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Podcasts are the new radio?

Do you think podcasts will lead to the death of radio?

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 years ago Updated about a year ago 3 min read
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Podcasts come in different formats, with varying content and on certain sites or apps. They are often in the form of series with seasons, however, some also take the format of the radio to upload without seasons. It usually consists of pre-recorded information given directly by an individual or through conversation. It could be of different lengths and styles which would be edited and uploaded for the listeners or subscribers to enjoy.

The radio could air pre-recorded and edited episodes on their stations like podcasts, although, podcasts allow the listeners to revisit, replay, rewind, and even save any episode of their choice. Podcasts are often centred on particular things which the listener picks to engage in. They are of diverse categories and could also be different topics within the categories. There are business podcasts that could be about business generally or be about a specific aspect such as entrepreneurship. An inclusion of saving habits and investment techniques is quite popular as well.

The radio could have shows based on certain things but it would not be the same type of directness podcasts have because usually, it has segments within a larger plan. Podcasts could be favoured as straightforward in delivery especially without phone-ins from listeners to either voice an opinion or request a song as the radio has. This could be viewed as a distraction to some people that would appreciate the information only. Some people might also appreciate the freedom associated with podcasts to speak in any way and to avoid strict obedience to various rules that most radio stations have. These radio stations always have to take the mandated rules and regulations into consideration when forming daily programs which could limit people’s true self as well as their ability.

It could be assumed that podcasts are more accepted and appreciated than the radio. The creation and popularity of podcasts initially did not lead to the decline of radio stations because it started a while ago. There are some people that still enjoy the traditional radio but its devaluation started years back and although it may be alarming to most, I doubt it would fully vanish. It made a significant impact in most people’s lives as well as within the entertainment industry.

I think the type of person you are as well as your view on this matters. Having on-demand podcasts could be a preference to many rather than having the scheduled radio programs. Various individuals might pick one over the other but many still use both. Despite personal preferences, the radio is still essential to many and their occupations such as musicians that need airplay to popularize their songs.

People listened to the radio when they were bored, happy, waiting for their favourite segments, wanting to enter contests, to listen to music and as a companion when driving home. It might depreciate in certain countries but still be embraced in others. Regardless of its state, the popularity of podcasts could be seen as a development of the radio to take a different form. It could be perceived as an adaptation to the social and technological advancements occurring, therefore a plus for the radio to avoid its death in the industry. It could be seen as the reason that brought this form of broadcasting back and popularized it in this way. Many radio stations adapted to the recent developments and started recording their broadcasts to upload as podcast episodes for people to re-listen to. This could be a method of diversifying their content to various platforms to increase availability to all, keep up with developments and to gain commercial benefits.

Podcasts may lead to the decline of radio usage but radio may never be truly dead with people out there who still enjoy as well as need the traditional radio.



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