Bye, Felicia

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1995 Movie Hit, Friday, Introduced The 90's Most Iconic Duo. Best Friends, Craig & Smokey

Bye, Felicia
Craig and Smokey from the 1995 movie hit, Friday.

Stoner comedy film, Friday, came out in theaters in 1995. Brought in a total of 28.2 million dollars. The movie instantly became a hit due to the chemistry of the two best friends who starred in this popular film.

Ice Cube, who played Craig. And Chris Tucker, who played smokey. The film followed these two friends for a whole Friday. Following their antics that end up almost fatal for them at the end.

The movie is place on a hot day in southern Los Angeles. These two friends share funny stories. They get high together and even get bullied by the neighborhood punk, "Deebo".

Deebo and Smokey

Deebo ended up coming by on the bike that he had stolen from their friend. He pulled up and tried to shake them down for anything they had. Deebo grabbed smokey and told him to break into the house next door with him. He resisted, but ended up doing it because Deebo threatened him if he didn't.

After breaking in the house, they stole about $200, but Deebo took it for his self. Well, smokey was in trouble with is drug dealer. He was supposed to be selling weed, but instead was smoking it. The amount they stole from the house was the exact amount he needed to pay off his weed man, Big Worm

Big Worm

Smokey ended up smoking a blunt with Craig. While they were smoking, a girl from down the street named, Felicia, came up. Asked them what they were smoking. Smokey replied, "Nothin! What do you want?" She stated she wanted to use his car. He snapped on her saying,"Most people ask for sugar, even Ketchup! You want to borrow my car?! H*** NO!" and then she turned to Craig. He looked away and said the words that are still used today, "Bye, Felicia."

Felicia in the middle

After a long day of being pestered by his weed man, smokey needed to come up with $200 to pay him or they both were going to get killed.

Smokey tried to break in where Deebo and Felicia were sleeping to steal the money back, but izel, the local "crackhead" climbed through the window and Deebo woke up. Luckily the two guys were able to sneak out before he saw them.

Smokey went back over to Craig's house where they were hiding out because his weed man said they'd be by tonight to shoot them. Craig grabbed his gun and walked out of the house. A van drove up and they started shooting with machine guns and the two friends ran off while shooting back. As they were hiding, the van drove off thinking they shot them.

Craig and Deebo Fight

The neighborhood came out after all of the ruckus and asked if anyone had seen Smokey and Craig. Nobody could say they have. Felicia and her sister came out with Felicia's face bruised up. Deebo had thought Felicia tried to steal the money from him. Her sister confronted him and he hit her to the ground. Craig came out of nowhere and confronted him for hitting the female. A fight broke out between them. It was a brutal fight between the two men and it ended up that Craig got the upper hand and knocked the bully flat on his back. Knocked him out cold. Smokey took back the $200 and eventually paid off his weed man.

Smokey and his Weed Man, Big Worm

This best friend duo are still famous today even 25 years later. People still say, "Bye, Felicia" and still say their famous lines today. For that, they are the most iconic duo.

Jackson McCain
Jackson McCain
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