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Is True Love Possible for Theo and Summer Who Are Only Friends with Benefits

Is their union doomed or could there be something more?

By Cheryl E PrestonPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

While Kyle and Lola regularly declare their love for each other, on The Young and the Restless neither Theo nor Summer has ever uttered the L word. They hang out, give each other moral support and hook up in the bedroom but love is never mentioned. This duo really seem to enjoy each other's company but can the relationship last. Summer told her mother she knew what she was doing and was going along for the ride but how long can this couple last? Once upon a time, long long ago in the world of daytime drama, most young women waited until their wedding night for sex, or at least held on to their virginity for that special guy. Today couples hit the sheets first and then later determine if they want something more.

Theo and Summer are not the only young soap couple in this predicament. On General Hospital, the ink was barely dry on Lulu's divorce papers before she jumped into bed with Dustin. They are simply going along without any mention of commitment. Back to Genoa City, the rumor mill continues to insist that Summer will end up with Kyle. When she returned from Atlanta this past week, she went straight to Jabot, rather than go home and unpack. When Kyle said he had tried some of the new Jabot products, Summer felt his face and told him how smooth his skin was.

Lola showed up and the two women were cordial, but later Ms. Rosales/Abbott told Abby that Summer made bee line to Jabot before heading home. It was clear from the exchange that these two women are not taking the relationship between Theo and Ms. Newman very seriously. eventually "Thummer" caught up with each other and tore off their clothes and had sex. Spoiler alert indicate that "Skyle" will be spending more time together at the office and this could lead to a breakup with Theo. There is also the opportunity for the new member of the Abbott clan to go to Paris and work for his aunt Ashley. Mr. Vanderway may already have made up his mind to leave Genoa City or perhaps the decision will be made for him by some unfortunate set of events.

Theo might catch Summer and Kyle in a compromising situation or perhaps he may go too far and kiss Lola. Either scenario could send Dina's grandson packing. Jack is furious that his sister put this job offer on the table as he wants time to get to know his new nephew. The clincher just might be Summer's reaction when she finds out about the opportunity. Viewers of The Young and the Restless overwhelmingly want Theo gone. They believe he is a troublemaker who cannot be redeemed.

Should The Young and the Restless writers decide to allow Kyle and Lola to survive, they at least have love on their side and believe their marriage is worth fighting for. Theo and Summer on the other hand never intended to become serious so they probably don't have love and commitment on their minds. It's always possible that this couple will suddenly realize they do love each other but not likely. Even die-hard Kola fans believe the handwriting is on the wall for Kyle and Lola and that Summer will eventually fall into Kyle's waiting arms.

Skyle may have to go on a business trip and find they must share a room together while Theo hangs out at Society like a love sick puppy waiting for Lola to throw him some scraps. Summer might decide to leave town with Theo which would give Kola a fighting chance. These are all possible outcomes and only one will come to pass. Continue watching The Young and the Restless each weekday afternoon on CBS at 12:30 PM EST. Whatever happens next, someone will be hurt badly.


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Cheryl E Preston

Cheryl is a widow who enjoys writing about current events, soap spoilers and baby boomer nostalgia. Tips are greatly appreciated.

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