Jenna Deedy

USA Aspiring marine mammal trainer who loves all animals and a Rivier University Graduate who holds a Bachelor's degree in psychology. Support my work at

Instagram: @jennacostadeedy

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Dutch Political Party Targets Zoos and Aquariums
4 days ago
From the outside, DierAnimal may look like any environmental-based political party that works to find methods that are aimed at improving the environment and help troubled animals. After all, any caus...
Orcas Galore: An Interview with Hazel McBride, Author of 'I Still Believe'
17 days ago
As a child growing up in a Scottish village, Hazel McBride dreamed of one day being able to work with killer whales. During her journey, Hazel studied psychology at Glasgow University, took part in tw...
Fredi: A Tribute to a Rescued Pilot Whale
2 months ago
On Saturday, April 6th, 2019, Fredi, a short-finned pilot whale who has lived at SeaWorld Orlando since she was first rescued as a calf, died after she living under the facility’s care for eight years...
Seals in the Harbor
2 months ago
At Chatham Harbor in Cape Cod Lives a colony of seals at play In the sea in the usual way Foraging on fish and crustaceans Chasing down seagulls in the most Playful way you can think of, and Basking u...
Dear San Diego, Thank You for Saving Pandas
2 months ago
Last week, officials at the San Diego Zoo announced that Bai Yun, a 27-year-old giant panda matriarch and her six-year-old Xiao Liwu, will return to their native China by the end of April. For more th...
Springer: Conservation’s Greatest Rescue Achievement
3 months ago
On Thursday, marine mammal researchers based at the Vancouver Aquarium announced a naming “contest” for a calf who was born to a very well known to both scientists and animal lovers alike by asking th...