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Dark Matter 2024 Review | Unexpected wonders! My Initial Impression

Look, this is a high-concept series; no doubt, the concept is interesting but not new.

By Ayush VermaPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
Dark Matter 2024 Review

Dark Matter is a sci-fi mystery thriller series that was released on Apple Plus. Let me tell you that there are a total of nine episodes in this series, but right now only the first two episodes have been released, and the remaining episodes will be released one by one every week.

After watching the first two episodes of this series, I’d like to share my initial thoughts on "Dark Matter" through this review.

Dark Matter Show Cast

  • Joel Edgerton as Jason Dessen
  • Jennifer Connelly as Daniela Vargas Dessen
  • Oakes Fegley as Charlie Dessen
  • Alice Braga as Amanda Lucas
  • Jimmi Simpson as Ryan Holder
  • Dayo Okeniyi as Leighton Vance
  • Marquita Brooks as Dawn Lawrence…
  • Amanda Brugel as Blair Caplan…
  • Tiff Abreu as Mindy
  • Bassam Abdelfattah as Anthony
  • William Smillie as Matt…
  • Missy Fierro as Female T.A. (Violet)…
  • Suzy Dias as Chloe
  • Charlie Holcomb as Male Student #1
  • Reilly Oh as Male Student #2…
  • Jenne Kang as Dr. Julianne Springer
  • Jimmy Styx as Gunter (Nightwatchman)
  • Kate Eastman as Detective Jamie Mason


So first of all, let me tell you a little about the story of this series. This series takes us to a physics professor named Jason, whose life changes forever when an alternate version of him from another timeline comes and takes Jason's place and sends Jason to his place in another timeline, i.e., alternate reality. To know what happens to Jason after that, you will have to watch this series.

Dark Matter Apple TV Review

Now let's talk about my experience. How was it after watching the first two episodes of this series?

Look, this is a high-concept series; no doubt, the concept is interesting but not new.

Now that we have seen quantum theory, quantum physics, and traveling in alternate realities a lot in Marvel movies, and apart from that, we have seen this concept explored before in many sci-fi series too.

I don't know who among you has seen the Counterpart series; it also offers a similar concept.

Now the purpose of telling all this is that if you have been following the sci-fi genre very well, then there is nothing surprising for you in the first two episodes of this series.

Yes, the initial two episodes may seem surprising to those audiences who are completely new to the sci-fi genre, but for those who are pro audiences, the beginning of this series, i.e., the setup of the series, will feel quite familiar. But yes, at the point where episode 2 ended, after that, I would definitely like to see in which direction the story will go from here.

I would definitely like to see whether this show will be able to offer us something that we have not experienced before, but right now the first two episodes are just an okay start from a pro-audience point of view.

Hopefully, this show will turn out well in the future and we will get to see something different, but those who have not yet experienced much in the sci-fi genre can start watching this series now. For sure, the first two episodes are sure to capture your interest.

The rest of the production quality of the series is good, and the performances of the actors are also good, but I will not say anything about the character work right now because the character has just been introduced to us.


Yes, I would like to see this series continue.

Let me tell you one thing: there are some kissing scenes in both episodes, so this show is not for watching with family.

So, how did you guys like this show? Please give your opinions in the comment box and also subscribe for more such amazing content.

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