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Damsel-a review

"My happiness is a small price to pay for the future of my people."

By 'Vive AkughaPublished 2 months ago 4 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

Another tale of retold history. This could be a metaphor for indigenous people being overtaken by foreigners. The royal ancestors came to the land but found out a creature last of its kind already lived there. They set upon the creature and lied saying that the beast set upon them so they had to defend themselves. They killed her young unprovoked and right when they hatched. She didn't even get to see them. The King(Matt Slack) killed her babies and asked for mercy. The audacity.

Vengeance was vital to avenge the dead ladies and babies but to also end the cycle they shamelessly continued. They continuously lied to the dragon and sacrificed innocent girls to avoid the wrath of the dragon for the royal betrayal. They showed no sign of change much less repentance so it was important to end things. Elodie was motivated by the other ladies, Floria, and her will to live. The dragon was motivated by her hurt for her babies as she kept their corpses probably to remember why she was doing this and possibly because she couldn't throw them out. The dragon previously undisturbed was plagued by centuries of misery. They took her children, took her land and took her happiness.

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I liked the list of the victim's names. They may be forgotten publicly but their contribution did not go unnoticed. It was weird how the people were unaffected by the rotating princesses though. They said they did this for every generation but 4 girls were being put up during the time Elodie was there. Princess Victoria(Nicole Joseph), Elodie, Floria, and the lady being wed. Did they send more people because the ladies are not eaten or killed by the dragon, so they don't count? They said the lady being wed to Henry was to be the third but how?

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

The story told to Elodie during the ceremony was that the dragon said that to share the island the king should sacrifice his three daughters and he did. It was made known that despite it being torturous, his duty to his people was stronger and they carried out this ceremony every generation.

Elodie believed in the power of duty too as encouraged by her father. Before the wedding, she had said to Henry, "My happiness is a small price to pay for the future of my people." Henry has a sense of duty as well. He had some time to learn about her, clicked with her and still carried this out. I felt bad for him for a split second because he was hesitant. They were surrounded and it was an obligation, at the time I liked his apology because he seemed shackled. This changed.

Henry was complacent. He was complicit. He was weak. He was tired of the confines of being a royal. He said to Elodie that he dreamed of seeing the world just like her and that it was tiring to be constantly monitored. When Elodie returned, Henry tried to save himself and console Elodie as well as his guilty conscience. He said that he truly hadn't slept since and Elodie finishes that by saying since he tried to kill her sister. She puts the responsibility he detaches from himself back on him. He said that the lady he was being wed to would be the last then he could marry whomever he wanted. This is something I believe he has been told since the first victim but chooses to believe till now.

Anyone being complicit is bad but they didn't have as much power as Henry. He's too afraid to actually do the right thing. His mother said he was too weak when standing up for Floria but it could also be applied to being too weak in this entire process. He objects or apologizes to console himself and maybe with actual remorse but he is passive like his father, King Roderick(Milo Twomey). I did find it interesting that he didn't try to run despite the possibility.

The battles were female-focused and the king's presence was not notable. I thought the Queen was a descendant of the King who killed the dragon's young. Despite their claim that he gave up his three daughters, they are liars and probably never sent his actual daughters. She has the same hatred of the dragon calling her a beast and she carries the tradition on. She does not respect the dragon enough to honour the deal the right way. They altered history to fit their agenda similar to reality which exists of various perspectives of history catering to one idea or the other.

*Originally written in my "Damsel teaches the importance of vengeance" article

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