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Not Only Peter Parker Got Bit

by Luqman Sattar about a year ago in comics

A Look into Silk, a Character Made by Dan Slott

Not Only Peter Parker Got Bit

Okay, so I said that I was thinking about doing a post that was not this. I was thinking about doing a post on Kamala Khan's Family or a new DC character named Sideways, but I'd thought I'd promote lesser known and more underrated characters that I thought should be brought to people's attention. And this character is called...Silk!

So here's her origin. Well... Actually, here's Peter Parker's origin story. So as we all know when Peter Parker was first introduced he was a nerdy high-school kid that ended up getting bitten by a radioactive spider, and because of that, he got superpowers instead of like cancer or... death, or whatever happens when you get bitten by radioactive animals. So after Parker gets bitten, he brushes the spider off, and the spider climbs onto Cindy and bites her too. And she also gets superpowers instead of a big bowl of not living anymore.

Her powers differ a bit from Peter Parker's powers though. Spider-Man cannot shoot webs out of his hands, instead, he has these web-shooters on his wrist that he made. Silk can shoot webs from her fingertips, which is super cool actually. And if I'm not mistaken, she can shoot webs from all of her fingertips, which means she can technically immobilize more baddies faster and better than Spider-Man can. Here's one super weird thing that both Peter Parker and Cindy Moon share. They secrete these pheromones that essentially make the two want to mate with each other, which I think is a little weird, but also kind of funny. The explanation for this is that they were bitten by the same spider, I don't think that's how it works, but I guess that makes sense.

Cindy Moon has been around in the Marvel Universe for quite a long time. In fact, her first appearances were just cameos. But over time, she was slowly introduced into being a great character in her own right. She played a role in the Original Sin storyline, which I have read, but don't remember much about. But she did play a huge role in Spider-Verse. Man, I'm going to make so many posts about Spider-Verse because of how much I love that storyline. I'll make posts going over the story, and show you some super amazing versions of Spider-Men (and women, and robots, and spider-monster things) from throughout the Marvel Multiverse. It'll be a fun time!

Now, from what I have read of her solo series, Silk, I think, is nothing short of spectacular. The first volume does a really good job of making Cindy her own character. She isn't Spider-Girl or Spider-Man's sidekick, she's Silk. From her series that I'm reading, she is infiltrating Black Cat's criminal organization and is pretending to be a villain. She's also being trained by S.H.I.E.L.D., which is great because this just goes to show how her superhero career is slowly starting to come along.

Another reason why I like this character so much is for the diversity she brings to Marvel comics without replacing already well-established characters that people already love and have invested their time into. It goes without saying that I recommend this comic to you because I wouldn't have wasted time I would never get back to make a post on a comic book character I thought was dumb. Anyways, I'll see you in the next post, and please feel free to read any of my other posts. I'm thinking of doing a post of all of Wolverine's known children and grandchildren through the multiverse. Till next time!

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