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Passing the Torch Arc Two (Volume 2)

The Story of the Shira Clan Continues

By LUiS Wrote THiS BlogPublished 8 months ago Updated 8 months ago 3 min read
"Dedicated to the Unknown Fire Family."

"I readied myself for the confrontation with any Kaiju in this domain. My began to form an aura around me, and the Minaro Sword formed an armor over my personal attire to shield me as I approached the fiery tower itself. "

"Long ago, it was mentioned that The Six could travel back and forth between realms. Seeing the horrors that battled back then must have been incredibly fascinating.

I fantasized about the challenges I'd face in this new universe."

The Sacred Minaro Form (Lava Style)

For sure, my desire for combat outweighed my fear of risk. I discovered there was no feeling of time, no sense of day and night in the Kingdom of Spirits. When exhaustion set in, only the worn spirit I carried within my body brought my eyes down somewhat.

Resting would have to be something I did before approaching the tower. The ground trembled as I took a step closer to the tower, just as I was about to take refuge behind a massive boulder near a solid area known as the Land Encircling Lava Walls.

The Land of Encircling Lava Walls

What threats would I be exposed to now? My belongings had been entirely in tact while I surveyed the prison cell for any indication of a probable explanation. With the mighty Minaro sword in my hands, it looked that nothing I brought into the Spirit Kingdom could be taken from me.

The ground rocked again, causing my collapse in the first place. Growing up, I had learned enough about pick locking from my grandfather that unlocking my cell door was a piece of cake.

This Realms's living beings of this seek an audience

"What threats would I face now?"

My belongings had remained totally intact as I inspected the prison cell for any clue of a possible response. With the huge Minaro sword in my possession, it looked that nothing I brought into the Spirit Kingdom could be withdrawn from my person.

In previous dimensions I've learned to pick similar locks

The ground rocked again, similar to what caused my collapse in the first place. Growing up, my grandfather had taught me enough about pick locking that unlocking my cellphone door was a piece of cake.

I looked down the cell halls for any guards patrolling the perimeter, my steps lighter than a midnight cat. My awareness that I was currently unemployed made it that much easier to flee.

"As though I had been placed in that jail for safety rather than incarceration. "

My steps, however quiet, felt alive to the floor I was walking on. My mind wandered away from the matter at hand as I became aware of how damp the cell halls felt to me.

Flames are bright within the Torch Prison

For a brief while, I was stunned to realize that while I was unconscious, my corpse had been hauled to the great tower in the region of Flames, right into the Torch Prison.

The Minaro Sword in my possession started humming again. This meant I was getting closer to my goal and, potentially, to the darkness that presided over this realm.

I sensed there was more at stake within the walls of this place

With the humidity in the cell corridors gone, my sacred armor began to cascade over my body once more.

"At the end of the halls, a massive door appeared in front of me, glowing crimson with a horrifying flaming aura."

Whatever awaited me now would simply perish

"All of a sudden, a smash in front of the wall next to the large door brought me to a halt. "

Reminants of a Familiar World

The monstrous rock golem arose from the molten lava next to the Fire Prison. I braced myself for the incoming blows from the rock monstrosity, holding my Minaro Sword in both hands.

"A ball of magma flourished on the golem's head or whatever appeared to be on top of its shoulders before my attack could connect."

The large fiery door in front of me creaked slowly open. I was able to run towards the door's entrance before realizing the golem was no longer behind me.

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