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The First, Easter Egg Filled Trailer for DC's Comedy 'Powerless' Is Here!

by Jashan Boparai 5 years ago in tv
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An office comedy set in the world of DC Comics, 'Powerless' will be appreciated by comic book fans and comedy fans alike.

A few days ago at the NBC upfronts, a trailer was screened for their upcoming sitcom Powerless. Pitched as an office comedy set in the world of DC Comics, the show claims a broad audience from comic book fans to comedy fans to just TV lovers. Just last week, we got our first look at the show through some official images, but the trailer has finally been released online and the humor lands perfectly, the cast looks great, and the sheer amount of Easter Eggs are guaranteed to make things interesting. So let's do a quick breakdown of the Easter Eggs, shall we?

Crimson Fox

We've known for a while that Justice League Europe member Crimson Fox would make an appearance in the pilot, and here she was! She's clearly the hero against an unknown villain (most likely Jack O'Lantern), but still causes an annoying amount of damage. Her scene is likely to be the catalyst for Emily's character arc in the show.

Some Interesting Time Zones

  • Gotham
  • Metropolis
  • Atlantis
  • Charm City
  • Themyscira
  • Jump City
  • Keystone

The show takes place in the newly-created Charm City, but that doesn't stop it from at least mentioning the other ones! In this shot alone we saw Gotham and Metropolis (which are interestingly in the same time zone), Atlantis, Themyscira (Wonder Woman's island home), Jump City (where the Teen Titans are based), and Keystone City (home of Jay Garrick and Wally West). Something potentially noteworthy: Jump City and Charm City are in the same time zone. Is it possible we'll see the Teen Titans make an appearance, however limited?

Wonder Woman Gets a Clever Name Drop

Insurance Adjuster: Since the damage was caused by Wonder Woman, should we deny it as an act of God?
Emily: Technically, she's a demigod, so...kind of a grey area.

We're never going to be seeing these DC heavyweights on the show, so clever hat-tips in their direction (like so) are going to be constantly present; not that I'm complaining, since Emily did bring up a valid point.

Hawkman, Magazine Cover-er Extraordinaire

Another Justice League member is cleverly included in the trailer, with Hawkman getting the spotlight this time. Gracing the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, he's wearing his traditional chest-strapped costume with a larger-than-life mask. You do you, Carter. As long as you don't knock down a house, that is, because then you're in trouble. A lot of trouble.

Definitely Not Green Lantern

At the insurance company, we see a young-ish guy adjusting his glasses in a semi-formal outfit. That's basically universal code for Superman in disguise — except when it's not. Our ragtag group of friends seem to think that this is Green Lantern, even though the receding hairline and chiseled face indicate this is clearly Clark (sorry Henry Cavill). But yeah, definitely not Green Lantern (unless his weakness is tacky chairs.)

The new boss looks up to some terrible people.

Nothing says The new boss is bad news! like having him read an (unauthorized) biography on the world's most corrupt businessman bad guy. I'm kind of hoping we see an episode where Del decides to act like Luthor in an attempt to emulate his success. Because God knows that a bald Alan Tudyk would make this show perfect.

Teddy's Got a Cool Belt

Community's Danny Pudi joins this show as basically the same character (although less socially awkward). This time around though, he won't be looking up to heroes, he'll be looking up at them. Well it looks like he got weirdly close to Batman, because Teddy has his own utility belt (but without any markings, gadgets or designs). Are we sure it's not just a fanny pack?

Big Belly Burger

It looks like DC's TV shows will have their own form of a Stan Lee cameo. Except instead of Stan Lee, it's a fictional burger joint. All three CW shows include Big Belly Burger (and potentially Supergirl, too!), so it's pretty great to see the running gag pop up on Powerless too. What makes it even more amazing is that the logo is identical to that of the comics and CW shows. Because if there's one thing that can stay the same in the multiverse, it's fast food.

'Ugh, I wanna nail Aquaman so hard'.

Jackie seems to have some strong opinions on the beefcakes of the DC Universe, which will no doubt be a running joke throughout the series. The good news? Aquaman is one of these beefcakes. The bad news? His recent costume change highlights some parts that Jackie would love to see.


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