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The Next Chapter for Victor and Nikki Newman

Something wicked this way comes

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
The power couple

On The Young and the Restless Victor Newman did something that the man who portrays him said would never happen, he retired. Fans of the CBS daytime drama have been used to the most powerful man in Genoa City being in the swing of things. Eric Braden is 78 and has been quoted as saying that neither he nor his character are going anywhere. Even so, after four decades of mayhem and treachery, viewers are wondering what may be next for the Newman patriarch. The idea of Nikki and her spouse just sitting around the ranch is appealing to no one. Surely the writers have something else planned for this power couple.

Right now Victoria is running Newman Enterprises and that will become boring pretty quickly. On the episode that aired on Wednesday November 13, she pushed a button on her desk that shut and locked the doors so she and Billy could have some alone time. Some are wondering if there will be some type of problem that will cause daddy to take over the reigns again? The Young and the Restless has given clue of what the future holds for “Nicktor” and spoiler alerts have been silent regarding any rumors or speculation. The current storylines on the show are revolving around Chance, Adam, and Phyllis as well as the Abbott family. Loyal devotees will desire to see Victor in a take charge position for as long as Eric Braeden decides to remain with the CBS daytime drama.

Alyvia is Lind is reported to be coming back soon to The Young and the Restless as Faith. Her cousin Conner is having emotional issues due to the hostage situation and other family drama. Victor and Nikki are needed to help with their grandchildren but the idea of them being relegated to the Ranch is not what fans want to see. This couple has been involved in every type of storyline possible, even to having an open marriage when Nikki had an affair with Arturo. When Victor ended up in the hospital it was revealed that he was seeing a woman named Helen who was working for Jabot. None of this made sense and was out of character for the Newmans.

The Young and the Restless may be about to shock viewers with something big coming up regarding the Newman family. Previews for the next episode as well as spoilers from Soaps She Knows state that Victor and Nikki are going to work together to protect the reputation of their family. This could be damage control related to Nick's campaign for a city council position or related to Nate and his role in helping Victor fake his death. Something could come up at Newman Enterprises and the family patriarch and his wife have to put out a few fires. There could always be something brewing that has not yet come to light.

Those who enjoy the action in Genoa City realize that Victor Newman is not going to stay dormant for long. He has come back from the dead five times, and dealt with terminal illness. His children turned against him and he has had amnesia and been in jail. Whatever the future holds for Nikki and her spouse, fans should not allow this lull to fool them. More than likely there is something big and bad and dark coming where Victor is concerned. He and his wife have divorced and remarried five times so marriage problems may be out of the question. The writers are more than likely working on something now that will catch everyone off guard.

On Wednesday's episode, of The Young and the Restless Victor, Nikki, and Jack were all seated in the same room and getting along. The two business owner seem to have set their differences aside for right now, which is a miracle in itself. Their family members all seem to be playing nice, except for Abby who is keeping her eye on Summer out of respect for Kyle and Lola's marriage. This is why fans should brace themselves because at some point, all the peace and goodwill may cease and something wicked come upon the horizon. Be on the lookout for breaking news, rumors, spoiler alerts, and one day ahead episodes because where the Newman's are concerned, this may simply be the calm before a big storm escalates.


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