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Srikanth 2024 Movie Explained: Highly recommended to all of you!

A must watch biological film of the year...

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 10 min read
Srikanth movie explained

At the beginning of the movie, we are shown Andhra Pradesh, where a boy was born on 13 July 1991. Now his father is very happy with the birth of his son and happily names his son Srikanth, inspired by the famous cricketer. He dreams that one day, his son will also become a great cricketer, but Srikanth's father's happiness does not last long because he comes to know that his son has been blind since birth, which breaks his heart.

Srikanth's family members think that it would be right to kill Srikanth because he has no place in this world, and if Srikanth is not killed today, then the people of the world will kill him every day. Then, when Srikanth's father is about to kill him, Srikanth's mother arrives and she does not allow her son to die.

Despite being blind, Srikanth was the topper of his class. His mind was very sharp, and his learning ability was more powerful than that of other children, meaning he could grasp things very quickly. However, there were not enough facilities in the village to nurture the talent of a child-like Srikanth.

At the suggestion of one of Srikanth's teachers, Srikanth's father brought him to the city and enrolled him in a school for the blind. During his time at the school, Srikanth met Devika Madam for the first time. She was not just his teacher but also became like a mother to him, teaching him valuable life lessons and providing guidance in his areas of interest.

Srikanth was far ahead of other blind children; whether it was studies, chess, or fixing big machines. Devika also supported Srikanth completely, which helped him achieve mastery in everything.

One day, during a school function, the trustees visited. Srikanth, the school topper, was called to give a speech. However, Srikanth shocked the trustees by exposing the school's negligence. He revealed that the school did not provide proper care, spent only half the money on students, and the staff consumed the rest. Additionally, the smell of cooking chicken wafted from the kitchen daily, even though students were served ordinary vegetables.

When Srikanth courageously shared these truths, the school officials expelled him, leaving Srikanth confused about what had happened to him.

Srikanth had never thought that the school would behave like this with him, and also Devika Madam was not there, so they had no idea what had happened to Srikanth. Now Srikanth keeps wandering in the whole city, during which people give him alms, but no one helps Srikanth because everyone thinks that Srikanth is a beggar.

However, as soon as Devika Madam comes to know that Srikanth was thrown out by the school people, she searches for Srikanth and reaches him as soon as possible. Srikanth says that he has to study further and not beg like this. Upon hearing this, Devika Madam's heart fills, and she hugs him.

Now, after all this, Devika Mam becomes the caretaker of Srikanth and takes full responsibility for him. She even tells Srikanth's parents that regardless of whether any school offers to educate Srikanth, she will ensure he receives an education.

Furthermore, Devika Mam records a lot of study material for Srikanth on a tape recorder so that he can remember it all after listening to it. As I mentioned before, Srikanth has a strong learning capacity, so he memorizes the entire syllabus. He continues his studies and when the exams come, Srikanth is well-prepared, enabling him to once again achieve the top position with 96 percent.

Srikanth wanted to pursue his further studies in science, but the college refused to offer him science courses. They asked him to take arts because they felt that being blind, Srikanth would struggle with a challenging subject like science. However, Srikanth was determined to study science. He filed a case against the Indian education system so that blind children would also be allowed to pursue science.

Now this case starts where, in the first hearing, Srikanth stops everyone with his speech, and then the principal of the college is called so that the principal's opinion is taken in this matter.

In the next hearing, the principal comes and says in court, "Science is a very tough subject. How will a child-like Srikanth be able to study this subject?" Then, Srikanth says that he can study everything. The principal hands him the 11th-grade book and asks him to read it, but that book is plain, so Srikanth cannot read it. Srikanth then takes out a Braille book, which is made only for blind people, and he can read it by touching it. Srikanth hands the Braille book to the principal and asks him to read it, but the principal refuses to read it.

Srikanth further says that just as no person sitting in this courtroom can read a Braille book, similarly, blind people cannot read a normal book. Think about it, if the education system had been created by blind people, then how would the common people be able to read and write? Hearing this, even the judge understands, after which Srikanth wins the case, and his admission to the college is also confirmed.

Now, just as in school, Srikanth studies diligently in college as well. He also plays chess or cricket, just like he did in school. Srikanth becomes number 1 in college too. His exam marks are also very good, making it easy for Srikanth to be selected for IIT.

However, a problem arises here as well. Due to the Indian education system, there are no available seats for blind people. Nevertheless, Srikanth only wants to study. Therefore, this time he does not take any action against the Indian education system and continues his studies at a regular college.

In addition, Srikanth also starts playing cricket with blind individuals like himself.

Next, Srikanth goes to a program where APJ Abdul Kalam Ji has come. He asks everyone what they want to become when they grow up. Some say doctor, some say engineer. When Srikanth's turn comes, he says he wants to become the country's first visually impaired president. Hearing this, Kalam sir asks his name and becomes very happy to see Srikanth because Kalam sir saw a lot of potential in Srikanth.

Now, after a few days, Srikanth gets selected for nationals in blind cricket, and Devika Mam tells us that we can apply for Srikanth to MIT for his further studies. But the problem was that Srikanth would have to leave cricket to study at MIT, which Srikanth said that studies were most important for him.

Time passed, and Srikanth was selected by America's four largest MIT universities. Ultimately, Srikanth chose Boston University from among those universities.

Now after enrolling in university, Srikanth starts studying and makes many friends there. Even after arriving at the university, Srikanth remained a top student and learned many new things, with the people there supporting him a lot.

Once while playing baseball, Srikanth hit the ball so hard that he set a world record and his photo was featured on the front page of a magazine, making him quite famous.

