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Lampan Web Series Review: What an amazing show! Worth seeing

If I were to review the show Lampan in one line, it's a very good show. I hadn't seen the trailer and had no special expectations, but the flow of the characters and the emotions were incredible—it even brought tears to my eyes.

By Ayush VermaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
Lampan Web Series Review

Guys, SonyLIV or I need good marketing a lot. I mean, our content is good, but people do not know about us. Well, amidst this environment, SonyLIV has come up with a new Marathi show named Lampan, which I have completed after watching, and now we are going to review this.

Well, the story starts with a child named Lampan who lives with his maternal grandmother and grandfather because his parents said that his maternal grandparents are alone in the village, so Lampan is sent there.

Now, what happens next to Lampan in the village? To know whether he will be able to survive or not, you will have to watch this show, which has seven episodes. Each episode is around half an hour long.

Lampan 2024 Review

If I want to review the show Lampan in one line for you all, then it's a very good show. I mean, I had not seen the trailer and did not have any special expectations from it, but the things that I found out, like the flow of the characters and the emotions that I got to see—what a piece!—filled my eyes with tears.

The way the relationship between mother and son has been beautifully described in episode number 1 is superb. I mean, there is a scene when the mother places her hand on her son's shoulder for the last time. Now, when Lampan reaches the village, he puts his hand on his shoulder and tries to feel that touch. This scene was so beautiful. I mean, what can I say? I don't have words to praise it.

By the time the first episode came, my eyes were moist. To tell you the truth, I became very emotional. I felt that we watch crime dramas from all over the world in which bad language is used. After all, why are shows like Lampan not made?

The answer is very simple: the audience demands nudity, crime drama, or murder mystery, but it does not appreciate simple types of shows like Lampan.

It is literally such a beautiful show and such beautiful characters, no doubt, the kind of scenario of Maharashtra that can be seen here, the culture of the villages, and it is not at all that the village people have been presented as villains; the characters are very positive and have also been presented positively.

The music of the show is very good, especially the emotional part. The BGM that plays there makes the eyes moist in a way.

Acting Performances

Well, the acting of the actors is also very good, like the actor who is in the character of Lampan. What an amazing job he did! I mean, the way he interacted with the camera, told us the story or gave the introduction of a character was outstanding.

Geetanjali Kulkarni, who you might know from TVF's popular Gullak series where she played the mother, is as fantastic as Nani in this role too. Her acting is amazing, as always, without any doubt. The acting of the person who played the maternal grandfather is also good. Additionally, the individual portraying the parent excels in their role, contributing to the overall excellence of the cast.

This show will not disappoint you in any emotional sense.

Well, this show is good, no doubt, but in some places, things feel a bit stretched, I felt.


Now, while leaving, I would like to tell all of you that you should watch Show Lampan once; you will enjoy it. This is my promise to you.

In terms of parental guidance, this is an absolutely neat and family-friendly show. Watch it with your entire family or watch it alone, but watch it.

Also, let me tell you that I have seen this show in Hindi version, and to be very honest, Hindi dubbed is decent, which means that during the show you will feel that you are watching a dubbed show.

I noticed a shortcoming in Hindi dubbed: instead of using pure Hindi, English words were used in some places, like mad. Now in the old time in which this show is set, Pagal Ko Pagal hi Kaha Jata tha na ki MAD.

Well, this was my review of Show Lampan, which came on Sony LIV. I hope you enjoy it; don't forget to subscribe. Your support is most important to me, so this is all for now. See you soon.

Have a good day.

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