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Return To Neverland With These Pics Of The Lost Boys From 'Hook' 25 Years Later

The Lost Boys from 'Hook' reunite to pay tribute to Robin Williams.

By Tisha EatonPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

For so many of us, the story of Peter Pan was one that was a big staple in our childhood. There are many incarnations, whether it was the book, the play or the Disney movie, many kids related to the boy who never wanted to grow up. However, for the kids of the 90s, the definitive version of Peter may have been the one that was played by the late Robin Williams in the classic movie Hook.

While this week does mark the second year anniversary of his passing, his cast mates couldn't think of a more fitting tribute to a man who showed us it was okay to stay young at heart by coming together once again and show us how to never grow up, reprising their roles of the "Lost Boys", complete with costumes, in a photo shoot that hits you right in the childhood.

The Gang Is All Here

ET Online was able to hunt down many of the cast members from the movie, even able to bring them together to do this iconic promotional photo for the movie.

Troublesome Trio (Thud Butt, Rufio, Don't Ask)

The three Lost Boys who might have given Peter the hardest time but ended up his greatest allies are united here, giving the "Lost Boy signal" with their motto loud and proud in front of them. They still have that glint in their eye as though they are about to get into some trouble.

Rufio (Dante Basco)

Dante seems to have taken a drink from the fountain of youth, as he has barely seemed to age a day! He stands strong and proud here as the pan, and definitely has fond memories of working with Robin back in the day.

“I think for all of us [Robin’s death] was the death of our childhood. There's sadness there, also there's a lot of space to kinda celebrate one of the most legendary artists of our time. [Robin] really taught me at a young age what it means to be a star, what it means to be a leader on a set. Everything you want Robin Williams to be he delivered in spades.”

Thud Butt (Raushan Hammond)

This is one of the most iconic moments in the movie, and really pulls at your heart strings when you take a moment to stop and think about it. The look of pure joy that he is still able to emulate is really touching, and is perfect for one of the most memorable scenes of the movie.

Don't Ask (James Madio)

With that same look of awe and amazement on his face, James looks as though he hardly aged a day. He was one of my favorite Lost Boys, and it is nice to see that things have hardly changed.

Sooner & Later (Brett Willis, Bryan Willis)

The troublesome twosome, these two definitely seem to be able to still be able to be taken down a peg or two by a feisty fairy. If anyone believes in them, I am betting it's them.

Too Small (Thomas Tulak)

The Lost Boy that would be taking care of the Neverbugs, he still has that playful sense of humor. We all know thanks to him that the best way to go to bed is to blow out a candle is to blow a raspberry at it and proclaim "Good night Neverland!" for the world to hear.

Young Peter Pan (Ryan Francis)

I think that as the young ladies got older, or okay maybe it was just me, we started to appreciate "Young Peter" more with each viewing. His heart ache when begging Wendy to come with him, his feelings toward Moira, it was enough to make a girl's heart flutter. Seeing him here offering the famous "kiss" it is not hard to imagine those feelings again, and be reminded that sometimes growing up is worth it.

Pockets (Isaiah Robinson)

For me, this image is the one that resonates the most with me. This is the moment in the film when Rufio asks if anyone truly believes that Peter is the REAL Peter Pan, and Pockets comes forward to see if he could find his old friend somewhere in that face. The innocence that he still carries in his eyes here and wonderment is just spectacular, and my heart hurts just a little knowing his next line was, "Oh, THERE you are, Peter!" knowing that Robin Williams couldn't be there on set.

Each of the boys clearly kept a piece of that childhood with him in true Peter fashion, and seemed to have grown into men that Robin would be proud of, they certainly aren't all a bunch of pirates that is for sure. I can't think of a more beautiful tribute to Robin, or to a movie that shaped so many of our childhoods.

Remember that to live would be an awfully big adventure, and never forget the magic of Neverland.

[Sources: ET Online, Dante Basco]


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