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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - movie review

by Sarfraz Hussain 4 months ago in review
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"Star Wars. Skywalker. Sunrise". We can't live without space

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - movie review

"Star Wars. Skywalker. Sunrise". We can't live without space

The soul of Kylo Ren was completely enslaved by the dark side of the Force. Rey tries to follow her nature by learning from General Leia. Poe and Finn, along with Chewbacca, fly to a distant planet to receive a message from a mysterious Resistance spy in the First Order, and it's a very sad message.

When Abrams released him The Force Awakens four years ago, the main rebuke to him was that the film did not give us anything new. He returned the saga to the same point where the classic trilogy left us: the same Death Star, only bigger, and the same characters, only older and younger ... and where is our modern and smart cinema? The problem is that Star Wars has never been a movie that is either mature or smart. They were infantile to the marrow of their bones, and this is what took us all. It is natural that in 2015, 40 years after the victory of Light, nothing new happened in a galaxy far, far away. What could happen there? “I started doing what I do best again,” said the old smuggler Han Solo, and a bent General Leia with young eyes replied: “Me too.”

Lucas, the god of simple stories, left us all under the fireworks in the company of bears tapping something cheerful on the helmets of stormtroopers. By the way, has it ever seemed to you that these are not helmets, but heads? Abrams began by making the deserter a hero, who, without the terrifying white uniform, turned out to be an ordinary guy with a bunch of weaknesses. To him, he added the only Jedi, whom the winners managed to raise in 40 years, after which he successfully led the Dark Side and a girl from a landfill. This trinity, which was later joined by a smuggler pilot (were without him!) Abrams threw into the conditions set by this childish, colorful, and unchanging universe - again confrontation, again ancestral secrets and destiny, again the Force, which it is not clear who will get it. Still, modernity is in the yard: feminism, tolerance - in any case, we heard about it.

The intrigue ran out of steam pretty quickly. And the new trilogy is not, no matter what anyone says now. After all, the beauty of Star Wars isn't the new worlds or monsters that have been invented over the years. It is in the infinitely banal truth that everyone has a choice. Whoever does not recognize this becomes the leader of the First Order, wandering in the three pines of genetic determinism. Evil, like predestination, is for the weak. People are as unpredictable as Rian Johnson's flight of thought. Abrams finally explains on his fingers that the Force is a consciousness for which there are no barriers or stereotypes. And anyone who has been stewing for years in the universe of intelligent beings with tentacles, eyes without pupils, hairy green ears, while arguing on the topic “the hero is black, the girl is too strong” should at least immediately kill Palpatine in himself.

Abrams' Star Wars shows a world in which evil destroys itself, and for this it does not even need to be cut with a sword. It is enough to refuse to follow his path. By and large, this is a story of all-conquering love, which is almost devoid of a touch of romance. Much more important is parental and friendly love, love for a common cause, and a sense of belonging to a group. They move the heroes forward and give them support - and here, of course, the most revealing line is Rey and Kylo, ​​who cannot choose their past or family, but have the right to choose the present. This doesn't apply except to droids - that's why some scenes with C3PO look so heartbreaking.

Here you can really make a claim against Abrams - for excessive herbivory. If he had gone the way of Rogue One, the film would definitely have played with new colors. Abrams, on the other hand, chooses options that are practically painless, although effective: nostalgia, Easter eggs, the use of favorite characters that we didn’t expect to see, locations that are painfully familiar, and lots and lots of action that closes some plot failures. In addition, in the end, the viewer is waiting for such a feint with the ears performed by Kylo Ren that you can shed a tear. Still, the duet of Adam Driver and Daisy Ridley was the best find of the new trilogy. And how to judge everything else ... well, you can talk about Star Wars from the point of view of a fan or from the position of an outside viewer. In some ways, this is similar to choosing the side of the Force, and the fan point of view here, perhaps, will be pure Darkness.

