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Namacool Web Series Review: Decent but not A1

The comedy portion is still okay, but in some places, you will see a lot of cheapness in the comedy, which I was personally quite disappointed to see.

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Namacool Web Series Review

So, friends, a new show has come on Amazon's son, i.e., Amazon miniTV, named Namacool, about which I am going to present my viewpoints in front of you all.

The story is about two college-going students who are good for nothing, even though they are seniors at the college, but their juniors do not respect them at all. No girl wants to be friends with them, but then something happens, due to which their lives change completely.

To know what the change was and how it happened, you will have to watch this show, which has come on Amazon miniTV with seven episodes. The length of each episode is 25–25 minutes, except for the first, which carries a length of 50 minutes.

Namacool Cast

  • Pratham Rathod
  • Hina Khan
  • Anushka Kaushik
  • Faisal Malik
  • Abhinav Sharma
  • Abhishek Bajaj
  • Satish Badal
  • Sakshi Mhadolkar
  • Aaron Arjun Koul
  • Shayank Shukla
  • Abhishek Agrawal
  • Deep Jangid
  • Aadil Khan

Namacool Review

Now, friends, if I want to review the show Namacool for you in one line, I would just say that a good plot is ruined by bad execution.

Look, this show is essentially a comedy-thriller.

The comedy portion is still okay, but in some places, you will see a lot of cheapness in the comedy, which I was personally quite disappointed to see.

I mean, here a PT teacher is shown in the college who is quite a handsome hunk and hot. Now there is a LADY teacher who is two and a half times older than him, and the way she has crushes on that HOT PT teacher, I found it very bad. I mean, there was no need for these things.

Apart from this, the problem with the show is that it does not get serious at any point. If it had been so, then maybe it would have been fun to watch Climax. For now, Climax has been left incomplete because the doors were opened for season 2, which is not needed. 

The acting of all the actors is very good; no doubt, Hina Khan looks very glamorous and is also very hot, although her screen space was less. Additionally, Fazal Khan, known for his role in the Panchayat series, also shines in his lesser screen time, matching the quality of Hina Khan's performance. 

In the show, there's a character named Chakku Pandey who looks and acts a lot like Ajju Bhai from the movie "Bawal." I mean, speaking like him, delivering dialogue like him, having an accent, raising hands—everything was the same. Apart from this, that actor has also acted exactly like Varun Dhawan. 

If I talk about the music of the show, it is decent; you will hear some old songs that work in some places and not in others.

Namacool Web Series Download Filmyzilla

Hey people, I want to talk to you about watching the Namacool web series online. Sure, there are websites like Bollyflix, Moviesflix, Movies4u, and more that offer it for free. But here's the thing: these sites can be super risky. They're packed with ads, some of which are inappropriate, and worst of all, they can sneak viruses onto your device.

I don't want any of you to run into trouble. So, my advice? Stick to legit sources for watching your favorite shows. Not only is it safer, but it also supports the people who make the stuff we love to watch.


All in all, if you are a fan of Hina Khan, then maybe you will like this show better; otherwise, in my view, this is an average show. In terms of parental guidance, there are some kissing scenes in the show, and some strong language has also been used.

So this was my review of Amazon miniTV's new show, Namacool. Hope you like it. Don't forget to subscribe.

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