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Marry My Husband Hindi Dubbed Update

Where can I watch Marry My Husband in India?

By Ayush VermaPublished about a month ago 3 min read
Marry My Husband Hindi Dubbed Update

So look, after a long time, Prime Video has made its first blast, especially for K-drama fans. Let us tell you that last month a K-drama named Marry My Husband was released in the market and was situated in its original language.

Many people in India wanted this K-drama to be Hindi-dubbed, and no one had any special expectations from Prime Video, but now the result is in front of us.

Let me tell you, there are a total of 16 episodes in Marry My Husband, out of which, excluding 3 and 4, the other episodes are available to you in Hindi-dubbed language.

It is beyond my understanding to understand the people of Prime Video; they have done this before also regarding file missing.

As of now, the Hindi file for the third or fourth episode hasn't been uploaded yet. However, the Hindi files for the remaining episodes are available. If you're eager to watch episodes 3 or 4 right away, you can make use of the Hindi subtitles or wait a bit longer for the Hindi version to be added.

Hindi dubbing, no doubt, has been done very well; the voices of leads, etc. were perfect, so yes, you will not have any complaints with Hindi dubbing.

Marry My Husband Review

Marry My Husband is a K-drama that you may like only if you like watching fantasy revenge stories where the setting is around a family.

But if you are a pro-audience member and you have watched K-dramas named Perfect Marriage or Happy Ending, then there is no need to watch Marry My Husband.

Let me give you a little idea of the story so that you will understand everything about why you should not watch this K-drama if you fall into the category of a pro audience. 

So the story of this K-drama presents you with the journey of a wife whose husband cheats on her, and when his wife comes to know about it, the man, who is a devil in human form, murders his wife.

And when his wife dies, she goes back ten years, and now she will take revenge on her husband. What she does to take revenge is something to be seen, and this will keep you engaged in the show.

After listening to the story, you must have come to know that there is a family in which there is a girl; she has been cheated on, and she wants to take revenge on her things. This whole drama has been shown with a time travel flavor, and that is why I am saying that if you have already experienced all these things, then don't invest time in it.

But if you have not yet seen much of family-based time travel or marriage-based time travel, you enjoy watching slow-burn revenge thrillers, you like to watch things with a little mystery or suspense in K-dramas, and you enjoy romantic things, then don't miss this K-drama.

The most powerful thing I liked about this K-drama was the chemistry of the actors, or villains, who provided destructive fun.


Overall, Marry My Husband is a good drama, especially for those audiences who have not yet explored this kind of theme too much.

If you like watching a lot of fantasy dramas and time-travel related things, then definitely it will give you fun.

Many more things are coming on Prime Video; I will update them gradually.

So that's all for now. See you some other time.

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  • Ameer Bibiabout a month ago

    Excellent story 🎉🎉🎉 I really like your writing techniques

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