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Martin & Lewis

Comedy Duo Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis famously took over the '50s

By Jasper WolfPublished 3 years ago 2 min read
Martin, Left and Lewis, Right on "At War With The Army"

Iconic duo, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis have a classic way at humor in their early movies. A different generation, but humor that reaches all ages. Martin was known for his charm, good looks, and his smooth Italian singing. In the movies, he was the guy who always got the girl. Lewis was the comedy relief. He had that high squeaky voice that played Martin's silly buddy.

The comedy duo met back in 1945 at a night club for act, but were not well received. They debuted in Atlantic city back in 1946. From there, they continued their act for 10 years. Martin was formerly a night club singer and Lewis was a comedy act. Together, they were two peas in a pod. The chemistry between the two is what made their act great.

Martin, Left - Lewis, Right

Their 10 year act consisted of 16 movies. Their movies rose to top quickly and they became legendary. Dean Martin was also a part of the famous "Rat Pack". A singing group which consisted of the famous singers, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis jr.

Martin, Left- Sammy Davis Jr, Center- Frank Sinatra, Right

Dean Martin blew audiences and fans away with his smooth voice that was unlike any other. He was bilingual in his songs as he would sing in Italian as well.

Lewis's act was to play a goofy guy with a squeaky voice. If you hear Lewis sing, he can change pitches and go deeper. Lewis also did controversial comedy that back in that age would have been funny, but also probably frowned upon. In "At war with the Army", Lewis played a soldier. In one scene, he snuck off base into town. He dressed in a dress and wig to fool his commanding officers. In the movie, his commanding officer was drunk and hit on him. Today, it would be more accepted, but back then audiences would turn their nose up at it. It was unheard of on television.

"At War With The Army" Lewis, Right

It is said that what set Lewis apart from others of his time was the vulgarity and Mastery. Today Comedian, Eddie Murphy, applauds Jerry Lewis and calling him a genius.

The Master craft of this duo still lives on even in today's world. Jerry Lewis hosted many telethons after they broke up. It's stated that they had a spat and split. Dean Martin carried on his singing career, even in his golden years. Lewis went on to do more serious roles in a hand full of movies. Eventually he became a telethon host. He ended up staying in that position for over 10 years.

In 1976, During one Lewis's telethons, Frank Sinatra brought Martin on stage to surprise Lewis, so they could revive their act. The two were happy to see each other after their 20 year feud. Martin received a warm welcome from not only his old partner, but people around the world.

Martin, Left- Sinatra, Center- Lewis, Right

This crazy duo rose the bar for comedy of their generation. They had a similar pair doing similar things, Singer Bing Crosby and Comedian Bob Hope. Personally, Martin and Lewis were the better pair of their day. There have been many iconic duos since this pair, but this is the one that stays on my heart and fans still today.

Lewis lived far longer than Martin. He did roles all the way up even past his 60's. Lewis passed in 2017. He was 91 years old. These two great men left a large dent in the comedy world. They worked hard, they broke up, they reunited and ended their lives on good terms.


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