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Top 10 Most Awaited Indian Web Series of 2024

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By Ayush VermaPublished 6 days ago 3 min read
Top 10 Most Awaited Indian Web Series of 2024

Guys, this year many big shows are going to have sequels; some of them have already been streamed and some are yet to come, so stay tuned to know what the remaining top 10 sequels of the year are.

Mithya Season 2

Well, ZEE5 does not bring any special content, but some of their shows are completely surprising. One of them was the psychological thriller show Mithya, in which we got to see Huma Qureshi. Fans will be excited to know that the sequel has already wrapped up filming and is set to premiere on the ZEE5 platform later this year.

Bandish Bandits Season 2

Bandish Bandits Season 2

Well, friends, Bandish Bandits was a musical drama show that no one saw when it came, but whoever saw it was completely impressed.

Good news: the sequel has finished filming and is now in post-production. 

Now that Prime is with us, it seems that they delay the shows unnecessarily, so if there are no delays, then yes, it is confirmed that Bandish Bandits Season 2 will come this year.

Khakee Season 2

Season 1 was a complete blast; the audience enjoyed it full-on, and now the story is about to reach Bengal. There is news inside that this time we are going to meet many big actors in the Bengali industry in the show. Currently, the shoot is over, but post-production is still pending.

Taaza Khabar Season 2

Well, season 1 was no doubt quite interesting; some good twists and turns were seen, and the twist in Climax was completely shocking.

Currently, its shooting has been completed. But you must be aware that, as is the habit of Hotstar, they release the shows in installments, meaning first part 1 and then part 2, so chances are very high that something similar will happen with this show also.

Expect "Taaza Khabar" Season 2 to stream around June or July, but be prepared for it to be released in parts.

Pataal Lok Season 2

In this show, we all got to see Jaideep Ahlawat as Hathi Ram Chaudhary. Season 1 was a complete blast; there is no doubt about it, and since then, the audience has been eagerly waiting for Season 2.

Sources have revealed that the work on the show has been completed and is completely ready to be streamed, but since Mirzapur has not yet come, that is why the show is on hold. Hopefully, you will get to see this show on Amazon Prime in the third quarter of the year.

Kota Factory Season 3

Season 1 of Kota Factory came on YouTube for free, and this show created such hype that, don't ask the meaning, Netflix took this show from TVF and streamed it on its platform, and now, friends, Season 3 is ready.

Yes, Kota Factory Season 3 work is complete, and now that this show is completely ready to stream, there is a high chance of this show coming probably around July or August.

Panchayat Season 3

Panchayat Season 3

Prime has created good hype for Panchayat Season 3, and the show is finally going to air on May 28th. I have high expectations for the show.

Special Ops Season 2

Along with directing Khakee 2, Neeraj Pandey has also directed Special Ops and everyone knows about the hype created by Special Ops 1. After that, the story of Himmat Singh was presented in Special Ops 1.5.

Now that it is the turn of Special Ops season 2, the work is already complete, and probably around August or September, you will get to see this show on the Disney Plus Hotstar platform. It is a request to Hotstar not to break it into two parts.

Gullak Season 4

Gullak is that show that has made its place in every house and every heart. This is the show of the Sonyliv people, and its work is also almost on the verge of completion, so maybe this show will be the next. Meaning, after Undekhi Season 3, perhaps this is the show that is going to come on Sonyliv. I am not sure, but there is a high chance of this.

Mirzapur Season 3

Amazon Prime people are just hanging it, but the wait is going to end soon; this show is going to come very soon.

So, friends, this is the exciting content set to create a buzz this year. Don't forget to share which of these contents you are waiting for the most.

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