'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 9

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Episode 9!

'Survivor: Island of the Idols' Episode 9

Well, after such a controversial and big episode last week, entering into this episode is quite the experience. And wow, what an episode it was. First off, Jamal was voted out; decent move, though I did want to see Dan get booted after that whole thing. Anyway, back at camp, I'm proud that Janet didn't quit. I hope she wins it all. She is the strongest person in the game emotionally and it's great she didn't quit. Then, a rat crawled in Karishma's mouth, freaking her out. And then, she slept in and didn't do any work. Not a good move for someone on the outs. So, it seemed obvious that she'd get booted out. But then, she found an idol. Looks like she won't be gone anytime soon. But she showed up an hour later, only to fake sick to make the excuse. But, then Lauren, Tommy & Noura said they'd call over the doctor for her. But, she refused and said she felt better after drinking some water, though Noura was quick not to believe that. But for now, that doctor situation seemed to be avoided.

Then, of course the challenge. And in a twist, the tribe got divided into two groups, both will have one individual immunity winner each and both will be going to Tribal Council separately and voting someone out, two people will join the jury. So, we had the challenge where they moved across a beam and rotate a ball in a rolling thing. And the last person standing won PB&J along with going to tribal council second, getting the info from the first tribal. Noura won first for the purple group and threw her rolling thing in the air out of excitement, giving up the reward for her group, but getting immunity. Then, Elaine beat Missy and won immunity for her group's tribal council. So, Noura & Elaine are safe, the orange group of Elaine, Missy, Elizabeth, Tommy & Karishma went back to camp to enjoy PB&J while Janet, Aaron, Lauren, Dan, Dean & Noura went to the old Lairo camp.

And at both sides, it seemed so simple. Karishma is the vote for the orange group, Janet for the purple group. WRONG! At the purple group, Janet is no longer the target. Since Aaron is a big physical threat and wouldn't see it coming, it could be him. Though, Dean thinks if they target Aaron, he'll be next, so he spoke with Dan that it should just stay Janet. But what he didn't know is Janet & Dan just patched things up and made an agreement to work together again. So, Dan is 50/50 on the whole situation. And plus, Janet is a big jury threat, everyone knows she'd win the game. And at the main camp, Karishma has an idol. But also, Missy & Elizabeth think it's the best idea to take Tommy out. But once Missy tried to tell Karishma that, she didn't like how Missy spoke to her. So she talked with Elaine who came up with a plan along with Tommy & Karishma to blindside Missy. But then, Missy "apologized" to Karishma to get her vote back. So, now Karishma went from biggest target to swing vote. So, both tribals will be very unpredictable.

And at Tribal Council, Rob & Sandra watched as the purple group went to Tribal Council first. Rob predicted Aaron, Sandra predicted Janet. And the group talked about the situation. Dan pointed out how the situation is still perfect for the alliance. Janet played up the target on her back. Aaron pointed out the obvious target on his back, believing that he could go because he doesn't have immunity. And it continued a bit about how while it may seem like an easy vote, the twist adds opportunity and talk, so it may also end up completely unpredictable.

And then the vote, Aaron was blindsided unanimously. Goodbye Aaron, you tried your best but at the end, too big of a threat. Then, the orange group came in with surprise. Elizabeth & Missy were shaken and disappointed to lose a huge ally of theirs. Then, the conversation went to Missy vs. Karishma. Different personalities clash. Karishma walked away from the conversation, Missy was seen by her as a bully. They attempted to come together but still don't completely see eye to eye.

Also, what Missy said about Jeff was a good point. He is the best host ever, but he did fail to mention how two minorities won immunity when that doesn't really happen much. And it really opened Jeff's eyes. He overlooked it and didn't want to ruffle any feathers by mentioning it, possibly upsetting them. But overall, I think he understands what she said and respects her for mentioning it. I think Jeff will take a lot from the season.

Then, the actual vote happened. And it was really close. But ultimately, Karishma chose her side and Missy, one of the biggest threats in the game was blindsided in a 3-2 vote. It was a big surprise move from Elaine that nobody really saw coming at first, but it worked. Great Job, Elaine. And so now, Elizabeth has lost her two biggest allies in one night and Elaine has shown that she's not there to make friends, but to play hard and win. And I hope that she continues to play hard and potentially even win. Overall, tonight's episode of Survivor was fantastic and I can't wait to see what happens next week when Sandra gets bit by a chicken and the game continues to be shaken up by big moves from different people.

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