The story then introduces a girl named Swati, a resident of Hyderabad who was quite impressed upon learning about Srikanth and connected with him on social media.

After a few days, Swati also comes to the USA to study, where she meets Srikanth and a conversation begins between them. Swati starts to like Srikanth and feels that he is the person meant for her. Srikanth also enjoys her company because Swati never makes him feel that he is blind or weak. After some time, Srikanth completes his course, but he does not want to return to India. He believes that he will stay in the USA and do a job thereafter.

When Devika Mam calls Srikanth from India, he also tells her that he will work in the USA only because Srikanth likes the US a lot and Devika Mam does not say anything. But when he tells the same thing to Swati, she explains to Srikanth that he will not be able to change anyone's life by staying in the USA. But there are many people like you in India, and by going to India, you will become an example for them. You are the only one who can change the lives of those people, so their entire future depends on you.

Then, after hearing all this, Srikanth starts to understand that what Swati is saying has substance, and he immediately leaves for India.

Now, after reaching India, Srikanth shares Swati's story with Devika Mam, saying that the blind people of India need him - that is why I came to India. Devika Mam is also very happy after hearing this. Then, Srikanth says, "What are we doing for the blind people? We can do something." Devika Mam suggests that we can teach them computers so that they can get jobs.

Then Srikanth and Devika Madam together opened their computer center within a few days, where blind people were taught computers. However, none of them could get a job as a computer operator, and now the center is closed due to not seeing the benefits of the computer center.

One day, Srikanth tells Devika Mam that if no one is giving jobs to blind people, then why don't we give jobs to these people? Devika Mam asks how, and Srikanth tells her about the packaging business. But this work will require a lot of investment, and they will even need a factory.

Then, thinking about all of this, Srikanth decides to meet APJ Abdul Kalam, sir, to see if he can help Srikanth in this matter.

One day, Srikanth makes an appointment and goes to meet APJ Abdul Kalam, sir. Kalam, sir, likes his idea very much.

APJ Abdul Kalam provides an investment of 25 lakh rupees for Srikanth's idea, making Srikanth very happy. However, the problem is that this amount is not enough to start the business, as it requires investments in crores. Despite asking for investment from other people, Srikanth does not receive any.

Then one day, Srikanth meets a big investor, Ravi, to whom Srikanth explains his business idea and tells him that Kalam sir has already given them 25 lakh rupees as an investment. After knowing this, Ravi likes Srikanth's idea very much and agrees to invest money in his business.

Next, Ravi and Srikanth buy a big factory for themselves, which is named Bollant Industry. Everyone was very happy at the inauguration of the factory.

Now the work in the factory was that these people used to convert recycled paper into packaging paper, and only blind people work in this entire factory, where they are kept on a job of eight thousand rupees per month. Srikanth also works in the factory and he too used to get eight thousand rupees every month.

With time, this bollant industry of Srikanth was growing very well, and within a few years, Srikanth and his people started getting good profits from this business, which Ravi was also very happy with. However, now that the bollant industry has become famous, Ravi started getting the credit for all this, which Srikanth did not like. Srikanth was feeling that the idea was his, but no one was praising him.

Srikanth also thinks in his mind that he should receive an award for his business idea. In any case, Srikanth wanted to win the award, but Ravi said that he might not receive it. Therefore, he and Ravi bought another factory worth six crores. They also promised to repay the money to the factory owner in six months.

However, Srikanth's attitude has now started to change. He has begun to consider himself superior to everyone, which is why he was not speaking properly to Devika Mam or Ravi.

Srikanth felt that he knows much more than all the people around him and he does not need anyone's support. Hence, he keeps dreaming of getting the award so that he can become famous and become a big man.

Now, to make a name, Srikanth also entered into politics where MLA wanted to give a ticket to Srikanth. Devika Mam forbids Srikanth from doing so. But Srikanth was intoxicated with his pride and told Devika Mam that he knew everything about what he had to do and whatnot, so he did not need her advice.

When Srikanth comes to the MLA's office, he learns that these people want to win the election by taking advantage of Srikanth's blindness. Therefore, they have offered Srikanth an opportunity to join the party.

The party members also make fun of Srikanth for being blind. Upon hearing this, Srikanth's heart breaks, and he realizes what a big mistake he has made. Ravi or Devika Mam had never even made him feel that he was blind until today, and now he has shown his attitude to them.

After all of this, Srikanth goes to Devika Mam, cries, and apologizes for his actions. Devika Mam forgives him because she considers him like her son. Next, Srikanth goes to Ravi and apologizes to him. Ravi forgives his friend because they both consider themselves very good friends.

Then Srikanth says that we will soon repay six crore rupees to that factory owner and will work hard. After that, everything becomes right.

Based on Srikanth's hard work, one day he will also receive the award for Businessman of the Year in a special category. Then Srikanth gives a very good speech about his blindness and courage. He mentions that even though they are blind, they are not any less capable than others. He requests for an opportunity to prove their abilities, highlighting that they can do everything a normal human being can.

Srikanth also states that he will not accept the special category award, but if he receives any award in the general category, he will happily accept it.

Now, after hearing all this, many people clap for Srikanth, and the respect for Srikanth increases a lot in the minds of people.

This is where the movie ends.


Everyone should watch this movie once because it will give you a different kind of motivation that you can achieve whatever you want in your life; no one can stop you. Also, Rajkumar Rao's performance cannot be praised enough because he has portrayed the character of Srikanth Bolla ji exactly on the screen.

So friends, how did you like this movie? Please tell me in the comments. If you find any flaw in this content, please let me know so that I can improve it.

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