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Irish Wish-a review

"Are you really happy with your wish?"

By 'Vive AkughaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

A lesson about cowardice. Maddie took the easy way out in love and profession. She used Paul to share her thoughts and used the wish to attain a relationship. Paul may have used her for his image but she used him to avoid responsibility. People are often afraid of their potential greatness and Maddie was. During Paul's book reading, she recited the lines along with him but kept minimizing her contribution. She was not brave enough to confess her feelings to Paul in both universes but carried on with the wish. Thankfully, being with James allowed her to realize her self-worth and heightened her bravery.

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During the interview at the beginning of the movie, I thought they seemed rather flirty and I noticed this again. Paul seemed to unintentionally lead Maddie on. Before he brings up the topic of them getting to write his sequel he calls her saying, "There's my girl." I felt this may have been his method to coax her into their work relationship. To take advantage of her feelings while ignoring them but it isn't. He has shown appreciation for her and calls her "Mads" to show their relationship. He is friendly with her but the existence of her feelings makes it appear worse. Maddie said that she cares for him but is not in love with him and that applies to Paul as well.

His attitude in the alternate universe was horrid though. He was impatient and overbearing but Maddie was willing to accommodate. It was interesting that none of her friends realized her feelings for Paul, I thought at least Heather would but nope. The presence of Saint Brigid was vital not only to teach her a lesson through the wishing process but also to act as a physical agent preventing and allowing certain events. As the patroness Saint of Ireland, her inclusion is noteworthy but her character could be compared to the depiction of "everything happens for a reason" or "what will be will be."

Image Credit: Screenshot from Netflix on YouTube

I thought we would learn more about James and his desire to have no ties but even she would be learning more about him as they start their journey together. However, from his encounters, we see that he's appreciated. I decided to watch this movie because of Ed Speleers. After familiarizing myself with his You character, I thought a rom-com would be interesting. I also wanted to watch it because it incorporated the Irish culture similar to 2010's Leap Year which I enjoyed. Both movies include scenic locations, dancing, something special to achieve their romantic goal, a woman set on marrying someone despite her heart being elsewhere, car issues, and more.

In Leap Year, Anna is frustrated about the absence of a proposal from her boyfriend Jeremy. Her father tells her about a tradition in Ireland that allows a woman to propose to a man on the 29th of February(a leap year). She believes it to be a ridiculous family myth but her father says it's true. He says their grandma Jane did it to grandpa Tom because he was dragging his feet. So she heads to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend who travelled for a cardiology convention.

Image Credit: Screenshot by me

Declan, her driver and eventual fiancé, pokes fun at it saying it's the stupidest thing he's ever heard. He believes, "It's a day for desperate women trying to trap themselves with a man who clearly doesn't want to get married." Despite Anna's reservations, she defends it saying it's a romantic tradition. Similarly to James, Declan believes that if a man wanted to propose he would have done it already. When Paul told the story about her proposal he said that Maddie did it as a way to be brought to Ireland, somewhat as a way to be introduced by him.

Despite her shock by the information, she defends it when discussing it with James. She said, "Wait, so…so what? You don't think a woman can ask a man to marry her?" James says no but she wouldn't have waited if she was his girlfriend, much less propose. This spoke of his certainty and affection for her. Anna and Maddie both decided to go for relationships with people who showed consistency in their interest in them.

*Originally written in my "Irish Wish advises you to be brave" article

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