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Multiverse Of Madness: One Small Detail Brings Hope For The Future Of Wanda's Kids

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By Kristy AndersonPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Top Story - June 2022
Credit: Disney.

As everyone who has seen the film will know, the main motivation of the Darkhold-corrupted Wanda Maximoff in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is to steal America Chavez's universe hopping powers so she can find a world where she can live happily with her children, Tommy and Billy. Strange's attempt to dissuade the Scarlet Witch from her plan by reminding her that the boys don't exist is immediately shot down by the reveal that they exist in every universe, except the core MCU.

However, eagle-eyed fans have noticed a detail hinting that Wanda's children likely do still exist in the MCU in some form, or at least that they will in the future.

The Carvings of Mount Wundagore

Credit: Disney

Soon after she and Wong arrive at Mount Wundagore, where the spells of the Darkhold were originally carved, Wanda discovers that the Mountain is also home to a temple celebrating her as the Scarlet Witch. The Temple includes many stone carvings, most depicting the Scarlet Witch herself or prophecies related to her. However, one of the carvings is a male figure in a cape, looking very similar to Billy's comic book superhero persona, Wiccan. Wanda noticeably lingers to admire it.

While Billy has not yet been seen officially as Wiccan in the MCU, he and Tommy, aka Speed, both developed superpowers during the events of WandaVision. Many of the carvings on Wundagore are representations of prophecy, giving fans hope that we may soon see a fully realised Wiccan and Speed in the MCU.


In the comics, the first incarnation of Tommy and Billy, conceived magically by Wanda as the children of herself and Vision, are killed as toddlers. It is revealed that they were each born from torn fragments of the demon Mephisto's soul, and when these fragments were reabsorbed, the twins sadly died. Years later, a pair of identical, but seemingly unrelated boys, Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd, appear as Wiccan and Speed, members of the Young Avengers. Given their power sets (Wiccan can will things into being with magical mantras, and Speed possesses superhuman speed), Billy theorises that there may be some connection between them and the Scarlet Witch's lost children.

Credit: Marvel

In the comic story Young Avengers: The Children's Crusade, Billy leads the team in a search for the Scarlet Witch, who has been missing since de-powering most of the world's mutants in House of M. When they do find her, Wanda eventually confirms Billy's suspicions: He and Tommy are soul-twins, the reincarnations of her lost little boys.

Many characters who could serve as potential members of a Young Avengers team are now beginning to enter the MCU, with talk of a Disney Plus series featuring these next generation heroes in the works. Recent rumours suggest that the potential Young Avengers series will be a loose adaptation of The Children's Crusade. If true, this could serve as Billy and Tommy's reintroduction to the main MCU timeline.

Wiccan, The Demiurge

Credit: Marvel.

Billy's presence on the MCU's Wundagore could also be a hint to other comic prophecies and events involving the character. In the comics, the Scarlet Witch is the Nexus being of Earth-616. The children of Nexus beings are said to have the potential for immense power. In Wanda's case, this potential mostly manifests itself in Wiccan, when it is learned that he is destined to become the next Demiurge, a being that serves as the life-force of the Earth. While Wiccan has become the Demiurge in the current comic timeline, he cannot always fully control the powers that come with this change. So, following his Mother's lead in being more cautious with her reality warping powers following the rather catastrophic events of ‘House of M’, Billy only taps into his Demiurge abilities in dire situations.

To make things even more interesting, it turns out that the Demiurge isn't the only powerful position in Billy's future. In another story, when Doctor Strange attends a meeting of both past and future Sorceror Supremes, he discovers that Wiccan is destined to eventully succeed him in the position. Since then, Strange has taken a quiet interest in the young hero's growth.

Tommy and Billy's return to the core MCU is most likely not a matter of if, but when. We'll be in for some very interesting stories when the time comes.


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  • Irene Mielke2 years ago

    I love this. I need to get back into animation, comics, and action films, and all of that.

  • Hunter Guiles2 years ago

    Yeah. To this article. Essentially since they are weaving young avengers into this phase. If we seen vision exist. With some power of the hex? Cool and there was a couple things I didn't know. Such as Wiccian as Demiurge and Sorcerer Supreme potentially.

  • Autumn Rehbein2 years ago

    I have no doubt we will see Wanda's kids in the future of the MCU. Well written theory.

  • well written article

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