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The Origins of Underrated Comics: "Darkchylde"

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By IamSORELLEPublished 3 months ago 4 min read
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Since it was October and the spooky season is over, why not do a creepy monstrous comic origin to end it? Well with this comic origin it's far from your usual monsters like vampires, zombies, and werewolves etc. No, this beautiful but deadly creature is far from what anyone would expect in a monster of death. I hope you all will enjoy reading this and be interested in the comic yourself. Here is the origin of "DARKCHYLDE"...

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Comic Origin Overview story:

The story starts off about a girl named Ariel Chylde, who lost her mother at the age of 4 years old. She was left with her abusive father who was a drunk. While growing up with her abusive father, she had nightmares every night. But there is a catch to her nightmares. You see every time she dreams about a weird and scary looking monster, she turns into them drastically. Like seriously though, she actually morphs into the frightening creatures. One night her father comes home drunk and begins to abuse her. But suddenly, her new and discovery power changes her into one of the monsters. And she kills her father endlessly. With this new and profound gift of hers, she must save the people of her small town.

"Darkchlyde" was published in 1996 around the time the comic "Buffy" was published. Developed by creator, Randy Queen, "Darkchlyde" is still one of the BEST comics that was ever sold by Panini Publishing. During research, the comic was to be put into a movie back in 2007. The interest of the comic was picked up by John Carpenter in 2010, for those of you who don't know who he is, he is the famous director of classic horror franchise "Halloween". Sadly, all that was done was a screening test for the adaptation. Unfortunately, I know I would've been excited for an actual movie. What do you think? Should there have been a movie version for the comic? And why do you think or don't think it should've happened.

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However, the comic would be given another chance through the YA book world. In 2015, Randy Queen wrote his first book on the comic called "Darkchlyde: Ariel Chylde Saga." Personally, I haven't read the book or the comics but the story itself still stands strong on its own.

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We've never gotten to the back story as to how did Ariel get these insane powers that she was given. Well, her mother fell for a banished nightmare realm being who was posing as a man. He and her mother conceived a child which was Ariel. During her mother's pregnancy, Ariel was slowly killing her mother from the inside of the womb. In order to prevent anything from happening, the man used black magic and rituals to prolong her mother's life span enough for only Ariel's birth. Ariel was the key between our earth and the nightmare realm from which her father was from. Later on, she was known as the one and only Darkchlyde.

Now that you have a better understanding of her name, I am recommending some comics that features this beautiful mystical human herself.

Making her way in the first issue #1 : Darkchlyde, The Descent

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Issue #2:

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Issue #3:

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Issue #4: Darkchlyde, Shelter Me

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My opinion overall:

The comic stands on its own as it is still very underrated for such a good story plot and good artistic sketching. The covers are beautifully done. And I do hope one day this do come to the movie screens or streaming services. I feel like people who does enjoy dark fantasy comics will enjoy this one. It's mostly an action comic but it does have some dark fantasy concepts relating to ancient creatures and monsters of the underworld. Character developments are well put together. Personally, I think this comic should get the attention it needs. We know about superman, wonder woman, batman, and spiderman. Characters that has been notified already by hollywood. But when it comes to comics like Darkchlyde they don't get the fame they deserve. Even in comics you have different types of genres just like books. To find these types of comics they will be located online or thrift stores.


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