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The 8 Show K-drama Review | A must watch for Squid Game fans

Might outshine Squid Game?

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
The 8 Show K-drama Review

So, exactly two years ago, a K-drama came on the Netflix platform that shook the whole world. Its name is "Squid Game," and it became the most-watched show on Netflix to date. Its popularity increased so much that Netflix tried to take advantage of it in every way possible. Sometimes, a reality TV series came in the name of Squid Game, sometimes a video game, a stall was set up, etc. Many attempts were made through Netflix.

Now, following the same theme, yesterday, a K-drama named "The 8 Show" premiered on the Netflix platform.

Before proceeding further, I have a question for all of you: Have you watched Squid Game? Write honestly in the comments and tell us what special element you liked a lot in the Squid Game show.

Now, if we come back to "The 8 Show," let me tell you that this is a limited series on Netflix, meaning the story concludes in just one season. You have to go through eight one-hour episodes to finish watching this show completely. To be honest, the Hindi dubbing has been done very well. Some of the dialogues feel funny. Do not watch it with family because it is not family-friendly. It features brief nudity, strong language, and some quite brutal scenes.


The story follows the journey of eight people who belong to different backgrounds, all of whom are in dire need of money. This leads them to participate in a game from which they are unlikely to come out alive. To find out what the game is, its rules, and what these eight people will do next, you will have to watch this K-drama.

The 8 Show Review

Now, see, the concept of this K-drama has been adapted from "The Money Game." If you have seen the movie "The Platform," then let me tell you that a similar concept can be seen in that as well. Even if you have seen shows like "Squid Game" or "The Hunger Games," you will still see the same theme being explored.

So, conceptually, "The 8" show does not present anything new. However, it must be said that there are some areas where this K-drama has succeeded in presenting its story in a new way. Due to this, it doesn't matter how many movies or web series based on deadly games you have watched; you will remain glued to this K-drama until it ends.

And for a new audience, this is no less than a masterpiece show.

The characters of this show are likable, there are funny dialogues, there is funny humor, there are creepy moments, there are some brutal scenes, and blood violence is also seen.

I am telling you the truth; this show has been no less than a treat for me. In the beginning, all the characters are quite shocked that after all, a show is giving them so much money for each minute. Then the characters start thinking about increasing the time. Meaning, that in the game show of which the characters are a part, there is a factor of time. If the time ends, then the show ends. If it continues, then the show will also continue. And during the show, every character is being paid a lot of money for each minute.

Now, there is no limit to greed, so some of the eight characters decide to end the show, and some do not want to leave the show. This is where brutality, violence, or blood starts in the show, which is no less than a roller-coaster ride.

You will hardly be able to connect with the characters in this show because the character development is weak, and no attempt has been made to solve the history mystery of any character. Due to this, you will not be able to connect with them emotionally.

I liked some characters in the show, like the one on the 3rd floor, 8th floor, and 2nd floor. Here, the characters are not named; they are named according to their floors. So the character on the 3rd floor is a very funny, stingy, intelligent, and helpful kind of person, the character on the 8th floor will both trouble you and make you laugh, and the character who will connect emotionally to some extent is on the first floor.

The production value of the show is quite good, no doubt, but the makers were skimpy on the rooms shown.


So overall, while concluding my words, I would like to tell you that if you liked the Squid Game show or are interested in seeing the concept of a deadly game, then you can check out The 8 Show Kdrama once. Even though this show has a concept similar to Squid Game, it is not at the level of a show like Squid Game. Still, it is a very interesting Kdrama to watch, and I highly recommend you all to watch it.

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