Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 10

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Episode 10!

Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 10

Wow, what an amazing episode of Survivor tonight! First off, nice blindsides. Aaron & Missy are now gone. They were too big threats so it was interesting to see them go. But also, now Elizabeth has to fight for her life. So, that'll be a challenge all on her own. Especially since after that, when Tommy & Lauren were reunited, they agreed on taking her out. But then Dean swooped in to see to that not happening. Dean's fear was that all of the "goats" in the game would team up and take out the strong players if Elizabeth went home. It made sense, but Tommy was still adamant on getting Elizabeth out. She voted him; he wants her gone.

Meanwhile, Dean still had his fake legacy advantage from Jamal, so he was determined to play it at the next tribal council. But, he didn't understand that it was fake. So, he made another fake legacy advantage to play at the next tribal council, so that way, people would think it's gone and then he can play the "real" legacy advantage at 6. Though, the "real" one was never real to begin with, but, we'll see where that leads him. Then, we have the Island of the Idols. Lauren went, though Karishma wanted to. But Karishma didn't want to disagree and upset everyone, so she agreed and Lauren went. But at the Island of the Idols, a new war was arising....

Yes, the war of the Island of the Idols. Sandra, the queen of Survivor vs a chicken who just wanted to eat Sandra's papaya. It was a hard battle, the chicken stared and tried to bite only for Sandra to reject the chicken. So, the chicken decided on a new tactic, it bit Sandra's finger, causing her to drop the papaya and the chicken was victorious. Sandra Diaz-Twine, the Queen of Survivor: she beat many castaways but couldn't defeat her ultimate nemesis, a chicken. Anyway, Lauren arrived soon after, excited as always and was given her test. Since her social skills and knowledge of her tribe seemed strong, she had to predict who'd win the next immunity challenge, an endurance challenge concerning eat or play. She considered Noura or Elizabeth, but didn't know who to pick. If she was right, she'd get an idol that'd be good for two tribal councils. If wrong, she'd lose her vote. So, Rob then added the option to bet on two possible castaways winning to get the idol. So, Lauren guessed Noura or Elizabeth, hoping she'd be right and had a plan in mind to trick her tribemates to take food over immunity.

After Lauren returned, she spoke with the tribe. She told them about the challenge and how they could take a delicious and large breakfast or win immunity. Afterwards, she told the real story to Tommy, about how she bet on Noura or Elizabeth to win in order to get an idol. And so a mission was hatched. Tommy & Lauren worked tirelessly to get people to want to eat. They spoke all about the delicious food, working to get everyone but Noura & Elizabeth to eat the delicious breakfast. And after these conversations, it seemed like it could be a full proof plan.

At the immunity challenge, Jeff revealed the challenge and the meal, but got no reaction to his surprise. So, Lauren explained that she got the info from the Island of the Idols, to Jeff's response of how she "stole his thunder". And after that, Lauren's plan seemed so close to be working. Karishma, Noura & Elizabeth were the only ones who volunteered to do the challenge while everybody else ate. And then, Karishma dropped her ball. While this confirmed that Lauren would get an idol, Karishma felt the failure. But, she did show strength just by going for immunity over eating, so at least she tried. There's power in that. And then, Elizabeth finally dropped, giving Noura the win in this pretty short challenge. Noura tried to hang on and continue so her tribe could eat but it was too late, she already won so no more bites could be taken. Noura was immune and Elizabeth was a target.

Before Tribal Council, Lauren got her idol, though she didn't need it at this one. The initial plan was to take Elizabeth out. Elaine wasn't thrilled with it, but she didn't want to wreck her own game by trying to change it. The plan even became a split vote in case she or Karishma had an idol. So, a split vote between Elizabeth & Karishma. Obviously, Elizabeth didn't want to go and she spoke with Noura who then stole Karishma's bag and confirmed that Karishma didn't have an idol. Though, the viewers know for a fact that Karishma does have one. Then, Dan convinced Karishma that the vote was going to be split between Elizabeth & Janet. Though, it's not. Then, Karishma spoke with Elizabeth about blindsiding Dan, as Lauren & Dan watched from afar. Lauren then told Dan to go over and talk with them, Karishma immediately denied any talk about Dan, so the plan changed. Dan wanted Karishma out badly, as does Dean still, as he is still very concerned about a goat army assembling. But, Karishma still has an idol, the question is, will she play it correctly?

At Tribal Council, Elizabeth was still on the outs. But so was Karishma. Dean announced his plan to use his legacy advantage. Everyone spoke about the core alliances and loyalty, yet then Karishma brought up the argument about slicing the throat of allies before they slice yours. It was a long talk about loyalty and playing for yourself vs your alliance. Then, it happened. Dean played his legacy advantage, which of course was fake. Then, everyone was shocked as Karishma played her hidden immunity idol. And so, Lauren decided to play her hidden immunity idol, hoping that it would save her in case Karishma voted her. But then, 7 VOTES AGAINST KARISHMA. That's right, SEVEN. And Karishma was definitely saved. Then, Janet got a vote. But luckily, she was saved thanks to one person voting Elizabeth. And so a revote occurred and Elizabeth was sent to the jury.

Overall, this has been a great episode of Survivor tonight and I can't wait to see what happens next week when the game continues to unfold and loved ones finally visit.

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