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K-Drama Rabbit Holes

Everyone's gotta start somewhere to understanding cultures am I right?

By Anisah SuhailahPublished 5 months ago 3 min read
K-drama Releases on Netflix

K-pop has become a worldwide success from the likes of Big Bang, 2ne1, Girl's Generation, EXO, Twice, BTS and more.

Each amount of K-pop success comes naturally from innate talent, charisma, visuals and more. As K-pop becomes a more booming phenomenon and a heavily consumed entertainment within the fandom culture, people will naturally gravitate to understanding and loving ones culture as well.

As a K-pop enthusiast myself, I would just give off my own experience in falling down the rabbit hole which is K-Drama.

Where did it all started?

It started as early as 2018 - 2019 spectrum (since it's been a while counting my k-drama loving days) when I was loving this group called Stray Kids. Especially in this time, I was heavily into K-pop and way way deep down the parasocial loving hole.

I think my actual first K-drama I watched was a crime show called Mad Dog (I still find myself feeling fond over this show even after a while.) This show is basically a group of people who take down the bad guys but the main source of conflict is that there is another person trying to get to the same goal but have been nonstop getting in the way of their plans.

Ever since my first time being introduced to this crime show, I've started to genuinely dive deep into K-Dramas like While You Were Sleeping, Signal, Sweet Home, HellHound and more.

Trust me when I say, I was going through my on and off phases of watching K-Dramas as I was needing more crime shows and compelling storylines as well. My absolute favorite has to be Tomorrow (shoutout to my love Rowoon.) It really has the emotional impact and I suggest everyone watches it as a lot of lessons can be found there and I hope some find comfort into this show as well as it had given me comfort as I went through some of the things the characters went through.

Honestly, the best part about Tomorrow is the revenge plots. The grim reapers doing what was necessary to make the perpretrators pay was an absolute feast to watch and I lived vicariously through this drama. (I really wished I could do what they did but hey, at the end of the day, God gave what I wanted even if I may never see the results, I just know I am fully blessed and happy and thriving well because of it.)

A staple of these K-Drama doses are the fact each and everyone of my taste may vary from yours. As a true crime enthusiast and a true crime lover, I've seeked the thrill of watching crime dramas in K-Drama and for that to have many options and choices makes my little crime enthusiast heart so happy to go through so many options and pick out the best storylines for sure.

Anyways, I'll just list down the K-Dramas I've watched for anyone who maybe interested in diving into the K-Drama world without feeling overwhelmed. Here are some of my watchlist I've seen, you can choose whichever to start according to categories.

Crime K-Drama

  1. Signal
  2. Mad Dog
  3. Extracurricular
  4. Voice
  5. Stranger
  6. Mouse

Thriller K-Drama

  1. Train to Busan
  2. Parasite
  3. Forgotten
  4. Sweet Home

Action K-Drama

  1. Bloodhounds
  2. Squid Game
  3. Tomorrow
  4. All of Us Are Dead

Revenge K-drama List

  1. Tell Me What You Saw
  2. Tunnel

These are all the K-drama lists you'll be getting but I'll reveal more in the future. If you'd like, I'll go into a in depth analysis on each k-dramas, maybe recommend new ones, watch ones that I'll never watch and dive into newer genres (romance will be the death of me but anything for anyone who loves a little romance taste,) and maybe give out my own ratings by the end of it all, whether to recommend or not is up to you. Things might get controversial if I do end up one day doing this kind of article in the future.

Anyways, thank you for reading and have a good day/night/evening/afternoon wherever you are in the world!


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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Very interesting! K-pop is interesting!

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