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Who Would Your Favorite Disney Characters Play In 'Harry Potter'?

Have you ever wondered where your favorite Disney characters might be in the Harry Potter world? Thanks to Disnerds, we no longer have to wonder.

By Tisha EatonPublished 6 years ago 8 min read

Two of our favorite things growing up were the Harry Potter series and watching Disney movies. It is fun to imagine what houses we would be in if we were to go to Hogwarts, but have you ever wondered where your favorite characters might have ended up if they had been in the Harry Potter world? Thanks to Disnerds on Facebook, we no longer have to wonder. Imagine how cool it would be to see these Disney characters delivering some of the best lines from the books and movies.

Eric As Harry Potter (The Little Mermaid) Belle As Hermione (Beauty and the Beast) And Young Hercules As Ron (Hercules)

Belle seems like a no brainer, as Hermione's own actress Emma Watson will be performing her in the live-action telling of Beauty and the Beast. Young Hercules would fit Ron pretty well, with his awkwardness but also his want to prove himself. Eric also seems a pretty good fit — the prince who looks the least likely to be a hero, but in the end he did save the day against Ursula. Perfect casting for the infamous trio.

King Triton As Professor Dumbledore (The Little Mermaid)

I could definitely see him playing Michael Gambon's version where he is screaming "HARRY DID YOU PUT YOUR NAME IN THE GOBLET OF FIRE?" He does have the look of Dumbledore, and seems to have a playful and kind side with his daughters, which would translate well to the character.

Yzma As Lord Voldemort (The Emperor's New Groove)

OK, with this one I think the artist was having a little bit of fun, but with her need to rule and her love of potions it isn't too far fetched that Yzma would get along well with "You-Know-Who." She just better label her bottles.

Lady Tremaine As Professor McGonagall (Cinderella)

While it does seem an odd choice, honestly I could see it. Bringing the stern attitude that McGonagall always seemed to have, if we could see her softer side I could completely see it. She definitely has the look if nothing else.

Frollo As Professor Snape (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

While this is actually kind of a scary choice, maybe that is the point. Snape always gave me the creeps in the books, though I did love Alan Rickman in the film and he made him much more human. Snape is supposed to be that teacher that you are afraid of and don't like, and the scary Judge Frollo fits that bill perfectly.

Ariel As Ginny Weasley (The Little Mermaid)

While Ariel can seem timid at times, she holds her own in the face of danger, just like Ginny does. She also admired Eric from afar before they had truly met, so on the heroic admiration she would be able to relate to the character of Ginny very easily.

Roger As Lucius Malfoy (101 Dalmatians) And Arthur As Draco Malfoy (Sword In The Stone)

I am not sure that these characters share more than their looks, but that means that their "acting" abilities would be tested, and it would be interesting to see a Disney character stretching outside of the box.

Tweedle Dee And Tweedle Dum As Fred And George Weasley (Alice In Wonderland)

While they aren't exactly who you would picture while reading the books, these two have that same mischievous way about them that our favorite twins do. With their riddles and backward ways, they would be perfect as the troublesome duo of the Weasley family.

Flynn Rider As Neville Longbottom (Tangled)

With his constant knack for getting into trouble, Flynn would be a fun choice to play Neville. It would be interesting to have seen him younger and grow into himself as he "Longbottomed" and became a hot man, as I imagine from his description of his childhood he was kind of awkward as a kid. Still, he would do anything for those he actually cares about, and that is something the two characters share.

Rapunzel As Luna Lovegood (Tangled)

With her wide-eyed look as well as her curiosity, Rapunzel seems to fit the bill for this character. Constantly questioning the world around her and wanting to know more, her bubbly and off-beat personality fits the bill as our favorite Ravenclaw.

Milo Thatch As James Potter (Atlantis The Lost Empire) And Jane Porter As Lily Potter (Tarzan)

While this seems like a bit of a stretch, I think this could actually really work given the personalities. Jane is headstrong and determined, while Milo has that sense of adventure that James also seemed to have. Dye Jane's hair red, and it could work very nicely. Plus, they are both such awkward characters that it would be fun to see them interact.

The Beast/Prince As Professor Lupin (Beauty And The Beast)

The Beast would definitely be able to understand Lupin's pain of the transformation into a werewolf, as well as having to hide himself away — being the monster that everyone expects, and the hesitation to let other people in. These two would connect on a very emotional level, especially if Tonks came in to save him.

Aladdin As Sirius Black (Aladdin)

Aladdin has that mischievous side to him that he shares with Black. Given that he lost his parents when he was young, he would most likely be able to relate to the character of Sirius and how he was isolated from his family when he didn't want to follow their pure-blood ways. And instead of a flying carpet, couldn't you just see him having fun on a flying motorcycle? He would get a kick out of that.

Lawrence As Wormtail (The Princess And The Frog)

In a fun twist of fate, Lawrence was actually voiced by Timothy Spall, the actor who played Wormtail in the Harry Potter movies. As a sneaky character who is only looking out for himself to elevate his place in life, this character fits in well with the traitor that we know and despise, Wormtail. They really are just two peas in a pod, one trying to disguise himself as the prince to gain money and power, the other betraying his friends for the same.

Mulan As Cho Chang (Mulan)

While Cho Chang was portrayed as a bit of a weak character at times, she did show courage when she came back and fought during the Battle of Hogwarts. Mulan is a strong and wise character, and would definitely be able to bring that out of Cho if she were to be her. And hey, who says the revised version of Cho Chang can't be a stronger one?

Gaston As Viktor Krum (Beauty And The Beast)

Krum was initially considered a bit conceited, and he actually had the gall to ask Hermione to the Yule Ball! Gaston would be an interesting choice to play him, as he is used to the praise and adoration from his own cheering section. He would also finally be able to get that date with Belle he had always been hoping for, so you know that he would be willing to jump on that broomstick really quick.

Aurora As Fleur Delacour (Sleeping Beauty)

Considered one of the most beautiful girls anyone had ever seen, Aurora would fit the bill perfectly — her name literally has "beauty" in it. While Fleur isn't given much to do, she did show kindness throughout the series, especially in the last book when she allowed Harry, Ron and Hermione to stay at her house briefly. With her quiet disposition, it would be interesting to see Aurora take on the role of the girl who is part Veela.

Mother Gothel As Bellatrix Lestrange (Tangled)

With her want for power and seeking out magic, Mother Gothel would be an interesting choice for Bellatrix Lestrange. While they share little in common outside of their looks, Mother Gothel is so dramatic and over the top that I am sure she would be able to handle the role very easily.

Quasimodo As Mad-Eye Moody (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Keeping "constant vigilance," Quasimodo would be a good choice as Mad-Eye. With the two sharing a similar look, it would be fun to see the kind-hearted hunchback go around yelling at students and teaching them about the Dark Arts. Given that Quasimodo already has a limp, walking with a peg leg might actually be a help, as well as a new eye. It would be a new and interesting take on the character that I would love to see.

Esmerelda As Professor Trelawney (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame)

Gypsies have been known for their fortune telling, and Esmerelda has already shown Quasimodo that he doesn't have any monster lines. It would be fun to see her take on the over-the-top character of Professor Trelawney and how she would deliver the news of student's fortunes. Just imagine her yelling about "THE GRIM."

Oliver As Crookshanks (Oliver And Company)

And last but not least we can't forget Crookshanks, because really, neither he nor Oliver get the love that they deserve. It would be fun to have the character more involved like he was in the book, though he did kind of disappear after the third one.

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