to be foggy and unknown as they don't have a clue on what is happening at all and why they are there in the first place.

- Chan's quick thinking and wit only caused a chain event where Soonyoung ends up kidnapped once more.

- The room where Soonyoung was looking around in the lab held some clues as seen with the stack of papers neatly placed on the table.

- The masked doctors seems to have a specific target and goal which is to choose those that don't fit the bigger picture of this experiments.

So far, these are the possible breakdowns I shall give for the day. Anyways, as always, thank you for reading and spending the time to read. Make sure to leave some comments to discuss more. Next article, I'll be focusing on the next set of characters to breakdown to, no worries!

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