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Neon Genesis Evangelion

"Human instrumentality project" I finally signed up for.

By Oleksandr MatvyeyevPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Adam(left and right)and Eva. Shinji in the middle. Let's play house.

I remember the time, when I was in the middle of my teens, which was about 15 years ago. The world would get to real sometimes, too physical in my case and I wanted to be a hero, a hero in my father's eyes and others, who were dear to me. It was my phantasy, my escape, my dream. It was that time when I saw those characters in splendid costumes, teenage boys and girls, fighting with fiery eyes full of vigilant piercing determination to destroy everything that lies in their way, mainly giant monsters, called angels, but never got an opportunity to watch it. About ten days ago, thanks to my friend's advice I finally did see it. If there are robots, a dystopian world, beautiful girls, guys, school uniforms, the concept of which I could relate to still, even remember how much I hated to iron that uniform much less wearing it just because of someone's rules.

No wonder I wanted to see that show, it was a part of our teenage youth, we were rebels, judgemental, aggressive, defensive, violent, rigorous, strange, isolated, even depressed and indecisive. It was like my school was a voluntary mental institution. Poor children, poor kids. Change is painful, especially during teens. We wanted to escape into the world of our liking. Too much real-time during adolescence around other constantly changing individuals gets one really tired. There must be a place to recuperate.

Yeah, he is awake. He just doesn't want to go.

An unexpected insight from a trio of teenage kids, scripted by mature adults.

In the first episode, after the introduction of the main character, a shy boy named Shinji Ikari, trying to make it on time for his appointment, his first reunion with his mysterious father after long years of separation due to unclear reasons. Here comes his first experience of abandonment and probably the main one.

However interesting and exciting it was to see him casually waiting for hisride during the first Angel's attack on Tokyo 3 after 15 years of peace, he still carried a hint of hesitation in his body, he wasn't in a rush to go meet his dad and embrace him. All he heard is that his job is very important, he is trying to save the world. To me that is clearly a characteristic of a good story to be told. Soon after he gets picked up by his future commander and guardian Misato, a young woman with cold, nearly boyish confidence and plenty feminine side, who is worried out of her mind about her car installments being paid, just like the rest of the world. Dystopia or not, but bills have to be paid. On time.

Father model of the late 1990s.

After their arrival to an underground HQ of the NERV organization with Shinji's father being a head chief, a person, who seems to be rather cold, selfish, very hard on himself and relentlessly determined, nearly adamant perfectionist. He knows what he wants from people under his command.

And what does Shinji's dad do when he sees him? I paraphrase it: "I need you to get in the robot and face our enemy right this minute, without hesitation and remorse. Otherwise we are all dead." Naturally, Shinji tries to fight back, his rebellious spark is only as good as his self esteem, and after all the personal joins his father in persuasion of Shinji's cooperation, using pleading, threats, compromising, ultimatums and other different technics adults are so keen to use on teenage rebellious spirit. Does any of it ring a bell?

Let's se what have I not done wrong today.

I automatically got addicted to this show, and all its perks of being relatable to our psyche.I could see my reflection in it, regardless of sex or country of origin. After all we are all humans. It is universal to have flaws.

Interesting points.

Missing the South pole, where The Second Impact has happened in the series, reminded me of climate change. Quite a soothsayer for a show that was made in the 1990s.

Our never ending fight within ourselves for the choice of how we want to see the world around us and how that vision could shape our body.

A journey of looking for your self-worth, learning how we look to fill the empty spots in our hearts, traces of fear of running away and not being able to face the truth.

Believe me, Neon Genesis Evangelion is an intense trip through a mind of the human body and it is all thanks to its creators filmmaker Hideaki Anno, writer and illustrator Yoshiyuki Sadamo. A rabbit hole, if you like, after which you will be a little different or a lot different, it all relies on your choices. Speaking of choices, due to its ending, like a true piece of art, the show allows you to decide for yourself what is the meaning of all this, which is unexpectedly flexible for something so elaborately structured. And I have not even begun talking about their relationships and religious references.

Back to Shinji, who is inside of Eva's belly now, that seems to be playing a role of a mother in some way, that would go berserk (wink-wink)for her only child. Attempts to somehow refuse to face his fear of running away were futile, even a girl named Rei, an experienced pilot couldn't do it, because of her injuries. I can inform you now, that you will hate the characters for some of their actions, which I grew attached to them. I mean who likes self centered people, that live on the credit of other people's failure and not able to be a member of a team or a coward that keeps failing at making solid decisions? We hear a selfless command "Eva Launch '' echoing through an underground tunnel, a bunch of adults with serious confidence, after which his supervisor to be Misato said:"Please don't die, Shinji". Adults always hope for the best when they send kids out there.

P.S. I feel I have given you enough information to decide whether you are ready or not to embark on this refined and deep journey, and it will probably blow your mind in the end, maybe even in a funny way. Your choice. Don't mingle around. Good luck!

I suggest you watch, but be careful. It needs your your commintment.


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I am an actor and a writer. I began to write since the pandemic began back in March of notorious 2020. I've crossed the South of the US on my bicycle and went home to Ukraine for 4 months. I have a lot to say, so let's begin.

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