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Theatre Company of Saugus Flourishes the Cultivating Comedy 'Little Shop of Horrors'

This production of the classic is hilarious and heartfelt

By Marielle SabbagPublished 4 months ago Updated 4 months ago 3 min read
Audrey (Tessa Newell), Seymour (Michael Silvia), and Mr. Mushnik (Arthur Comer) inspecting the unusual plant in Theatre Company of Saugus 'Little Shop of Horrors'

Do not feed that plant!

Theatre Company of Saugus blooms the hilarious dark comedy Little Shop of Horrors. Taking place in the 1960s, a struggling flower shop store is on its last leaves. To save Mr. Mushnik’s flower shop, Seymour discovers an unusual plant and names it Audrey II. Not only does this plant talk, but it feeds on flesh and blood.

Audiences roared in laughter and excitement at Theatre Company of Saugus’s comical rendition of Little Shop of Horrors. This show has become a new favorite of mine. Not only is this production hilarious and heartfelt, but it also introduced a refreshing interpretation of the classic that kept audiences captivated.

Melissa Reda, Hannah Clifford, Layo Ojo, and Dana Murray immediately set off the play’s energy as the urchins (narrators) of the story. Their vocals were splendid and they were very animated as the dynamic quad. I loved it whenever they appeared in the windows.

In the role of Seymour, Michael Silvia skillfully embodied the character's quirks and complexities. Shy and unsure of himself, Seymour chooses the wrong road to get Audrey’s attention. Silvia did a profound job in all his songs, particularly ‘Sudden Changes.’

Tessa Newell's amazing vocals moved audiences in the captivating song, ‘Somewhere That’s Green.’ Her performance as Audrey was notable. Trapped in an abusive relationship, Audrey longs for a better life. Seymour and Audrey shared funny and tender moments, especially in the song, ‘Suddenly Seymour.’

As the sadistic dentist Orin, Mark Damon is the show-stopper. Orin enjoys his craft as a dentist a little too much. The dentist scene between Orin and Seymour got the biggest laughs! Damon’s comedic timing is impeccable along with his impressive transitions into numerous characters.

Despite the limitations of a small space, the Theatre Company of Saugus made exceptional use of the stage, creating a visually stunning flower shop set. The innovative use of changing sets on wheels allowed for seamless transitions between scenes. Posters to old horror movies are taped on the walls, creating a nostalgic energy.

No theater show is ever put on its feet alone. Help from sound, lighting, and stunning costumes and wigs flawlessly capture the essence of the 60s era. A fog rolls in right under your feet when entering the theatre. A fabulous live orchestra played tunes like ‘Skid Row (Downtown),’ ‘Feed Me,’ and ‘Mushnik and Son.’

The show's remarkable puppetry work for Audrey II added an extra layer of excitement. The models for the deadly flower were recently seen in Theatre at the Bell’s production. Lauren Donahue and Lauren Thompson had the opportunity to puppet and voice the man-eating plant.

Jason Hair-Wynn’s creative approach brought new touches to the musical and successfully suspended the audience’s disbelief. For example, one of my favorite scenes involved Seymour and Audrey tossing several roses out of vases because of a customer’s unexpected sale. It’s little touches like these that make shows stand out.

Little Shop of Horrors’ engaging storyline is one of the best parts. I love how Mr. Mushnik (Arthur Comer), Seymour, and Audrey look out for each other. It’s a good example of co-worker relationships. They will always watch out for you. This show subtly makes people aware of domestic abuse and the importance of healthy relationships.

Little Shop of Horrors is a prime example of a dark comedy. Fair warning, topics of domestic abuse may trigger audiences. Head on over to Theatre Company of Saugus to catch their artful rendition of Little Shop of Horrors playing until November 5. My only advice is that you do not feed the plant!

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  • Kendall Defoe 4 months ago

    Wish I could see it... 👌

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