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So, here it is - the finale of the great saga, the completion of the history of the Skywalkers, and the bold point after which the Star Wars universe should move into completely different realities, finally breaking away from the legacy of the Lucas cinematic universe. To be honest, the ninth episode was not a disappointment for me. And - no, not because it came out good, but because I just didn’t expect anything from him, remembering the previous two films and clearly keeping in mind that the same JJ Abrams was sitting in the director’s chair of this film, who managed to memorize the universe a little more than completely. In general, "The Rise of Skywalker" has not gone anywhere from its predecessors.

This is still the same hopelessly stupid story, unable to bring anything new, predictable to gnashing of teeth, and most importantly - devoutly exploiting the viewer's nostalgia in every possible way. Here you have locations from previous films, all sorts of references for fans, and plagiarism, which has already become the crown chip of this trilogy. But, whoa! It would be simply stupid to expect something else because the authors have not changed. Another thing is strange, the previous films were copy-paste, but copy-paste in which there were at least hints that they tried on it, "Skywalker, the Sunrise", this is the apogee of bad taste and negligence. And in everything, starting with the little things and ending with the important: The plot twists are predictable and sucked out of your finger.

Dialogues are so miserable that in most children's cartoons you are unlikely to find examples of the same cardboard and pretense. Jokes, my God... having seen enough of the jokes from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the authors tried to recreate all this kindergarten chatter and pearls in Star Wars. That's just if in Marvel jokes are built on heroes, each of which has individuality and features familiar to the viewer, and therefore work, then in Skywalker Rise, we are just a cheap attempt to joke out of the blue. As an example, the lightsaber and flashlight scene... Are you serious? As a result, instead of a smile, my lips curled in sad skepticism. But in the end, to hell with it. If someone was expecting script revelations from this film, the disclosure of characters, and the development of the declared lines, then who is his doctor? Let's talk about the traditional strengths of the MCU - the visuals. This is where the magicians were supposed to roam according to the schedule - here you have large-scale battles, and a lot of different creatures and bright explosions of a cosmic scale ... although, wait a minute .... And where is all this? Not, large-scale battles with many star destroyers and other spacecraft seem to be there. Yes, and there were plenty of various creatures, that's just ... only the graphics in "The Rise of Skywalker" turned out to be somehow completely slurred. The entire film is made in gloomy gray-blue tones and the palette is pretty reminiscent of the rainy and gloomy Rogue One. While watching, I personally did not leave the question - why? Why is everything here so dreary, blurry, worthless? Remember at least a picture from the second trilogy of Lucas.

Yes, the events that unfolded there were also not the most fun, war, betrayal, and the scrapping of heroes, but this did not affect the picture in any way. Even in the eeriest and dark moments of the story, the picture remained rich and varied. Reminds me of Anakin's final battle with Obi-Wan. Bright black and red colors staged battle scenes and variety. What about The Rise of Skywalker? Clueless fights, monotonous pictures,s, and hopeless haze on the screen. The right word, you can still talk so much about the minuses of this film, but I don’t want to. "Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker" is a worthy conclusion to this trilogy.

More than natural and corresponding to the quality of previous films. The child of Abrams and Mickey Mouse was stillborn from the very beginning, and remained so. Honestly, it would be better if it was a miscarriage that did not make it to the screen. It's sad that the greedy mouse will continue to milk Lucas' universe. It is sad that we will continue to watch films that focus not on history and events, but on responding to modern tolerant (precisely tolerant, not tolerant) trends.

Sadly at last that by tormenting the legacy of George Lucas, uncreators like J.J. Abrams will wash it away, depriving Star Wars fans like me of that delight that used to make the heart beat faster, and the delight bubbling in the throat from just the title theme and red text slowly creeping into space . Goodbye Star Wars. I hope someday you still fall into the hands of talented authors, and not greedy businessmen from the film industry.

Maestro, funeral march, please. I hope someday you still fall into the hands of talented authors, and not greedy businessmen from the film industry. Maestro, funeral march, please. I hope someday you still fall into the hands of talented authors, and not greedy businessmen from the film industry. Maestro, funeral march, please.


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