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Alienoid Part 2 Review | Action lovers, this one's for you

A Must-Watch for Action Enthusiasts

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Alienoid Part 2 Review

So finally, what we were waiting for has arrived in front of us: Alienoid Part 2. The fans of this film were eagerly waiting, and from the beginning, Prime Video people have been surprising us.

Anyway, if we talk about this picture, I have also finished Part 2 by watching it in Hindi dubbed, so if we talk about the quality of Hindi dubbing, then it is quite good.

Let me tell you the most important thing: if you have not seen Alienoid Part 1 yet, then definitely watch it because its story has been continued in Part 2 as well, and if you have not done so, then Part 2 will go over your head. 

Now the biggest issue is that Part 1 has confused us a lot, so will the answer to that confusion be found in Part 2 or not? I will clear up all these things for you now.

Alienoid Part 2 asks for two hours of your time, and if you want, you can watch this picture sitting with your family, too, because in this film you do not get to see anything adult or nudity.

Yes, in some action scenes, brutality can be seen.


The story starts from where it ended in Part 1, that is, everyone is crazy about the divine blade, and the heroine, who is stuck in some other timeline, wants to get out of there.

In addition to the monster who wants to go to the future and spread the air, there are some other characters whose real motives we, unfortunately, did not get to see in Part 1. Will the destiny of all of them be fully concluded in the future? To know whether the hero, heroine, or supporting cast can stop the monster or not, you will have to watch Alienoid Part 2.

Alienoid 2 Review

Now, if I were to give my viewpoint on Part 2, I would just say that yes, Part 2 is fun.

If you have seen Part 1 of this, then you will be aware of one thing: you should not use your brain too much while watching this picture.

I mean, if you use your brain and try to penetrate more into the story and characters, then this picture will confuse you a lot, so the same thing is present this time too, meaning you will not be able to find out what is going on in the picture and why, but when the picture comes to its second half, it answers many of your questions. I mean, it will become clear to you that the actor or actress was behaving mysteriously in Part 1, why they were doing so, and what the reason behind it is.

You will get decent answers.

But the biggest question of where the aliens come from has not been answered even in Part 2, so this time the picture will give you answers to some things but will leave you in suspense on some things.

If you like watching action, then this time too you will get to see a lot of action sequences, and the way they have been presented is superb, especially the train sequence.

Now without stretching the topic too long because anyway there is nothing more to tell about the picture, I will just tell you that if you like watching Korean movies made on science fiction and you want to watch a movie in which you get to see the concept of time travel and at the same time it has a simple story, you don't have to think too much about the characters or the world, you just enjoy the picture for the action, then definitely Alienoid is that movie that will not waste your time.

The concept of this picture is interesting, without any doubt, but its writing falls short. The show relies heavily on its absolutely impressive action sequences.

So yes, this picture can definitely be given a try because of its action or its stylish concept. But if we talk about my experience, then yes, I have enjoyed Part 2 a lot. I found the first half of the picture totally boring. But as soon as the second half came, the enjoyment factor started for me, but the feel or vibe of Part 1 was missing somewhere this time.

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